Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Have you missed me?

I have missed you...

Last week my beloved boyfriend got in a rage and smashed the router.  Of all the things to break, the router?  Well that felt like someone chopping of my arms for a few days!!!

I was so upset if I wasn't a mature adult I would of throw his PS4 out the window.  Well, to say this week has been interesting.  I have had access to my social media on my phone but that is not the same as punching the keys on my laptop and being able to write.  I have felt very restricted.

Once upon a time I used to smoke like a trooper (before kids) I can tell you my entire family have had withdrawal symptoms.  What did we do before the the internet!!! It wasn't so bad for the boys, they have games they can play but they moaned and moaned and can they moan.

Even him, thou shalt not mention his name - AKA the destroyer of 'fun'!  He had the cheek to take over MY living room.  I have my little spot on the sofa where I type sixty to the dozen on my laptop, mostly I am happy as Larry there.  However he decided the Living Room has gone into a communal zone.  He put on the Ashes.  I am not a huge fan of sports at the best of times, but the cricket.  Then to highlight my experience he gifted me with a running commentary over the contaminators commentary.  My bad, for split second I forget not to be interested and ask a question about the match. he then explained the rules.  

However we have spent a lot of time together talking and watching a few great films, finally watched The Hobbit: The battle of the five armies, we played games and my naughty man even taught the boys how to play chess.  So it hasn't all been bad.

So yes, I have slipped under the blogging raider this week.  However everything is all connected and running back to normal.  I almost kisses the courier when the router arrived.  My beloved is back in his lair gaming.  I have switched on my laptop! Its all good!