Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Armitage GOOD BOY Clean Green Dog Loo review, tired and tested!

Let me introduce you to Tyson.  I have written a few posts about my dog, like any owner I love him to bits, even when he is sitting in a swamp!
He is my youngest son however he is more the 4 legged variety than two.  Like all my sons, he loves the garden, mostly to use as his personal toilet.

When we first got him he would wait until he got home from his walkies and do his business in the garden.  Even 3 years down the line he still comes home and wants to run around in the garden, thankfully he is usually on empty.

However he still uses the garden for his morning constitutionally.  I do not have a huge garden and I have children and they love to use the garden too, so I want to keep it as clean as possible.  More so in the summer as we are all outside using the garden.

My boyfriend installed Armitage GOOD BOY Clean Green Dog Loo.  It's about 2 foot long and a foot wide.  We chose the quietest spot in out garden to install the new dog loo.  10 minutes of hard labour, my boyfriend dug a deep hole in our garden to fit the dog loo perfectly.  Once that was done the rest is very easy.  Place the dog loo in the hole, the small bucket first followed with the top bucket.  Find stones to mix in the soil behind the gaps in the top bucket (to help with the drainage system).  Fill the loo to the top with water, the water will drain out and level in the smaller bucket.  Then add the 2 Bio-Activator tablets.

The hole - 60cm by 70cm

Placing the dog loo in the right postion

adding the soil back and stones back

The dog loo is now secure

Filling up the dog loo with water

Water correctly draining out

Adding x2 Bio-Activator into the dog loo

We have poo
A couple of reason for using this Green Dog Loo;
1) Usually it would get binned with our waste
2) Its a fast and effective way to naturally clean the poo
3) Its environmentally friendly
4) My boyfriend works for the Environment Agent (Extra brownie points)
I have been using our dog loo for a few months now.  To be honestly its not the nicest job however I know I am looking after our environment.  Tyson has even started pooing close to the bucket now. The bucket has a screw down lid, so no worries of anyone getting inside of it.
Every week I add a new Bio-Activator tablet.  Every 2 weeks I flash the dog loo out by adding 2 buckets of water.  There is no need to stir the loo, or tamper with it whatsoever.

If like me, you want to keep your garden clean and on top of wasting the doggy poos, I recommend trying out this dog loo!

Can be purchased from Amazon;
£11.44 RRP - Good Boy Clean Green Dog Loo  (come with 4 tablets)
£4.99 RPP - Good Boy Activator Solution 15 tablets

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Disclaimer: none sponsored post. I was sent an Armitage GOOD BOY Clean Green Dog Loo to review.  All my own honest words.