Wednesday, 3 June 2015

#TruprintDads Fathers Day in Print, Great gifts and a fantastic Review

Its Fathers day in a 3 weeks times.  I have some very interesting ways to personalise this special occasion for all the daddies in the house.

Truprint the photo printing company, have been in the photo business for years.  Gone are the days having to take rolls of film into be developed.  Nowadays Photographs are accessible by everyone at a touch of button, on our Mobile phones, Facebook, Instragram to name a few.   

Photographs have can mean the world to people these days, its all about capturing that special moment, photo bombing, selfies, taking photographs and hanging onto our memories in a very trendy at the moment.  I personally love the fact I can take photo at every opportunity available.

Believe me I do, I take a lot of photos.  For me to be able to do this project I emptied out my mobile phones memory onto my laptop. 4 hours later I had transfers '22,000' photos and deleted the originals from my mobile.  I had no idea how many photos I had taken.

On the other hand my boyfriend of almost 10 years, does not take photos, he rarely uses a personal mobile.  So putting two and two together I wanted to do something very special for him.

Truprint have a fabulous array of Gifts Idea for Dads.  Me and my boys wanted to get their daddy something special and lovely keepsake.  Firstly daddy will be super happy, his sons have chosen the photos. I get to do a spot of decorating and brighten up our home at the same time.

I ordered one of the smaller Canvas (Sizes do vary, Start price RRP £29.99).
The photos I had chosen have some great memories in our lives.  My boys having been to school together for the first time.  Darren taking Liam for his first walk in the River.  Darren refers to him self as a River man, he works for the Environment Agency, he knows the Rivers in Hertfordshire with eyes shut.  This photo was the first time Liam showed interested in walking in the River Chess with daddy.  To be honest he loved it, he is a right little water baby just like his daddy.  He didn't want to get out.

Darren loves his sons, his whole expression changes when he talks about them.  He is just a man that loves his family.  I am just a sentimental lady, who loves her boyfriend so much, wanting to do something very special, to say we love and appreciate you daddy.

I also purchased a random 100 photographs to be printed.  I picked my favourite 30 photos.  I gave my sons the photos to choose their favourite 10 prints.  These will go into little frames.  The canvas and the 10 prints are going on my bedroom wall.  I hope this brightens up our bedroom. (currently our bedroom is fairly plain)   

When my boys were little I made their daddy a Photo mug of my favorite photos.  I have made him an up to date Photo Mug.  I know he will love this too.  With the added surprise its a Magic Mug.  Looks all black but when he makes a cuppa, adds boiling hot water, all of our faces will appear.

To finish off I have made-up a couple of cards, for Father Card and a couple of card the Granddaddies.  These are so easy to make. The cards all start from price £2.49 per card, the quality is great and lots of choice of designs.

I have to say, the entire service was easy to use.  My advice would be to ensure you have the photos you want to use in a saved filed.  As these will be needed to transfer them to Truprint.  Then you can make your designs on any of the gift ideas.  It is fast to use and easy to save.

I arranged my order late on a Friday evening. my goods all arrived on the following Tuesday.  Overall I am very pleased with the service.

If you want a FANTASTIC DISCOUNT!!!! 

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Please note this is a sponsored post, I had been given a £50 credit to use Truprint Fathers Days services.  All words and images are my own.
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