Monday, 15 June 2015

#RaceForLife #Watford - My First #5K race

Yeah WE DID IT! After a couple of months with a little training, yesterday I ran the #RaceForLife race in Watford.

It was the first time I have even done anything like this, I think I may of mentioned I used to race for my secondary school but those days have well and truly passed.

I started jogging for fitness reasons a couple of months ago, after having a long break.  My friend I run with suggested we should try one of the 5k races.  I didn't even think twice about it, I signed myself up.  One of my younger sisters decided to join me.  However she is super fit, without any training she did amazingly.

On Saturday I kept myself busy all day, otherwise I start getting nervous, that's so silly thinking back about it now, but I did not want to over think about it and get myself worked up.  I am pleased to say, some lovely friends had sponsored me, I did not want to let anyone down either.

We have arrived, its drizzling and grey (Weather for ducks)
On Sunday I had 2 slices of toasts with peanut butter and lovely cup of tea for breakfast. With my stomach lined, I felt ready.  The Race was taking place at Cassiobury Park.  Its about 20 minute power walk along the canal to get there.  I met my friend and her family.  

I'm standing at the back of the start line (Its a sea of runners ahead of me)
Cassiobury Park is a big park, it was absolutely buzzing, a great family vibe all around, bouncy castles, food venders, porter loos!  Me and my sisters collected our numbers before lining-up to go.  The race was about to start at 11am  We discussed how we should run the race as we are at different running levels. I did not what to hold anyone back and my sister wanted to run like the wind.

So my sister shot off and me and my friend jogged together, in fairness my friend jogged and I mostly walked especially up-hill, I felt sluggish, the first 1K took ages, there where so many people we were all bunched up, lots of children too but, I wasn't in a hurry, I just wanted to complete the course.  After 2K my friend was ahead of me and then she vanished.  I fished out my headphones, I should of done this at the start, best way to find my pace, at 3K I had found my feet, a lot of race was down hill from around here onwards, making it easy to jog.

I'm jogging here, people walking behind me
Its so funny I have been to the park 100s of times but the racing route made it feel of different, twisting around different paths.  The stewards enroute waving us around and shouting encouragement. I kept seeing the same bodies jog pass me, slow down to walk, then I would jog pass them, it was like an invisible tag team of racers.  Then every now and then runners would speed pass me never to be seen again.

The atmosphere was a vision of pink, tutus, long socks, plenty of pinks tees, lots of loving messages runners wore to remembering their loved ones lost to the shitbag Cancer and many ladies still fighting.

It was a very special day, lots of smiling faces, everyone together.  The last 500m was uphill but I could see the finish sign ahead, it was huge, making it look really close.  I felt a surge of energy, a rush of excitement, lots of people cheering and jeering.  I was determent not to stop jogging.  Then I heard 'COME ON LUCY' my sister screaming me on at the sideline.  Bless her she has already finished earlier.


It was a great feeling passing the finishing the line, I was sweaty mess but I think my smile said it all, a real sense of achievement. I finished in 47 minute. Not great but not awful either.

I am really pleased as I raised £65.00 (Any late donations welcome) I am sure it will go a long away, there were over 2000 runners in the Watford run.  I hope a cracking amount has been raised in total.

Already we have been discussing our next race.  I want to run on a regular basis and sort myself a training program, hopeful push for a 10K and maybe even one of the muddy events.

Its only 343 days until I am 40...

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