Thursday, 25 June 2015

LONDONERS 24 hours NIGHT TUBE (Weekends only) Details here!

It's finally here, what a lot of Londoners have been waiting for.

24 HOUR TUBE NETWORK - Not all services will be running, there are 5 lines running 24 hours over the weekend.  Service to commence from the 12th September.

London will not sleep... Its going to be Years Eve every weekend. 

My raving shoes are well and truly dusty these days but at least I know it is possible to travel in the  we hours of a chilly London morning.  I have spent many a morning freezing my butt off waiting for the night bus with a bunch of smelly pissed-up people.  (Please do not take offense if that sounds like you).
Falling out of Camden Palace at 6am, waiting the tube line to open.  Haha those where the good old days.  

Londoners are being spoiled rotten!

It is great news, having that flexibility to travel through the night.  Lots of night workers will be pleased for sure.   Also if you need to travel too or from Heathrow over the weekend it will now be  possible, the Piccadilly line will be most popular I can imagine.   

Please note this is NOT the entire tube network service.  The following lines have committed, I am unsure if they will remain or change.

Central Line,
Jubliee Line,
Northern Line,
Piccadilly Line,
Victoria Line.

So whatever you do, wherever you go, just make sure you are safe.  All stations will be manned just the same as during the day.

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