Friday, 12 June 2015

#BigFirstAidLesson TODAY (12th June 2015) at 2pm!!! #SaveALife with St John Ambulance

Many years ago when I worked at the Savoy Hotel. I would take on a Duty Manager shift once a month.  Basically all the office staff and department managers and General Manger have gone home for the day, but a hotel does not sleep and someone is responsible for the upkeep of the Hotel.

It was a late evening, I had an emergency call to go to a point within the hotel. A first aided would be meeting me there.  A gentleman had a heart attack, he had dined at one of the restaurants.  My first aider was in the middle of giving CPR, an ambulance arrived almost instantly.  The gentleman was conscience and he was taken to hospital.  The Gentleman was fine and went home later.

I remember afterwards being in shock, I had never encounted anyone in my personal life, in the street to having any type of attack.  Its very scary situation for everyone involved.

#BigFirstAidLesson  FROM 2PM FOR ONE HOUR! 


If you have a chance make sure to Register and log-on.
You need to sign-up; there will be Webin and Google hangouts. 
The programme has been designed for students aged between 7 and 16 years old.  It is amazing how calm a child can be, they can call an ambulance in a crisis, they can do so much, even safe a life!

The Big First Aid Lesson will in the space of one hour, could teach First Aid skills which could stay with them for a lifetime.

I was lucky enough to attend a talk with Clive at the St John Ambulance Head office.  Clive has been with St John Ambulance for the last 42 years.  He started at 9 as a cadet. To be honest I learnt so much.  

I learnt how to check and removing a blockage in the throat of a baby, child and adult.  CPR on babies and children.  How to use a defibrillator.  I had no idea that defibrillators are everywhere. You may spot them at underground station and in city centers.  Anyone can use them.  They will only work when needed. 

How to Give Baby/Child CPR
How to Treat a Choking Baby
How to treat a Choking Adults and Children
How to Treat Allergic Reactions
How to Treat Nose Bleeds

 I have listed some more useful links.  

The Chokeables (huge campaign televised early this year)

You Tube First aid for Parents

First Aid For Parents 

A massive thank you to St Johns Ambulance! They do such an amazing job.  This is a great way to ensure our children (& adults) gain this amazing knowledge. 

If you miss the live feed, a link will be going up (approx in 2 weeks time) so you can watch at a later date.  Mums, Dads you can even watch it at home with your family! Good luck