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An afternoon with Currys, Philips and Raw & Juicy - Juicing Vs Blending #CurrysIntroJuicing

Blending... Juicing... Blending! It is being talked about everywhere.  Us Brits appear to be loving it! As far back as I can remember my mum used to greet me with a glass of fresh carrot juice.  She swore by it, to be honest I hated it.  Pure carrot juice is not for me but, I do love fresh juices, something as simple as carrot and apple is delicious.  

Stalls on North End Road Market
My mum lives 5 minutes from North End Road Market, this is an every day street market in Fulham.  It's the best place to go to in West London for fresh fruit and veg, its really cheap too.  I was very lucky to have this market so close.  I feel like I have grown up knowing the true value of fresh produce.  However I know a few people who would only eat a potato as long as it was cooked liked a chip.   Hey, I am not here to question or criticize others, even thou chips are fun :)  But, fresh is best! >>> £1 a bowl - bargain.

More recently blending is a topic floating around everywhere.  Truth be told I mostly blend my soups and sauces.  I have never made a blending drink before, it's all new to me.  I would like to learn more and have a better understanding of these smoothie type drinks, especially as there is a lot of juice companies, offering a range offer detox juices and cleansers. I really want to understand what the benefits are, if there are any.

A couple of weeks ago I attended #CurrysIntroJuicing hosted by Joe Blogs HQ in Kings Cross.  Ohhh my ears pricked-up, I would love to be able to make delicious drink, that's fresh, healthy, fruity.

Joe Blogs hosted a wonderful event, on my arrival I was greeted by Vita Coco drinks, tasty wraps and fresh fruit, lots of fruit, great stuff as I was hungry as hell.

A lovely lady Stephanie Morgan, spoke with so much passion.  Stephanie looked amazing, flawless skin, slim, healthy a true advocate that juicing does work.  Stephanie has been juicing for years and is the founder of Raw & Juicy, dating back to 2006.  Her story starts with her suffering chronic fatigue and other symptoms, she would sleep 14 hours a day and still felt unwell.  Her GP prescribed drugs such as anti-depressants and contraceptive pills.  In all fairness these prescribed drugs where not the source of happiness or well being, they even had side effects that made things worse.  Stephanie wanted to take control and see if changing her diet could be the source of a happier body, mind and soul.

she started juicing and her life changed for the better.  9 years on she's a new person and Raw & Juicy is very successful.  I love this story, its sounds so simple and inspiring, very basic and apparently true in a few cases of seen.  Especially after watching Joe Cross and his journey of being over weight and all the health problems he once had, juicing can and does work.  Its about finding the inner strength to make changes to your diet. 

Stephanie went a step further explained the difference between Juicy and Blending!
There are a few different type of juicing machines most are available for home use.   I found this video of Will and Norm explaining the Centrifugal (juicing machine) vs. Masticating (mashing juicer) juicing machines, very interesting to watch.

The Whole Food Juicers and The Masticating are both has very different however both juice.  The Centrifugal juice has been oxidized because of the air that has worked into the juice. 

Juicing:- Is a process which extracts water and nutrients from Fruits and vegetables leaving the fiber behind. 

Benefits from juice:
Its a quiet way to get nutrients in your body/system.
No energy is used in actual eating
Easing the Digestion
High Nutritional density
(If someone gave you 10 carrots to eats you could eat a few however if I gave you carrot juice of 10 carrots, that's drinkable - You'd gain the nutrients of the whole 10 carrots)
Juice can be frozen and refrigerated 

Juicing concerns:
Plenty fresh fruit and vegetable take up a lot of space in the fridge.
Fruit contains natural sugar, high quantities are actually bad for you (Of course not as bad a processed) especially for tooth decay.  If you are planing a juicy control diet, ensure to add-up the natural sugars.
Excess Piff and Pulp:  However these can be used in ice-lollies and soups.
Juicing can help to cleanse your body, your energy levels will be peek, but as there is no fibre your hunger level could increase too.
Refrigeration life 24 hours however if you drink within the first 15 minutes you will get all the nutrients.

Blending:- Unlike juices, blended drinks consist of the entire fruit and vegetables, containing all of the fiber.

Benefits from blending:
Its possible to blend, nuts, seeds and bananas (A banana isn't going to juice)
Even thou your body uses energy to digest the food, you will feel fuller for longer.
With blending water can be added
Blending can be a soupy constancy and in general food absorption is much slower.
No food waste
Adding seeds and nuts, gives blending an upper hand, being able to add fatty acids, omega oils. 
Blending is full of flavour and highly nutritional.
Can be frozen and refrigerated 

Blending concerns:
Plenty Fresh fruit and vegetable take up a lot of space in the fruit.

There are plenty of health food store and online companies offering detoxing and cleansing, if you are unable to make juicy yourself.  I was told the recommendation was to start with 2/3 detox or cleanse.

Also its advisable if you want to do this for a longer period of time; break your meals into 3 preferable courses.   Stephanie suggested the following:
Breakfast:  - Blend (to stay fuller for longer)
Lunch: Juice as this will give you an energized boost through out the day
Dinner: Blend keeping you fuller. 

This is all very interesting, I like juicing but to be honest I had never really thought about the pro and cons.  I personally have never really considered blending.  I love the idea of eating something as a whole and not wasting food, either option is very healthy and its possible to combined them.

Now our taste buds were going to get tantalized with a fruity berry ‘Berries Matter’ mocktail.  The Cocktail Service David, Tom and Heather where going to treat us.  They used the Philips Pro 6 Blender Filling the machines with, fresh strawberries and raspberries, carton juice, Funkin Lemon Fruit Juice, honey, and a shed load of ice.   The machines were excellent, making a refreshing smoothie.  I liked how they crushed the ice too, effortlessly, a little nosy but the machine was not going to break either.    

Now with our table full of fruit and some vegetable we could make our own mocktails.

I was sat with Claire Indra both girls totally bonkers and very tongue and cheek. We laughed our heads off! We even took time out to #PosingwithVegetables - I suggest you Google it!

David in the back ground was giving us instructions to follow:  Chop up 1/2 a Honeydew Melon (first peel and deseed it), 1/2 a Pineapple skinned and chopped up, 6 Kiwi Fruit skinned (these juiced  then added to the blended ingredients), 3 Bananas and the flesh of a mango.  Added a large scoop of ice cubes.  This made a lot of juice, it was very filling and rather nice.  The banana flavour was sneaking though but it was not over powering.

The other smoothie had me very interested.  The 3 carrots were juiced in the Philips Viva Juicer, their juice added to the blender, then the avocado deseeded and the flesh added to the blended, the celery sticks chopped were added to the blender.  A beetroot was juiced (sadly nothing came out of the juicer.)

We then added lot of ice and blended the entire mixture.  The smoothie was a very solid like a sorbet, it looked really nice, It tasted horrible.  (I had suggested peeling the carrots - but was told no) I would of peeled the carrots and juiced the celery.

However I had a very enjoyable evening.  I am currently feeling inspired to juice more and even attempted to blend.  I love home cooking, the idea of not losing the nutritional value really appeals to me.

Watch this space, I plan to created... If you have any tasty recipes please leave me you links. Thank you.

You are never too young to Juice

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