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AMAZON - Have released 'The FIRE HD KIDS EDITION' Review, A Safe heaven for children to play online - Pre-order now, Released 18 June

I am delighted to tell you I have some super exciting news for you.  More so if you have children, you love technology and you are a AMAZON fan? If you're not a fan... this could change your mind.

I am very fortunate, yesterday I met the team behind the scenes of Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition

Being a parent is hard, we have so many concerns what are children can view online.  That's right our little cherubs our already tech savvy.  Some starting from as young as 3 years old, using our tablet devices.  I know so, I have 2 young sons both very confident, my older son influences his younger brother, both boys with developing minds, wanting to explore, push buttons and see what happens, whats around the corner.  Gathering knowledge, growing up too fast for me.  They like to keep themselves occupied, watching films, reading book, searching for things online that interest them.  But they are both still young and being 100% free online does not bow well in my home.    

Currently I have some BIG rules at home.
No gadgets in the week
Tablets can only be used after homework
Chores and good behaviour give my sons time on their devices at the weekend.

I am not horrible but a concerned parent.  Also I believe good behavour gets rewarded.  The problems I face, is my sons used to get totally side tracked, lost in a gaming world or worst still they want to search online and look at you tube videos all day.  There is no way I can 100% control what they are viewing.  They are young and I want reinsurance they are safe.  They also get upset when I tell them it is time to stop using their devices.

Currently there is not a device that is easy to use, that gives our children a free environment to play, learn and read in.  The boundaries tend to be fuzzy.  Technology is all around us and all around them.  I do not want them to be able to access bad language or inappropriate images.  Technology is forever changing.  Online safety is a big issue because of this.

The brains behind Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition, have taken away the 'online surfing aspect' and given us a SAFE tablet for our young ones.

The Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition, is not a 'toy' it is a Kindle Fire HD, that can access what any normal tablet device can access.  However it has a safe zone.  Every time a user wants to log-on, they will have their own ID.  The Fire HD Kids Edition will fire-up to that users profile. E.g. mum and dad (adult users) can use all the functions at all times.
When the children log-on, they can only access their apps and films, they will be in the SAFE ZONE.  They will not able able to 'Surf the net'. You can also see a blue background, this confirms that the kids are in the safe zone.

The Fire HD Kids Edition has a Parental control setting.
There are sliders for Time, Apps, Reading.
If your little one is the type of child to wake at 5.30 and sneak off and start playing angry birds at silly o'clock.  Fire HD Kids Edition will prevent this.  You can set timers Midweek and Weekend. Example:
Midweek: Reading books can be set to unlimited, however watching videos and using apps is limited to 1 hour.
This is an awesome for me.  Firstly I know all the time they are on, they will not have access to 'surfing the internet'
I do not get told off for being a meany.  The Fire HD is in charge as far as they are aware.

The price is value for money:

8GB   RRP: £119
16GB RRP: £139

The first years subscription for Amazon Prime for is free
£1.99 a month for existing prime members 
£4.99 a month for the whole family  - Upto 4 users. 
 Pre-order NOW - RELEASED on June 18, 2015.
Your device is covered by guarantee for 2 years - It has made been made 'child proof' with a reinforce glass, its not going to be easy to break.  This is been put through its paces making it tough.  The Fire HD Kids Edition come with a nice chunky rubber case (choice of 2 colours, pink and blue).  Great for small hands to grip onto but if these little hands accidentally drop their precious Fire HD Kids Edition it will not shatter into a thousand pieces. No tears will be wasted, the Fire HD Kids Edition will bounce and land safety.

Its has front and rear cameras and video mode.

Everything has been thought through, its safe to leave your children unattended, no baddies can brainwash them their minds behind your backs.

It's an easy task to set-up the parental controls.
Remember its not a toy, its a fully working tablet.
Designed for children.  Its aimed for is 3-10 years old. 

For the first year of Fire for Kids Unlimited is included, with access to thousands of books, videos, educational apps, and games – at no additional cost.

It works with its user, by recognises what the user likes to view.  Also offering age appropriate books, apps and films.  If a child is a huge Lego fan, it will promote Lego games, apps, books.  As your child gets older, the recommendations change and grow with them.

The device is preloaded with thousands of apps, books. These are regularly updated so there is plenty to choose from.  If you have a prime account and purchase your favourite films, books, apps.  You want your child to have access this them, you can add them to your children's device. These would be saved forever.  (You can also remove any books, apps, movies you do not want) - Whatever is preloaded will be using the current memory. So I would recommend the 16GB for more storage.  All photo can be added to Amazon Cloud for limited storage. Also only Mum and Dad will can access to transfer photos to PC/Laptop for printing etc.  

For example, mum has an Amazon account and dad has his own separate account.  Both parents can purchase and add to their child's library.

Overall this is going to be a smashing hit with parents and their little people.  It will make my life so much more easier.  I will be able to let my children access after school, great from looking at books and educational apps for homework before playing their games, all in a safe environment. 

If it breaks within the first 2 years, its covered by its guarantee, the purchased can  receive a replacement! 

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