Saturday, 27 June 2015

Claudi & Fin Frozen Greek Yoghurt lollies, Fabulous competition win one of 3 £10 vouchers to buy Claudi & Fin Frozen Greek Yoghurt lollies

I remember growing up my childminder would feed me frozen ready meals and give me all types of junk food.  It would annoy my mum no dead.  Life is challenging and not everyone can cook or has time on their hands.  Over the last 30 years lifestyles have changed both parents are working longer hours and lets not forget the invention of the microwave.   Conveniences is key!   We want food fast.  Sometimes it not always healthy.

However there has been a dramatic turnaround, we are becoming a nation of healthier eaters. People are living longer, everyone appears to be watching their weight, counting calories and most of all we think of better ways to treat our children. 
I can only speak for myself, my sons are always demanding treats, sweets, chocolates, crisps, cakes.  The last few days the weather has been glorious, ice-creams are number topic of desire. 
My mum would make homemade ice-cream, bless her she did try her best to be healthy but I actually hated her ice-cream.  We all know ice-cream full fat cream, milk and sugar.  Not a treat us or our children should be over indulging in too often.
Please let me introduce you to Lucy & Meriel, two devoted mothers, who got fed-up of not finding  natural ice lollies with wholesome ingredients, for their little ones Claudi & Fin.  They got together and after much experimenting and taste testing they launched Claudi & Fin. (I bet they had fun in their kitchens)

A new brand of natural delicious frozen lollies made with Greek style yoghurt, whole milk, with real fruit Puree.  These fabulous lollies are packed with vitamin D.  Each yummy lolly has 30% of the vitamin D we require as our daily intake.  MOST OF ALL NO NASTIES are hiding here!

This is all real food, NO preservatives, NO artificial additives, NO JUNK!
The packaging is bright and clear, catches my attention and my little people are very curious by the cute lollies on the boxes.
What are you waiting for? Mummies & Daddies it baking outside and I bet you all fancy a tasty Claudi & Fin Frozen Yoghurt lolly.

The lollies come in 2 tasty flavours Mango and Strawberry.  They are sold in boxes of 4 lollies.  Currently being stocked in some stores of Sainsburys and Waitrose, RRP £2.50.

This is a fabulous new British product, gets my vote. 

Me, James and Liam have been enjoying these delicious lollies over the last couple of weeks.  I did not tell them they are Frozen (Greek) Yogurt.  My boys had no idea they are not eating ice-creams.  They absolutely love them.

Claudi & Fin are being superb, they want you to indulge too, have kindly given me x3 £10 vouchers for Sainsbury's or Waitrose depending where Claudi & Fin are stocked to give to my readers.

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Make sure to tweet #tastylollies giveaway. 
Ends 17 July
Open to UK residence only
Only open 18+

Winner contacted soon after and details made public on my social media sites.   

They have a lovely website Claudi & Fin, a great blog, with lots of fun ideas for games and crafty ideas!

Disclaimer: This is a unsponsored post 

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5th Annual MOONDANCE CAMDEN PALACE REUNION. Saturday, 18th July at KOKO


'I put on my Raving Shoes and boarded the train...' 

 I have announcement about some 'Jungle Techno' MOONDANCE is coming home to it's roots.  Lets celebrate 'Push-up your lighter in the air' its the:

Saturday, 18th July at KOKO.

It's time to feel enthralled by the Old Skool Magical vibes, be it the underground sound of breakbeat, the heavy dirty sounds of Drum and Bass, the classic piano riffs or the beautiful seductive vocals, whatever your style, it's a trip down memory lane for me.

Moondance offers the best crème de la crème of the Old Skool DJs the world has ever heard off.  The musical beats, mixing us back into a time warp treat.  It's not happy clappy, we're talking Old Skool Hardcore, Jungle, Drum and Bass and Original House Classics and mammoth amounts of anthem bashing! 'Old Skool will never die!'
5th Annual Moondance Camden Palace Reunion 2015, Sat 18th July at Koko. Old Skool / Drum & Bass / Jungle / House Classics. Over 60% of tickets sold, £20 tickets available
Moondance Tickets

Whether you are a dedicated Moondancer or a newbie get involved, tell your friends.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

LONDONERS 24 hours NIGHT TUBE (Weekends only) Details here!

It's finally here, what a lot of Londoners have been waiting for.

24 HOUR TUBE NETWORK - Not all services will be running, there are 5 lines running 24 hours over the weekend.  Service to commence from the 12th September.

London will not sleep... Its going to be Years Eve every weekend. 

My raving shoes are well and truly dusty these days but at least I know it is possible to travel in the  we hours of a chilly London morning.  I have spent many a morning freezing my butt off waiting for the night bus with a bunch of smelly pissed-up people.  (Please do not take offense if that sounds like you).
Falling out of Camden Palace at 6am, waiting the tube line to open.  Haha those where the good old days.  

Londoners are being spoiled rotten!

It is great news, having that flexibility to travel through the night.  Lots of night workers will be pleased for sure.   Also if you need to travel too or from Heathrow over the weekend it will now be  possible, the Piccadilly line will be most popular I can imagine.   

Please note this is NOT the entire tube network service.  The following lines have committed, I am unsure if they will remain or change.

Central Line,
Jubliee Line,
Northern Line,
Piccadilly Line,
Victoria Line.

So whatever you do, wherever you go, just make sure you are safe.  All stations will be manned just the same as during the day.

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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

KidZania The BIG LAUNCH THIS THURSDAY, 25th June 2015

Have you heard of KidZania?

If you live in London and have children your little ones will be raving about KidZania very soon.  I can promise they will be asking you to take them.

What is KidZania
The UK’s first Unique Interactive Educational Entertainment Experience. KidZania London is a real-life introduction to the world of work for children ages 4 – 14 to play, explore and learn about the adult world.  It packed with real life experiences.  

Kidzania the Story

KidZania a childs experience
Great informative video

Where is KidZania? 
It is located inside the Westfield (Shepherds Bush) shopping centre, on the first floor between Marks & Spencer and the Gap stores.

KidZania blends education with entertainment.  Based in the heart of the Westfield centre in London.  KidZania covers 75,000sq.ft child-size safe and friendly city.

Here children are given the keys to the KidZania city and with their own money in hand, thats the KidZania currence.  They can role play and learning about new life experiences.  There are more than 60 exciting establishments that include a Bank, Hospital, Police Station, Fire Station, Aviation Academy and Theatre.  These are all replicas of the real facilities and brands.  Kidzania has worked closely in partnership with lots of brands to achieve this new kids world. The kids can independly visit each of these places and many more.

Each activity offers a unique role-play experience where kids learn financial literacy, careers, teamwork, independence and real-life skills.

25th JUNE 2015
10.00 - 10.15 - Offical Ribbon Cutting
10.30 The First Tour 

Tickets can be booked online: Prices HERE

 (Age 4-14)

 (Age 15 and Over)

Early Years
 (Age 1-3)

 (Age 0-1)

Please note: An adult (18+) must be present for the admission of any child into KidZania London. We recommend that one adult may supervise up to five 0-6 year olds.

The summer holidays are coming up and this will be new kids heaven for all of us parents.  So make sure to have a look at the website: Kidzania London, I hope you can tell me all about it!

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Sunday, 21 June 2015

An afternoon with Currys, Philips and Raw & Juicy - Juicing Vs Blending #CurrysIntroJuicing

Blending... Juicing... Blending! It is being talked about everywhere.  Us Brits appear to be loving it! As far back as I can remember my mum used to greet me with a glass of fresh carrot juice.  She swore by it, to be honest I hated it.  Pure carrot juice is not for me but, I do love fresh juices, something as simple as carrot and apple is delicious.  

Stalls on North End Road Market
My mum lives 5 minutes from North End Road Market, this is an every day street market in Fulham.  It's the best place to go to in West London for fresh fruit and veg, its really cheap too.  I was very lucky to have this market so close.  I feel like I have grown up knowing the true value of fresh produce.  However I know a few people who would only eat a potato as long as it was cooked liked a chip.   Hey, I am not here to question or criticize others, even thou chips are fun :)  But, fresh is best! >>> £1 a bowl - bargain.

More recently blending is a topic floating around everywhere.  Truth be told I mostly blend my soups and sauces.  I have never made a blending drink before, it's all new to me.  I would like to learn more and have a better understanding of these smoothie type drinks, especially as there is a lot of juice companies, offering a range offer detox juices and cleansers. I really want to understand what the benefits are, if there are any.

A couple of weeks ago I attended #CurrysIntroJuicing hosted by Joe Blogs HQ in Kings Cross.  Ohhh my ears pricked-up, I would love to be able to make delicious drink, that's fresh, healthy, fruity.

Joe Blogs hosted a wonderful event, on my arrival I was greeted by Vita Coco drinks, tasty wraps and fresh fruit, lots of fruit, great stuff as I was hungry as hell.

A lovely lady Stephanie Morgan, spoke with so much passion.  Stephanie looked amazing, flawless skin, slim, healthy a true advocate that juicing does work.  Stephanie has been juicing for years and is the founder of Raw & Juicy, dating back to 2006.  Her story starts with her suffering chronic fatigue and other symptoms, she would sleep 14 hours a day and still felt unwell.  Her GP prescribed drugs such as anti-depressants and contraceptive pills.  In all fairness these prescribed drugs where not the source of happiness or well being, they even had side effects that made things worse.  Stephanie wanted to take control and see if changing her diet could be the source of a happier body, mind and soul.

she started juicing and her life changed for the better.  9 years on she's a new person and Raw & Juicy is very successful.  I love this story, its sounds so simple and inspiring, very basic and apparently true in a few cases of seen.  Especially after watching Joe Cross and his journey of being over weight and all the health problems he once had, juicing can and does work.  Its about finding the inner strength to make changes to your diet. 

Stephanie went a step further explained the difference between Juicy and Blending!
There are a few different type of juicing machines most are available for home use.   I found this video of Will and Norm explaining the Centrifugal (juicing machine) vs. Masticating (mashing juicer) juicing machines, very interesting to watch.

The Whole Food Juicers and The Masticating are both has very different however both juice.  The Centrifugal juice has been oxidized because of the air that has worked into the juice. 

Juicing:- Is a process which extracts water and nutrients from Fruits and vegetables leaving the fiber behind. 

Benefits from juice:
Its a quiet way to get nutrients in your body/system.
No energy is used in actual eating
Easing the Digestion
High Nutritional density
(If someone gave you 10 carrots to eats you could eat a few however if I gave you carrot juice of 10 carrots, that's drinkable - You'd gain the nutrients of the whole 10 carrots)
Juice can be frozen and refrigerated 

Juicing concerns:
Plenty fresh fruit and vegetable take up a lot of space in the fridge.
Fruit contains natural sugar, high quantities are actually bad for you (Of course not as bad a processed) especially for tooth decay.  If you are planing a juicy control diet, ensure to add-up the natural sugars.
Excess Piff and Pulp:  However these can be used in ice-lollies and soups.
Juicing can help to cleanse your body, your energy levels will be peek, but as there is no fibre your hunger level could increase too.
Refrigeration life 24 hours however if you drink within the first 15 minutes you will get all the nutrients.

Blending:- Unlike juices, blended drinks consist of the entire fruit and vegetables, containing all of the fiber.

Benefits from blending:
Its possible to blend, nuts, seeds and bananas (A banana isn't going to juice)
Even thou your body uses energy to digest the food, you will feel fuller for longer.
With blending water can be added
Blending can be a soupy constancy and in general food absorption is much slower.
No food waste
Adding seeds and nuts, gives blending an upper hand, being able to add fatty acids, omega oils. 
Blending is full of flavour and highly nutritional.
Can be frozen and refrigerated 

Blending concerns:
Plenty Fresh fruit and vegetable take up a lot of space in the fruit.

There are plenty of health food store and online companies offering detoxing and cleansing, if you are unable to make juicy yourself.  I was told the recommendation was to start with 2/3 detox or cleanse.

Also its advisable if you want to do this for a longer period of time; break your meals into 3 preferable courses.   Stephanie suggested the following:
Breakfast:  - Blend (to stay fuller for longer)
Lunch: Juice as this will give you an energized boost through out the day
Dinner: Blend keeping you fuller. 

This is all very interesting, I like juicing but to be honest I had never really thought about the pro and cons.  I personally have never really considered blending.  I love the idea of eating something as a whole and not wasting food, either option is very healthy and its possible to combined them.

Now our taste buds were going to get tantalized with a fruity berry ‘Berries Matter’ mocktail.  The Cocktail Service David, Tom and Heather where going to treat us.  They used the Philips Pro 6 Blender Filling the machines with, fresh strawberries and raspberries, carton juice, Funkin Lemon Fruit Juice, honey, and a shed load of ice.   The machines were excellent, making a refreshing smoothie.  I liked how they crushed the ice too, effortlessly, a little nosy but the machine was not going to break either.    

Now with our table full of fruit and some vegetable we could make our own mocktails.

I was sat with Claire Indra both girls totally bonkers and very tongue and cheek. We laughed our heads off! We even took time out to #PosingwithVegetables - I suggest you Google it!

David in the back ground was giving us instructions to follow:  Chop up 1/2 a Honeydew Melon (first peel and deseed it), 1/2 a Pineapple skinned and chopped up, 6 Kiwi Fruit skinned (these juiced  then added to the blended ingredients), 3 Bananas and the flesh of a mango.  Added a large scoop of ice cubes.  This made a lot of juice, it was very filling and rather nice.  The banana flavour was sneaking though but it was not over powering.

The other smoothie had me very interested.  The 3 carrots were juiced in the Philips Viva Juicer, their juice added to the blender, then the avocado deseeded and the flesh added to the blended, the celery sticks chopped were added to the blender.  A beetroot was juiced (sadly nothing came out of the juicer.)

We then added lot of ice and blended the entire mixture.  The smoothie was a very solid like a sorbet, it looked really nice, It tasted horrible.  (I had suggested peeling the carrots - but was told no) I would of peeled the carrots and juiced the celery.

However I had a very enjoyable evening.  I am currently feeling inspired to juice more and even attempted to blend.  I love home cooking, the idea of not losing the nutritional value really appeals to me.

Watch this space, I plan to created... If you have any tasty recipes please leave me you links. Thank you.

You are never too young to Juice

For more information please visit:
Techtalk with Currys cooking home appliances. Juicing vs blending

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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The Minion Invasion, Ravensburger Puzzle Review for 6+ (80 pieces)

This summer, Minions Stuart, Kevin and Bob are coming to a cinema somewhere near you.  I can not wait to watch the new movie.  My boys and me are big Minion fans.  The merchandise that is coming out is great for the new movie too.

I was kindly sent one of the new Puzzles from Ravensburger they have a great selection, so make sure to check them out.

We received this new 80 piece beaut.  The Minion Invasion has begun! Ours to Puzzle together Kevin, Bob and Stuart as they race through the streets of London on a 60's inspired bike!

So much detail on this puzzle, lots of words, symbols, pattens and colours to piece together, perfect for young imagines and little fingers.  

This puzzle is designed for 6+ the pieces are a good size, not too small.

James is 6 and being a boy at this age, he is always problem solving.  When I showed him the Puzzle he could not wait to get stuck in.  Little brother Liam showed some interest too.  They both sat down eager for me to open the box and take out the pieces.

I left them too it.  I had over an hour of pure silence, this actually brought me joy to see them so content together.  They tried their hardest to complete the puzzle by themselves.  Eventfully James asked for a little help and then wanted me to stop helping after a few helpful hints. 

By the end of puzzle I had a very smug little boy.  James said he felt he had accomplished something.  He told me it was the first puzzle he had really enjoyed doing, more so as him and his brother worked together as a team.  He has now asked to frame it, as he wants to hang it in him bedroom.

The Ravensburger puzzles can be purchased online through Amazon this one is RRP: £4.99 an absolute bargain. 

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Monday, 15 June 2015

Olives; I love them do you? 5 winners will win an 'olive it!' Hamper and olive it! recipe book #Competition

The lovely people from Olive it! Have asked me to give my readers an olive it! Hamper. 
5 to be WON 


With a delicious ensemble of quality black and green olives, this beautiful hamper will spark your imagination and show you how versatile and delicious olives can be. As well as an array of olives, five lucky winners will receive an Olive it! recipe book full of mouth-watering Mediterranean dishes that will broaden your culinary repertoire. 

Celebrated Spanish chefs José Pizarro and Omar Allibhoy share the joy of olives through family-trusted recipes passed down through generations. Combining tradition with a contemporary twist, the two chefs provide proof that simple table olives can pack an explosively flavoursome punch!

From innovative marinades to tantalising tapas and tapenades, this simple and easy to follow book has something for everyone – irrespective of cooking ability – and for every season. So discover a new flair in the kitchen or develop an old skill using the Olive it! recipe book’s clear guidance and inspiring culinary combinations.


Loved around the world for their delicious taste and nutritional benefits, olives are the star of the show in this book, which also includes information on the history of this versatile fruit, the different types of olives and what makes them such a healthy treat.

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Starts 16th June 2015
Ends 6 July 2015- Open to UK residence only, 18+
 - Winner contacted soon after and publicly named

To keep up to date with the Olive it! campaign visit or follow on Twitter @Oliveit_UK and like on Facebook - Olive it.

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#RaceForLife #Watford - My First #5K race

Yeah WE DID IT! After a couple of months with a little training, yesterday I ran the #RaceForLife race in Watford.

It was the first time I have even done anything like this, I think I may of mentioned I used to race for my secondary school but those days have well and truly passed.

I started jogging for fitness reasons a couple of months ago, after having a long break.  My friend I run with suggested we should try one of the 5k races.  I didn't even think twice about it, I signed myself up.  One of my younger sisters decided to join me.  However she is super fit, without any training she did amazingly.

On Saturday I kept myself busy all day, otherwise I start getting nervous, that's so silly thinking back about it now, but I did not want to over think about it and get myself worked up.  I am pleased to say, some lovely friends had sponsored me, I did not want to let anyone down either.

We have arrived, its drizzling and grey (Weather for ducks)
On Sunday I had 2 slices of toasts with peanut butter and lovely cup of tea for breakfast. With my stomach lined, I felt ready.  The Race was taking place at Cassiobury Park.  Its about 20 minute power walk along the canal to get there.  I met my friend and her family.  

I'm standing at the back of the start line (Its a sea of runners ahead of me)
Cassiobury Park is a big park, it was absolutely buzzing, a great family vibe all around, bouncy castles, food venders, porter loos!  Me and my sisters collected our numbers before lining-up to go.  The race was about to start at 11am  We discussed how we should run the race as we are at different running levels. I did not what to hold anyone back and my sister wanted to run like the wind.

So my sister shot off and me and my friend jogged together, in fairness my friend jogged and I mostly walked especially up-hill, I felt sluggish, the first 1K took ages, there where so many people we were all bunched up, lots of children too but, I wasn't in a hurry, I just wanted to complete the course.  After 2K my friend was ahead of me and then she vanished.  I fished out my headphones, I should of done this at the start, best way to find my pace, at 3K I had found my feet, a lot of race was down hill from around here onwards, making it easy to jog.

I'm jogging here, people walking behind me
Its so funny I have been to the park 100s of times but the racing route made it feel of different, twisting around different paths.  The stewards enroute waving us around and shouting encouragement. I kept seeing the same bodies jog pass me, slow down to walk, then I would jog pass them, it was like an invisible tag team of racers.  Then every now and then runners would speed pass me never to be seen again.

The atmosphere was a vision of pink, tutus, long socks, plenty of pinks tees, lots of loving messages runners wore to remembering their loved ones lost to the shitbag Cancer and many ladies still fighting.

It was a very special day, lots of smiling faces, everyone together.  The last 500m was uphill but I could see the finish sign ahead, it was huge, making it look really close.  I felt a surge of energy, a rush of excitement, lots of people cheering and jeering.  I was determent not to stop jogging.  Then I heard 'COME ON LUCY' my sister screaming me on at the sideline.  Bless her she has already finished earlier.


It was a great feeling passing the finishing the line, I was sweaty mess but I think my smile said it all, a real sense of achievement. I finished in 47 minute. Not great but not awful either.

I am really pleased as I raised £65.00 (Any late donations welcome) I am sure it will go a long away, there were over 2000 runners in the Watford run.  I hope a cracking amount has been raised in total.

Already we have been discussing our next race.  I want to run on a regular basis and sort myself a training program, hopeful push for a 10K and maybe even one of the muddy events.

Its only 343 days until I am 40...

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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Do you fancy winning £40 voucher? Serenata Flowers offer so much more, just look at their Hampers lots of explore. #Competition

I have used Serenata Flowers on a few occasions, always using their Florist Service, they offer beautiful flowers.  They have a great Seasonal Catalogue of fresh cut flower Bouquets.  Their prices are fair and can be delivered almost everywhere in the UK, even for next day delivery, if you purchase early enough, this is free service.

Serenata Flowers have a fabulous range of gifts for all occasions.  Birthdays, New Arrivals, Sorry you're leaving, Thank you to suggest a few,  their gifts are suitable for so many occasions, even for the sadder times too.  The next big date in my diary is Fathers Day.  I love it when I receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a little treat, it is nice to make him (the special man in my life) feel special too.

Serenata Flowers offer so much more, Hampers, Chocolates, Wine and Plants, Cards and Balloons.

Their array of hampers is super.  Pamper, Baby, Beer and Port to name a couple.  Lucky for me I have been sent a special something for the Daddy in my house, courtesy of the fabulous Serenata Flowers.

This wonderful Hamper; Beers of The World.  A great treat for daddy.  My boyfriend adores a great beer, more so if its not found in the shopping aisles of our local supermarket, it gives it a special feeling of being unique.  As their website says... these are premium beers, from off the beaten track. Yes we agree.

So when this hamper arrived I had a very happy chap.  He even shared his snacks with me.

Using Serenata Flowers I have always found their service is impeccable, the website is so easy to use, the only problem I encounter is deciding what to order.

So as they say 'A problem shared is problem halved', I'm sharing my problem with you...  I have a lovely giveaway for you, a fantastic £40.00 voucher to spend as you wish on The Serenata Flowers website.  What are you waiting for you, fancy your chances? Then complete the Rafflecopter! Good luck

a Rafflecopter giveaway

T&Cs:  Please follow the 6 steps:
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Starts 15th June 2015
Ends 3 July 2015- Open to UK residence only, 18+
 - Winner contacted soon after and publicly named  

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Friday, 12 June 2015

Carolyn.K Fabulous Nail Paints - Check out some fab designs

I am working with Carolyn.K over the next few weeks.  I have been very lucky to receive a fine selection of her Nail Paint and will show case her beautiful colours.

The spectrum of 12 colours are fantastic.  Its a rainbow of pretty polishes! 
I think you will agree.  There is a bigger range of 20 online.
Pots RRP: £8 each

Anais and Alice

Anet and Paulette


I have had a play with these so far.  What do you think?

I am first to admit I am no professional when it come to applying polish.  I am only not the most creative person for funky designs.  However I have been having a lot of fun so far.   I will be trying the rest of the range.


I am enjoying use Carolyn.K Brand, the colours are vibrate, the polish has a clean finish, easy to use and apply, fairly fast drying, so far so good.

So please look out for my next Mani up load next week! Its Race for Life so I am thinking PINK!

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#BigFirstAidLesson TODAY (12th June 2015) at 2pm!!! #SaveALife with St John Ambulance

Many years ago when I worked at the Savoy Hotel. I would take on a Duty Manager shift once a month.  Basically all the office staff and department managers and General Manger have gone home for the day, but a hotel does not sleep and someone is responsible for the upkeep of the Hotel.

It was a late evening, I had an emergency call to go to a point within the hotel. A first aided would be meeting me there.  A gentleman had a heart attack, he had dined at one of the restaurants.  My first aider was in the middle of giving CPR, an ambulance arrived almost instantly.  The gentleman was conscience and he was taken to hospital.  The Gentleman was fine and went home later.

I remember afterwards being in shock, I had never encounted anyone in my personal life, in the street to having any type of attack.  Its very scary situation for everyone involved.

#BigFirstAidLesson  FROM 2PM FOR ONE HOUR! 


If you have a chance make sure to Register and log-on.
You need to sign-up; there will be Webin and Google hangouts. 
The programme has been designed for students aged between 7 and 16 years old.  It is amazing how calm a child can be, they can call an ambulance in a crisis, they can do so much, even safe a life!

The Big First Aid Lesson will in the space of one hour, could teach First Aid skills which could stay with them for a lifetime.

I was lucky enough to attend a talk with Clive at the St John Ambulance Head office.  Clive has been with St John Ambulance for the last 42 years.  He started at 9 as a cadet. To be honest I learnt so much.  

I learnt how to check and removing a blockage in the throat of a baby, child and adult.  CPR on babies and children.  How to use a defibrillator.  I had no idea that defibrillators are everywhere. You may spot them at underground station and in city centers.  Anyone can use them.  They will only work when needed. 

How to Give Baby/Child CPR
How to Treat a Choking Baby
How to treat a Choking Adults and Children
How to Treat Allergic Reactions
How to Treat Nose Bleeds

 I have listed some more useful links.  

The Chokeables (huge campaign televised early this year)

You Tube First aid for Parents

First Aid For Parents 

A massive thank you to St Johns Ambulance! They do such an amazing job.  This is a great way to ensure our children (& adults) gain this amazing knowledge. 

If you miss the live feed, a link will be going up (approx in 2 weeks time) so you can watch at a later date.  Mums, Dads you can even watch it at home with your family! Good luck



Wednesday, 10 June 2015

A History of Polish migrants in the UK, with Lebara - Win an iPad #Competition

This is a personal post from me, don't be surprised to hear I am part Polish.   

I imagine my readers are interested to hear where I come from.  I have a pale olive complexion, I tan very fast.  I have a rather long surname and if you have heard me speak, I have a London accent... 'Alright Mate'.

I have been told, I look Latin, even European, Spanish, Italy but my accent throws people.  I have even been asked if my husband is Polish because of my surname.  I do have mixed background, I would love to get my family tree properly researched, now that would make some interesting findings.

My Mother was born in Bolivia, she is half Bolivian and half German.  My Dad was born in London.  He speaks the Queens English, 'How now brown cow' My dad sounds extremely posh.  I sound nothing like him.  He is half English, half Polish, his Dad is 100% Polish.

My surname is Zelazowski.  I use it everywhere I go, I love my name, it's unusual, a great conversation starter.  I am very proud of my roots and enjoy being different.  I used to get some serious stick at school, other kids taking the michael out of my name, I was always last for everything!!! Z is always last but, in all honestly I was not that bothered.

My name has been passed down through the generations.  When my Grandfather was alive, he was very proud of being Polish and his heritage.  He was born in Warsaw, Poland in the early 1900s  He spoken often of his parents.
He explained our names meaning, 'Man is Iron'.  So I am Lucy Man of Iron.  'Yes, Grandad I do agree, I feel strong like Iron.' That would make him laugh.
My Grandfather lead a very privileged life, he travelled the World, owned his own Travel business.  Language become second nature to him, he spoke at least 10 languages fluently.  This became extremely handy during the 2nd World War.

He was a high ranking officer for the Allies, he worked within the Secret intelligence, mostly behind enemy lines. After the War he settled in London.

I have to say I doubt his life was normal for any ordinary Poles settling in the UK in the 1940s.  However after the war, a lot of soldiers migrated to Britain.  They where held in great regard.
lots of Polish people settled in the UK, there has been many waves through the years on Polish people migrating to the UK.  Now Poland is part of the Europe its to be expected.    

My grandad travelled all over the world, mostly because of his business.  His company was called General Tours, an independent Travel Agency.  He loved the British way of life.  He would read the stocks and shares everyday, he shopped at Peter Jones and Marks and Spencers.  He used to tell me that Marks and Spencers is the best store in the world, he loved the food aisles.    Its true his kitchen only stocked M&S foods, he even brought shares in the company.  He rarely spoke of his life during the war, shame as I was so interested.  He would ofter tell me how beautiful Poland is, sadly he no family left there. 

Polish Coat of Arms

I grew-up in Hammersmith, London.  There is a huge Polish community living in this area of London.  My grandad would often go to the Polish Centre, POSK on Kings Street in Hammersmith.  He would meet his Polish friends for tea and cheesecake talk about old times.   POSK is really the place to go for Polish events, they host great Jazz nights.  If you are not sure of what to do and where to go, their staff are very helpful.

Dotted all over Hammersmith and Fulham there are plenty Polish delicatessens, famed for the cured meats, delicious sausages all things Polish; Prima on the Northend Road in Fulham has always been a family favourite of mine.  This shop has been here for many years, a true Polish business in the UK.  I like to go there when I am in town.  

My Grandfather never felt he lost his Polish identity he ensured he kept in touch with his Polish friends, mostly his war buddies.  Even thou he adored the British, their way of life, he was Polish.  He worked hard, contributed to society a true Pole living in the UK.

Everyone has a different story, whats yours?

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