Saturday, 23 May 2015

It's my Birthday

I hope everyone is having a great Bank Holiday weekend.  I had been ill
last week so I haven't had much planned (life has been at a stand still) however I had a lovely message from Louis Walsh!!!

#BigMeUpLouisWalsh <<< Famous for 5 minutes (Thats me)

I've spend the last couple of days catching up on all the chores at home.  Cleaning, the laundry, shopping.  Emails - Paper work, bills, I have even had my boyfriend digging holes in our garden to fit an ego dog loo.

On the plus side its my birthday tomorrow.  I can not say I am super excited about getting older, the thought of getting older is scary.  Turning 30 I was excited, this was an age before having kids, I was still with my boyfriend but we hadn't been with each for that long.

I will 39 tomorrow, I have no idea whats happened to time, its passing me by.  I look in the mirror, I see the same face, it's definitely getting older.  But I must be doing something right, I'm keeping the wrinkles at bay and the grey hair hair hasn't started sprouting out of my head yet.

My son requested a chocolate cake. So to please him (of course not me) I had baked a chocolate fudge cake.  It does look good, its currently waiting on the fridge to be eaten.

So whatever you're doing this bank holiday weekend, I hope you're having a fun time.  Think of me, I am officially on the count down too turning 40.  I plan to up date my blog plenty.  For all my of regular readers, you would of noticed I have changed the design, I hope its looks more modern.