Saturday, 2 May 2015

Good Boy Choc Drops Giveaway and Dog Treat Review; #Competition

Put your hands-up all you dog owners who have a greedy dog, that's everyone then, well almost!

Tyson would eat a bath full of food if it was physically possible for him.  I try to be a good owner I watch his weight and try not to over fed him.  He should of been named Dyson, he wolfs it down.

Us humans love our doggies, unconditionally I feel.  Tyson is my son, I cuddle him, talk to him, walk him, run with him and feed him.  He is by my side always.

Dogs LUV to eat.  Ty isn't fussy either, he eats raw veg and fruit, even dirty food from the floor if he spots it.  He will sit in front of me drooling to have whatever I am eating.  He has food-dar, picture this:

A loud busy front room, 2 kids clowning about, the TV on and dad shouting at the kids to keep the noise down.  The beloved family dog has already eaten his last meal for the evening and retired for the evening, he can be found laying on his back legs akimbo, out for the count on mummies and daddies bed.  Mum is feeling a little peckish and swans off in the direction of the kitchen, by the time I have entered the kitchen and opened the treat cupboard door, ones dog is there with his piercing eyes following my every movement.
Sometimes for giggles me and the boyfriend time Tyson to see how fast it will take him to bomb it down stairs, he is fast.  Same as our sons, Tyson deserves treats.

Over the last week I have been treating Tyson to Good Boy Choc Drop treats.  Good Boy have been for 50 years, HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY Good Boy!  I remember the first time saw the brand.  A smallish red packet about 30 years ago.  I found 'Choc Drops' in my kitchen.  I was a little girl, about 6 years old, these chocolates are for me, I mean all chocolate at home must be mine.  My mum caught me eating them.  'Lucy, these are Duke's'.  Duke, was our dog?  Haha, I must of had a confused face, never again. What a Whally!

The best thing about these treats is they do not contain any cocoa or cocoa products, cocoa kills dogs, its highly poisonous.  Its very important not to give Dogs any chocolate products.

Tyson has been sent same tasty Good Boy Choc Drops (I know they are tasty - Ive eaten them.  30 years ago still counts).  Tyson has been eating the original Choc Drops, Yoghurty Drops and Sugar Free Choc Drops.  I will be honest he doesn't have a favourite, he has been eating them all.  I know he likes them as soon as the plastic bag rattles he is by my side.

Choc Drops, Yoghurty Drops, SugarFree CD

It is also important not to over feed your dog, the recommended guidelines:
Feed as a treat, reward or training aid
(NOT suitable for puppies under 3 months)
Small Dogs: 6-10 drops per day
Medium Dogs: 12-15 drops per day
Large Dogs: 24-36 drops per day
Treats should be counted as part of your dogs daily calorific intake

Choc Drops: 438kcal per 100g
Sugar Free Choc Drops: 395kcal per 100g

I have some excellent news, I have 5 sets to give away, so what are you waiting for, want to spoil your pooch?
Enter now:

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