Friday, 29 May 2015

Birthday Love

I celebrated my birthday on the weekend it was fantastic, one of my better birthdays. The day started slow, I did not get woken-up covered in kisses (as usual), which to be honest I love.
I took Tyson for a run, which was fab considering I have not been running for 2 weeks because I was not well.

The plan for the day, my mum and one of younger sisters would be coming over and we would be having a barbeque.  I did not want a big deal made for my birthday.  I usually get swept up in running around, cleaning, cooking, trying to ensure everyone is having fun.  I forget its my day.  Then spend ages washing up.  Once everyone has left, I am ready for bed.

Well, I must of been heard moaning.  As my sister said, just her and my mum would come and bring some food.  I still did my usual, cleaned my house like a nutter, got food, baked a cake the day before.  I phoned my mum at 11 to find out what time they were arriving... I am stickler for time keeping, I hate lateness.

My family all live in West London, it take usually just over an hour to get from door to door.  For some strange reason, everyone arrives late, its drives me bonkers.  Due to this I do not get to spend the quality time I want with them.  (Another thing that totally stresses me out)

My mum says they are leaving at between 1-2.  I calculated I can squeeze in a house hoovering session and mop the floor, have a bath. BAM!!! 3:30pm strikes... It was like tumble weed, no-one has arrived.  I asked my boyfriend to get the BBQ out, on doing so, it starts raining, the sky has gone from grey to very grey.  He puts the BBQ away.

I go in the kitchen and have a private cry.  This happens every year, the cry not the raining.  I get upset, mostly because my boyfriend has not got me card, but usually because I am stressing about the day.  This year is slightly different, I have not cooked. I am thinking, by the time they have eaten they will leave soon afterwards.  This is not what I had planned in my mind.  I want to spend some much need quality time with my mum and sister.

Oh well, its time to start drinking, I need some limes.  On the way back from the shops I spy my older sister with a car load of missing family guests all turning up.  To say I am happy is lie, I am super ecstatic.

They all pile out, big smiles, open arms.  I AM HAPPY!  The car trunk gets opened, its like bloody Christmas, bag, after bag comes through my front door, so much food.  My dog is going loopy with the smell of food.  Pork chops, chicken wings (Darren and James faves) polish sausages (my fave), homemade burgers.  Salads, dips, crisps.  Drinks even big bottles of beer for Darren.  I had tears in eyes, just having them with me, my heart felt so full of happiness.  I felt so special.

I have some thank you cards to send in the next couple of days.  We had a lovely day, lots of laughing, hugs.  I wish I had a bigger house and everyone could stay.  I really appreciate my family, we are all lucky to have each other.  

I have a great unexpected day, full of my favourite people I love and who love me.  I hope not to sound boastful, I just wanted to share my day.  It was not full of lavish gifts, expensive meals out but, the party turned-up full of love.  Yeah Barbeques are the best.

Bless them they all stayed until the early hours, we watched films, laughter some more. 
If anyone is feeling hungry. I have so much food left its ridiculous. I have potato salad, rice, boil potatoes, pork chops and chicken wings.  Enough food for a couple of days - No cooking for me!
I even popped over to my neighbours and gave them birthday cake.  My fridge is still bursting.