Wednesday, 6 May 2015

#BEDM Day 6 - Share the Blog Love

Blogging is becoming main stream, everywhere I look people are talking about blogging or bloggers.  Forget TV and Radio advents, its about who is following who, what did they wear, where are they going, who they are reading?   Bloggers are becoming BIG MONEY in some places but, mostly people blog for pleasure, that's ME!  But us bloggers are trying to get our little voices booming out into this new media world we are living in and GET NOTICED!!! 

There are so many different types of Bloggers
Parent, Fashion, Lifestyle, Craft, Gamer, Tech, Fitness, Make-up, Book, Travel.  I am sure I missed out a stack different type of bloggers, Sorry!
Basically whatever you are into there is more then likely someone writing about or has written about it.  Thank the heaven for Google's' search engine, it is all there at a touch of a button.

Recently, I have been reading a few more blogs then usual and I even added a blog roll to my blog, just to give an indication who I like to read about.

There is a couple of Blogs that I follow whole heartily too, not only are the authors my friends but these ladies write with passion, they are interesting and a pleasure to read.

No 1: Mellissa Williams: The Diary of a Jewellery Lover
I first started to interacting with Mellissa aka My Mel, 4 years ago, when I first started using Twitter.  She was not a blogger then.  Over the years I have watched her build up her blog.  By trade Mellissa is an expert Jeweller, she adores jewellery, her love can often been witness with her beautiful jewellery reviews and she hosts fabulous giveaways, with lots luxury goodies to be won, that make us ladies say 'Ooh La Lal!'  Mellissa has a heart for adventure, she is totally animated when she is on the road, not driving but holiday adventures.  She is jet-setter and writes great tales about her holiday experiences.   There is also a serious side to Mellissa, she highlights more serious issues regarding health too.

No 2: Lucy Dorrington: The Parent Game
I have known Lucy for years too, again even before Lucy started blogging.  Lucy is a thrifty parent blogger.  Lucy has a great imagination, heaps of common sense and super sweet literacy skills.  She takes great pride in writing her blog, she thinks hard and deep about her topics, relating to her readers.   Shes writes about fun activities to do with her kids, budget days out, meals on budget.  Her lovely family get involved too, her daughter is a keen writer, having inherited her mother skills and writes on occasion guest posts and Lucy's son isn't shy either he has a natural ability in front of the camera.  Super smart family here.

No: 3 Kerrie McGiveron Wife Mum Student Bum    
I was privileged to cross Kerrie's palm at Britmums last year.  I am very impressed by this lady, she's a mum of 3 young girls, she's student too,  Kerrie blogs about her life and families experiences.  Kerrie has a magical way about her, she says the funniest of things.  Some of things only a mum can understand.  Kerrie is cream crackers, her personality shines thou on her blog, she is hoot to read and totally entertaining. 

No: 4  Michelle Thou Shalt Not Covet
I first noticed Michelles' blog last year, I would on occasion enter her glamourpuss competitions.  She is a huge beauty blogger and dabbles in fashion, of course the two go hand in hand.  Beauty bloggers are huge in the blogging industry, their are so many of them but only a few standout to me.  Michelle has a superb eye for detail, her blog is professional and I love her photos.  She is also very honest in her approach to the cosmetics she uses.  Not everything is fab and dandy.

No: 5 Renna Creighton Rennas Discoveries
Renna is a new blogger, she only started blogging in January.  We have been real life friends for a just over a year now.  Our children attend the same primary school.  Renna is a huge foodie, she enjoys cooking but her passion also extends to out side of the kitchen,  dining out, dinner and cocktails are a must for her.  She is secretly critiquing places she goes too, on occasion if the meal isn't up to scratch it isn't a secret any more.  Renna has a showcased some lovely post and reviews.  I really enjoy her blog, its a great read.  So watch out London, Renna could be coming to dine with you soon.

So if you haven't had the pleasure, please check out these lovely bloggers.  Some old, some new, a whole spectrum of the Bloggers.    

This is part of the #BEDM - (apologies I have been slacking)