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Transun Bucket List Competition - Fancy winning a once in the lifetime holiday to see the Northern Lights?

Fancy winning a once in the lifetime holiday to see the Northern Lights?  I bet you do, seeing the Northern Lights has always been on my Bucket List too.  Feel free to enter the competition, the details are here: Transun Bucket List Competition _- (You need to write about your top 3 getaway destinations) but hurry it Ends at Midnight tonight!

I have always had a close connection with travel well my family has, My Granddad owned a General Tours Travel agency in Park Lane, My older sister was an Air Hostess.  My Dad (Born in the UK) did plenty of travelling in his hay day, he went to South American in the early 70s, I think he was on the Trail of Howard Marks (or something similar).  He made it to Bolivia were he was suppose to meet a connection there. He went to the wrong place and met my mum.  My mum lived in a small town, Cochabamba.  The word got a around that there was a Western there.  My dad got himself arrested (he was carrying a lot of money), Bolivians were known for being peasants.  He ended up spending 30 days in prison and my mum visited him everyday.  They fell in love, he bought her back to the UK!

Without even having to think twice, at the top of my Bucket List is to go the birthland of my mum; Bolivia, I want to travel around take-in as much as possible and go thou Peru visit the land of Incas.  Ever since I can remember my mum has spoken to me about the Incas, their history, the way the Spanish took the land and stole all the Inca artifacts and took so much gold.  She has always said she has Inca blood, her mother tongue is Quechua, the language the Inca people spoke.  The Bolivians believe in myths, magic, they worship the Moon and the Sun Gods and Mother Earth, they would sacrifice people and animals, having to appease Mother Earth and the Gods.   I want to explore, this beautiful, yet strange land.
I am also fascinated with Hiram Bingham, how he discovered Machu Picchu in 1911.  Its unbelievable that Machu Picchu survived the Spanish Conquest, all the riches of the finest Inca architecture preserved, I have never seen anything to beautiful.

My next choice is Las Vegas, that's right the city that never sleeps. I have obviously watched so many movies.  Maybe I am planned a casino heist, perhaps stealing Mike Tysons pet tiger or getting married at the Vegas Chapel of Love (Shhh don't tell the mister I have said that), but the thrill of Las Vegas has got me gripped.
The bright lights of the strip, The Show Girls, Matt Goss... Stop! That's a joke, Sorry Matt, I much prefer your ass kicking brother Luke. (I do love my films).  I would definitely visit the casinos, I love to gamble and having a flutter on the Fruit machine would be so much fun.  I'd be like Phoebe from Friends, walking around with my cup of change, hunting for that winning machine. 
Who knows? I always see it as a drunken scene something out of Lock stock, time moving fast, burning 50 dollars bills and drinking neat tequila shots, finding a club and dancing like a loon.

But seriously, Las Vegas has so much to offer.  I have also wanted to be a cow girl for the day, ride some horses and watch the Sunset in front a of  roaring fire.  Kick back and listen to everyone's cowboy stories, Las Vegas is perfectly situated in the middle of the Nevada desert for this.

Paris Las Vegas, Trevi Restaurant, New York-New York;
Photos credited to Mellissa Williams; The Diary of a Jewellery Lover

I would take a Helicopter tour from Las Vegas and fly over the Grand Canon.  The footage I have seen is breathe taking, the Canon is prehistoric even, nothing else can compare to this magnificent sight.  One of  The Seven Natural Wonders Of The World.

Back to this competition, I have always wanted to see the Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis (Another one of The Seven Natural Wonders Of The World).  I remember watching a program and being blown away by the lights in the sky, the North Pole is having a party, its own magical light show.

I'm not a scientist, so I have sourced a fantastic video that explains Aurora Borealis, be warned its incredible.   
Credit to: truemaskedwabbit - Trudi Kay Fisher, Planetary Science

Can you imagine plasma escaping from the Sun, travelling through the solar system, passing through other planets before reaching the Earth, then the Earths magnetic fields protect the Earth's daytime surface forcing the plasma swing around then the plasma hooks on the Earths poles.  Tah da!

As to what I would do once I got their, I think wait and watch, collect my thoughts.  It's known that the Aurora Borealis, is not a guarantee.  The night temperature can drop to -40, during the winter months Norwegians live in darkness, the sun doesn't even rise.  I could drive a snowmobile, go on a husky sleigh ride.  Drink hot Coco to keep me warm and feel relaxed to be in this magical place.

I hope you have enjoyed my Bucket List.  The World is such a beautiful place and it's enormous too. Its puzzling to think new sights and habitats are still being discovered all the time.

Where would you like to go? Please do tell, what's your hearts desire?
Remember you can enter this fabulous competition too, write a post with your top 3 Bucket List destinations.

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