Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The launch of Samsung's new SMART TV KIDS CLUB, Including Hopster a fantastic new childrens channel

Myself and the boys were invited Maggie and Rose in Kensington last week.  I love going to Kensington its a trip down memory lane for us, as I used to live only a 10 minute walk from Maggie and Rose, I never knew it existed.  We attended the launch of Samsung's new SMART TV KIDS CLUB.

Included is a new Channel, 'Hopster', a delightful channel dedicated to tots, that right our little people, U-rated for preschoolers via Samsung Smart Hub. With 1000s of hours to view of children's TV, kids will be spoiled for choice.  Also other exciting channels are included the likes of CBEEBES, Milkshake! and CITV.  Makes great viewing on your Wide Screen Samsung TV.

Hopster has a wide variety of programs suitable for children between the ages 2-6.  It is super easy to use and view any of the shows, even for little fingers.  It has a couple of extras too, young children like to explore, push buttons to see what happens, they learn by trial and error.

Over the last few years, technology has changed and is continually evolving.  When I was grown-up I would rush home from school, then sit wide eyed in front of our one and only television to watch children's TV for a couple of hours.  Nowadays there are many different ways to watch television, there are many providers, some companies offers a huge selection children channels for all ages, solely dedicated to children but if you do not register/subscribe you are not going to be able to watch theses shows, also most are unsuitable for a younger audience, a lot of channels are aimed at older children, 7+ then teenagers, a whole manner of strange cartoons. 

Hopster is child friendly, its programs our for the younger generation, so little eyes and ears see no evil or hear no evil, there's no violence, no oddities, there is no online interaction with anyone else, no chat-rooms or forums.  Its very safe to use, even if your children are out of sight, you can be safe in the knowledge that only children's TV can be watched, unlike YouTube, Netflix, Amazon and any other Internet provided.

Hopster updates with a new array programs on a regular bases. We have just celebrated Easter, Hopster showed a whole range of children's entertainment featuring 'Easter as topic' and they will continue to feature seasonal programs throughout the year.  Also once a week there will be a featured cartoon.  Kids can choose this or select different programs. 

Its cheaper then the other online subscriptions just £3.99 per month.  You can register upto 5 devices (including smart TV) at one a time to your registration.  Even IF YOU DON'T HAVE A SAMSUNG SMART TV, Hopster can be added to ANY OTHER device.  All can be running simultaneously, were the users can all watch different programs, no more squabbling who watches what.  If you no longer want the service, you can cancel immediately, its rolling, no contract.

I also like that fact that some of the programs can be down loaded to watched at a later date, prefect if you are on the go, travelling by car, train and even plane where you do not have access to Wi-Fi. Press the Blue Plastic Bag character, there is a list of some of the shows, click the show you want to download.  It doesn't take long, I would suggest make sure your device is linked to Wi-Fi.

So what are you waiting for, Hopster is currently offering a 7 day free trial for their service.  Enjoy and Happy Viewing!  

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