Friday, 17 April 2015

Splash proof, protect your smart phone, Reviveaphone Splash proof Review and competition

Everyone has a mobile phone, mostly smart phones these days.  Our mobile phones are not cheap and to most people these remarkable little gadgets contain our entire life.  Sometimes we lose them, drop them, break them and even drown them.

I have murdered two smart phones, one to the bath and one to the toilet.  I can remember as clear as day both situations.  Thankfully with today's technology focusing on our love of gadgets, innovation is continually changing evolving.  If something like that ever happens again my mobile phone will be protected.

Oliver Murphy The man behind has managed to crack the code and come up with a solution, he has invented an actual 'solution' its a spray on resistant coating for smart phones.  Oliver then appeared on the Dragons Den to show, showing the Dragon how this new technology works and of course he went on the show to look for an investor.

He obviously made a 'Splash' with Dragons Den Kelly Hoppen as she stumped up £50K, the investment he wanted.  How fantastic is this.  Over night Oliver had become techie sensation. He has turned his company around.  It's all still new and feels a little surreal for him.  Sales figures have rocketed from £1,000 each month to £20,000 almost overnight.

The Splash Proof contains the following:
A small bottle of the Splash solution spray
A plastic scraper
A buffer cloth
and the instructions 


I have been sent my very own kit box to review... I have to say I was very dubious at first.  I am sure you are feeling this too but, I feel safe in the knowledge, the spray has been tested, you just need to trust yourself to use it properly, it's proven to work.

So here goes!  -  Clean your device with the buffer cloth, open all ports, spray the solution over the openings, ports and buttons. If you can expose the battery area, spray the solution all over the back of your phones battery area and the ports of the battery. Spray these areas three times. Then leave it to dry for 5-10 minutes.  The solution is x10 thinner then a strand of hair, it will dry quick.  Use the plastic scraper to smooth over the surface and scrap off any residue and buff with cloth.  Thereafter your phone will water resistant.  That means it can get wet, if you drop in the sink it will be fine but I wouldn't take it swimming.

Carphone Warehouse will be stocking and selling this kit soon, currently Splash proof is available to purchase on the Reviveaphone Splash  website at £17.99.     

Now for anyone feeling lucky, there is a competition running to win your own Splash proof kit.  So what are you waiting for, get involved.

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