Monday, 13 April 2015

Pooch & Mutt DIGESTION & WIND dog food review

Hello everyone, this is for all the doggy lovers and owners, I know I have a few of you.  For those of you who are unaware I have too have a dog.  Tyson, he is a long dog, a Lurcher, a Dalmatian, Greyhound cross.  He is only 3 years old, thats a fully grown adult dog in doggy years.

Last week Tyson has been kindly sent some dog food and treats from Pooch & Mutt.  It's a Premium Award winning dog food brand.  There are 5 varieties of dog food available.  Each type is slightly different however the varieties offer the eater the best suitable nutritional dog food they require.

Pooch & Mutt's ethics to is make the best dog food without wheat, corn, rice, beef, cereal, all gluten, soya and dairy products.  As these ingredients can have an affect to our dogs digestive system.  Pooch & Mutt also use the best products they can source locally i.e. British ingredients.  There food is free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. 

Priory to the food being sent, I was asked a little bit about Tyson.  I explained he is a very healthy dog, young, active too, however he does get 'farty' and they can stink to high heaven. Not that he is bothered.  Pooch & Mutt kindly sent me a 2kg bag of their DIGESTION & WIND dog food and a packet of their treats.  This has been made with 45% Salmon, Probiotics and Prebiotics, Parsley, Sweet potato and charcoal. Sounds good enough for me too eat, Yum!

Tyson went nuts before the bag was even opened, jumping at me, he knew the bag was for him. When I opened the bag, the smell was very strong, I got a fishy, spinach aroma, it really smells fresh, obviously very appealing to Tyson's sense of smell.

I have always fed Tyson dried food.  I suggest make sure to read how much you need to feed your dog.  Tyson is a large dog approx 35kg, I should be feeding him 360g day. He gets 120g x3 times a day.  Less when I am mixing in human food, he will also be given tinned oily fish twice a week.  To be honest he does eat a lot of human food.  He is like a dustbin, he is given all the left overs, this could explain the bad smells he produces.

The difference between his regular dog food and Pooch & Mutt, their food feels lighter (I noticed one whole cup of his old dog is 120g.  A cup of Pooch & Mutt is approx. 85g, the old dog food is more dense), its a richer brown, even greenish colour, I am used to seeing lighter brown dog food.  I also try my best to keep his food fresh with Pooch & Mutt that fresh smell continues until the end of the bag, its fabulous.

Right: Old Food - Left: Pooch & Mutt

Tyson can be fussy if he doesn't like a brand he wont eat it, on this occasion he has lapped-up every tasty kibbly bit.  The treats seem to be just as good, my kids love telling Tyson to sit for treats.  These are all low calorie, wheat-free, hand-baked. Very cute looking little bones.

Pooch & Mutt is more expensive then standard supermarket brands.  2kg bag is £13.99 or 8kg is £41.99  However the ingredients, isn't bargain bucket, its not bulked up, like most other dog food brand.  Its a brand that is caring for our doggies.

Must of all its done as it says on the packaging, I am impressed.  Tyson's mega farts explosions have practically stopped.  It is true dogs can be wheat and grain intolerant.  Maybe this is what is causing my pooch to be gassy.

If you are interested in purchasing Pooch & Mutt but you are unsure which food to buy, as all of their products are functional to help with specific problems dogs may have. For example itching, calming, oral hygiene, puppies, training and older dogs to name a few.  Please contact Pooch & Mutt via their Social media sites, they are on hand for great advise.  Twitter: @poochandmutt & Facebook: FB Pooch & Mutt

Thank you Pooch & Mutt for the experience, I hadn't heard of your brand before, its great to see a brand that is as caring as you.  Its definitely the best dog food on the market I have come across. 

If you do become a customer, there is a rewards program, all packaging has Pooch Points, these can be used to get free products and merchandise.  I love the jumpers!

Thank you, don't be shy, come and say Hi!

Disclaimer this is an unsponsored post.