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My music love affair, Dr Costas Karageorghis explaining the benefit of exercise and Music #CurrysMonsterMashUp


I was recently invited to a talk with Dr Costas Karageorghis to hear the benefits from running with music.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend.

However this is something very close to my heart. 

I have a huge love for music, I listen to all music genres however my preference is anything dance.  I grow up in the 80's I adore synthesizer sounds, then in the 90's my body and mind exploded in the dance scene.  Anyone who really knows me, is fully aware I will always be shaking my ass on the dance floor.  I'm not talking any foot tapping, hip jigging stuff.  I'm doing a one woman freak show, I'm talking arms swinging out, legs bopping about, my body does some funky moves to the right beats and I'm not shy.  I love a good rave-up. 

In the 2000s I was introduced to Trance and Hard-House.  The clubs would be a cloud of heat, so many sweaty bodies surrounding me.  The music would wash over me, its so much faster, some beautiful piano riffs and excellent sexy vocals, all synchronized to an electronic orchestra banging hard break beats.   I can only describe some of these tracks as synthesized orchestra.

During this time, I was a massive gym bunny, going to the gym at least 4 times a week, mostly attending classes, Body Combat and Body Pump, the music used for the Body Combat had a lot of influence from the dance scene, fast tempos, quick changes, the choreography really fitted the fast cardiac workout.  The music enhanced the classes, the atmosphere in the gym rooms would be electric, everyone working in synergy.  Its true music is better then any drug.

Its been a while since I have been to a gym, however my love for music will never die.  There are a few hardhouse tracks that actually do something to me.  The hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, I get a tingly sensations all over my body and goosebumps.

Its the natural endorphins going mental, its the only way I can explain this.  I few weeks ago I started jogging again.  I have a couple of essentials I need to bring with me, one is my very old iPod. I have had it since 2006 Its still going on strong. Its crammed with all the music I love.  I would be lost without it, for a fact I cant go jogging without it.  I'm in another place when I can hear the music.  While jogging I mostly listen to Hard-house, its pushes me that little bit more to go further and even faster.  I feel like a champion!

I tend to jog on and off, recently started jogging again a week before my kids broke-up for their Easter holidays, it was thanks to a friend of mine another mum, she invited me to go with her one morning.  It was all I needed for a little bit of motivation.  However in the school holidays its impossible for me to go jogging so I ended-up have a 2 week break.  As soon as the  kids returned to school I started jogging again and felt so proud of myself.   The same mum had mentioned she hadn't been since the kids returned, she found her jogs a little boring.  I asked her if she listened to music.  She doesn't.  I've told her to give it a go, to see if this improves for jogs.   

So I was greatly annoyed I couldn't attend Dr Costas Karageorghis talk.  I am sure that little endorphins are released while we do exercise and matching this feeling to the right music causes an absolute rush! Enhances these feelings we have.

The event was led with a keynote speech from Dr Costas Karageorghis, head of the Music in Sport research group at Brunel University in West London.

Dr Costas Karageorghis confirmed that Music increases exercise endurance by up to 15%.  Brunel research here.  Music can pump us up, distractions from negative feelings, pushes us to our limited.

The session was very informative, Lauren Karl, a personal trainer from KB Personal Training, ran a quick warm up and down session with the bloggers. Followed by an overview of sports nutrition.

Dr Costas Karageorghis also worked with the bloggers that attended creating a new playlist to help them enhance their work out. View the entire playlist and listen to the tracks here.  Its great upbeat playlist, some lovely tracks.  I wouldn't have chosen these track personally.

However every jogger, running knows how important it is to use the right equipment.  Looking for the optimum sounds. The bloggers got to play with the Monster iSport entire new range.  I have to say their headphones do look rather impressive.  If you would like more information, you can catch-up with the talk here.   Also a have a look for  #CurrysMonsterMashUp to catch up with the blogger who did attend.

Here are a few quotes from Dr Costas Karageorghis:

·    “A well-designed playlist will optimise your mental state for the various segments of a running workout – mental preparation, warm up, steady state, etc.”

·    “Sometimes during a run, your body will be screaming ‘STOP’ but some well-chosen tunes can help you to temporarily ignore that stop sign.” 

·    “Always think carefully about your music choices. Ideally, the music should create imagery in your mind that is motivational or inspiring. Such imagery is likely to give you greater staying power during your run. One of the distinct powers of music is that it can provide a ‘superhighway’ to positive memories, images and associations.” 

·    “When synching your stride rate to the beat of the music, you can increase the intensity of your run by raising the music tempo by one or two BPMs beyond your ‘comfort zone’. This will increase your stride rate with the notable additional benefit that the difference in effort will be almost imperceptible.”

·    “A motivational running playlist can help to 'colour' the symptoms of running-related fatigue, like burning lungs and a beating heart, so that such symptoms are interpreted in a more positive manner. This is why your choice of music may have a strong bearing on how long you adhere to a running programme.”

··    “Music selection is a very personal thing and both the nature of the physical activity and its intensity need to be taken into consideration – one person’s music is often another person’s noise!”

    Taking this last quote in mind, one of my favourite running albums is:
 Best track is 44minutes in -  K90s - Red Snapper (its electric). 

   Do you like to run with music? Whats your favourite track? 
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