Saturday, 4 April 2015

Kinder Surprise Easter Eggs... We can't wait for Easter tomorrow

Its Easter tomorrow, I have 2 very excited boys... I am sure they will grow-up be chocolate connoisseurs when they are older, as chocolate is a priority to them.

All the way back in February, actually it was 9th February to be precise, I popped in to my local Co-Op for toilet roll as you do.  I told the boys they could have a treat, so we we're looking down the sweet aisle, I spotted a few Kinder Surprise Easter Eggs.  I am awful I can not help myself but impulse buy.  As there was not many of Kinder Eggs on the shelf, only about 6 in total. I grabbed 2 blue ones.  They stated 'Find a fantastic Batman Surprise inside', I hate to point this out, that's has spoiled the surprise... Oops just saying!

When I got to the till, the chap serving me announced £17.50, I almost died on the spot, I was trying to calculate in my head, toilet paper, eggs and couple of cheap sweets.  With Liam standing next to me with the biggest grin slapped on his face.  I knew it was the Easter Eggs, they were £6 each.  Now do I put them back and suffer the torture of being the meanest mum in the World, with a screaming  hissing fit all the way, actually it could be worst or do I pay the man and look all smiley.  While feeling I have been robber in broad daylight, I went for the latter.  All I could say was £12 for 2 Easter eggs all the way home, with surprised wide eyes.

I have had these wallet busting Kinders on the kitchen side for bloody ages now.  I'll be honest I didn't even know when Easter was when I brought them.  What I do know, is I have wanted to buy the boys Kinder Easter Eggs for years, I have never seen them available in their lifetime.  So in fairness that's another good reason to keep.  I'm trying to justify my actions here.  I am fully aware there is the super fantastic Batman toy inside, I am sure they will be worth it.

The Co-op had sold out of the other Kinder Easter Eggs by the following day.  Out of curiosity I have Googled to see if I can buy them anywhere else.  Only Ebay at about £12 a pop.  Well, I feel much better now, knowing them they doubled in price.

I wonder if the boys will share any of there wonderful tasty Kinders with me tomorrow! I doubt it haha

HAPPY EASTER, I hope everyone has a lovely holiday, filled with love, chocolate and loved-ones.

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