Sunday, 5 April 2015

GAME Skylanders Trap Team Club, 1st Birthday at Hamleys

By chance I came across Fun Kids I was looking for fun things to do in London over Easter (Oh I should mention this is a great music and event site for kids).  They mentioned a party taking place at London's Number Toy Store, actually the most famous Toy Store in the World, HamleysGAME were having a 1st Birthday bash for their Skylanders Club, celebrating their rewards program for Skylanders fans! 1 year old this week.

Anyone could join in the celebrations, I thought why not, lets go and see what awaits us.  It was Saturday, 4th April from 11am - 2pm.  So armed with two very excited sons off to London we went. 

Everyone knows Hamleys is HUGE! When we arrived, we were greeted by happy staff.  

No mention of Skylanders Party anywhere near the entrance, with my mummy's intuition I headed to the basement, the GAME Store is in house situated on the lower ground floor.  It must of been the quietest part in the store. Don't get me wrong there were lots of families and children here but I could actually move around.  James and Liam left me for dust, dumping their bags and ran off with wide eyes.

We were in Skylander Trap Team Heaven, figurines everywhere.  I was greeted by the GAME team all wearing their very fabulous Skylanders t-shirts.  We arrived just in time, everyone was in the party spirit.  Skylander bunting, flags, posters, balloons were all about us... We had arrived at the PARTY!

Smack bang in the middle a huge Television and Xbox Games console taking pride and place on the wall.  Lots of children taking turns.

We had music blurring out, some great tunes being spin by Jamie from Fun Kids on his decks.

Much to Liam's delight he found the mini Skylanders, we've never seen such a huge selection. He was very happy playing on the mini screen alone.... for ages!!!

What does every birthday have... CAKE! A huge Skylanders cake was rolled out, we all had a slice.

If you fancied your hand at colouring in there were lots of Skylander Characters to choose from too.  I bet you know who these ones are?

Lucky for us the 1st 100 arrivals were given a goody bag, we were lucky as arrived at just after 12. I bagged the last 2 bags.  Each goody bag had a super Skylanders Universe Magazine, a picture to colour in, a Trap Team poster, an Easter Card from Kaos, a couple of Kids Fun stickers and best of all a Traptanium Crystal Trap.

Thank you kindly GAME & Hamleys.

Before I knew of this event, I had never hear of The GAME Skylanders Trap Team Club.  A very nice sales assistant explained the reward program to me.

Joining their Skylanders Trap Team Club, you well get all the perks of the GAME Reward program along with exclusive Skylanders Trap Team Club.  You can get exclusive limited editions gifts, stickers, trading cards depending on how much you purchase. Also discounts and access to special offers.

All I needed to do was spend £9.99.  Well that was very easy.  The boys had a budget to spend of £30, their Easter money.   They could pick anything they wanted.  They decided together as they share everything.  They picked a Skylanders Trap Team minis pack, with Bop & Terrabite and the Minecraft game for the Xbox.  They have been playing the iPad app for months now.

Super fantastic we got an extra bonus, because we joined during the Easter holidays we received a Easter Gift pack; this contained the Springtime Trigger Happy Swapforces figurine, a Mini Gill Grunt also a Water Trap with Outlaw Brawl & Chain Villain captured inside.

Me and the boys had a lovely afternoon at Hamleys.  I am very happy I took them along.  We only looked in our gift bags on the tube journey home.  They love the Skylander Universe Magazine, it came with a free toy this kept them entertained.  They were so excited to get home thou.  That whole thought of getting home and playing with their new toys.  Once indoors the Xbox went on, I didn't see nor hear them for hours.

Good bye from us, don't be shy, come and say Hi!
Disclaimer: We went to London