Friday, 3 April 2015

Driving would be a dream come true! I need 2nd Time Lucky in my life

Sometimes life can be a bitch, it throws obstacles at you, for whatever reason you may have missed out a life changing opportunity or maybe you missed out on making someone else happy for special occasion.  If you could turn back the hands of time and take a 2nd chance at something, anything, what would you choose?  Ocean Finance have a fabulous competition running at the moment, offering just this.  They are some great entries but if you have a story and think this is for you, get involved go for it 2nd Time Lucky.

This made me think about my past and yes, I have my own story to tell.  I don't have too many regrets about my life.  When I was younger I didn't think about my future, I worked for the moment not for my future, tomorrow is another day.  I had this type of attitude.  My regret is I can not drive, I will be 40 next year, my life had flashed before my eyes.  Its an opportunity that passed me by in my early twenties.   I started a course of lessons and never took more.  Until 3 years ago I never had the need too drive so I didn't regret putting this as a priority back then!

When I was 18 I fell in love, we were both career minded people, we worked hard and we wanted nice things now.  Life was about money, money, money.  At 21 we brought a house and had to start from scratch, it needed furniture, we needed a car as he drove.  Everything was moving fast. I fell pregnant, we started to plan our wedding.  That's when I took a course of driving lessons.

We got married, its wasn't a big do, we hired a function room in a pub, invited family and close friends.  We made the food with help from my wonderful mum, we hired one of those portable Disc Jockey discos. We stuck £300 behind the bar, that was enough to buy all our guests drinks.  We never had a honeymoon.  Its wasn't about a big lavish commitment just about being happy.

At the time I worked my butt off, I would leave for work at 7am and get home at 9pm.  We had so much to pay for, including all the Hire Purchase stuff, everything was brought on credit, a multi CD changer for his car, (honestly boys toys, I got bought it. I didn't even drive), the car it self and the mortgage, DFS sofa that cost 3K, other furniture, it had been purchased on finance.  Our second year in our home our mortgage payments had doubled, almost tripled.  We had the first year at a capped rate, thereafter it was a variable rate, big mistake, the interest rates kept raising and raising every month.

I was 25 when we broke-up.  We had spent the last couple of years, trying to keep our heads above water.  Every day had been a struggle.  Now single, it was impossible to go back home to my dad, I did for a bit but moved out as soon as I found my feet. 

I had always lived and worked in London and most of all always been independent.  My life changed, my career changed.  I managed to pay off all the loans, credit cards and hire purchase bills.  Rebuild myself, during this time I had moved so many times all over London.

I had always relied on public transport, that isn't cheap either. Traveling on London Underground, buses, night buses, getting from A to B, was a necessity.  Living in London is comfortable, it is a city that doesn't sleep.  However to own a car would of been a luxury I could never of afforded it.  Having that stumble block of having to pass my test, its always been on the back burner.

Over the years life has been eventful, I have my own family now, two beautiful sons.  I found their dad, a Hertfordshire man.  Even thou I manager to get him to move to London for a few years, he couldn't bear it.  So 3 years ago all four of us moved to Hertfordshire.  My youngest at the time was still in arms.

I still have to depend on the local transport service but we are so restricted, 2 buses an hour if I'm lucky, they don't always stick to the timetable.  For example this Easter Weekend their are no trains services into London.  There's a rail replacement bus service, which is impossible to travel on when I traveling with both boys and bags.  I would love the opportunity to learn to drive. Its definitely a life changer for me.  It would make me independent again in my new surroundings, I could take my family away, see friends and family and go further a field.  My boyfriend would love a drink on night out and leave the driving to me I am sure of that.

Don’t forget if you have a story, check out Ocean Finance website and enter their competition.  Good luck everyone.  I hope your dreams come true!

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