Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Canapies, Gourmet Mini pies, packing greatest. From Square Pie. The Review

I have been sent a couple of boxes of delicious treats, from Square Pie last week.  They kindly sent me some a few boxes from their new range 'Canapies'.  

Square Pie is the brain child of Martin Dewey, Martin started his business in the summer of 2001, come November he set up a successful stall in Spitalfields Market.  Word of mouth has seen the company’s reputation grow very quickly.  He now has brunches in both London Westfield centers, Bluewater and the Excel building.  Soon a restaurants will be opening in London and Birmingham. 

Martin, wanted to create a pie that he could be proud to call British and now branded as such these pies are real, wholesome food, made using high quality natural ingredients including meat sourced from British and Irish farms, made with no artificial additives or hydrogenated fats not even tricks like adding extra sugar to avoid fat.  The Canapies are smaller then their standard pies but gourmet pies never the less, great for lunch, dinner or even a cheeky snack.  They are sold four in a box.

The Canapies come in 4 delicious flavours: 
Steak & Ale
Chicken & mushroom
Cheese & Onion (v)
Sweet Potato & Goat’s Cheese (v)
If you’re not near a Square Pie shop you can now get your hands on them from Ocado and most London Tesco stores. Canapies cost £3.79 for four 60g pies. Find out more at

The day ours arrived you can say I went Canapies mad.  It was lunch time, we were in the school holidays, 3 hungry tummies, I popped the Cheese and Onion ones in the oven.  The cooking instructions say 10-12 mins Gas mark 4.  I left them in the oven for another 10 minutes, until the pastry puffed up and tanned.   The smells coming out of the kitchen were awesome, cheese and onion wafting in the air.  James couldn't wait to get stuck in, to be honest nor could I.

The Canapies are perfect for little mouths (and big mouths too), the Cheese and Onions are filled more then halfway, the pastry is flaky and crumbles in the mouth.  Great flavours, creamy cheese and not too much onion.  James liked the Cheese and Onions the most.  He was very disappointed when they were gone.

For dinner we all shared the BBQ Bourbon Beef and the Steak and Ale Canapies.  Firstly James was upset that we had not more Cheese and Onion, he isn't a vegetarian but seems to of really liked them. 

Once he tasted the BBQ Bourbon Beef (my favourite) he was pleased, these little meat pies were moist, clearly little pieces of carrot and spring onion can be seen and tasted, very moreish.  Full of flavour, even getting hints of BBQ Bourbon, a little sweet.

Daddy adored the Steak and Ale, these mini pies were full to the brim, packed with juicy real meat, the sauce creamy and rich, very nice indeed.  Liam is my hoover is loved all of them.    

The range has tasty flavours to suit all the family.  The flavours are always changing too.  These pies are fresh,  they have a short shelf life, however they can be frozen to lock the freshness in.  Either cooked from fresh or frozen, a great bargain at £3.79 a box.

So what are you having for lunch or dinner? 

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Disclaimer: this is an un sponsored post, I was sent these Canapies for a honest review.