Sunday, 26 April 2015

Back in time for Dinner, thank the heavens for a Panasonic Fridge Freezer, Its futuristic

I have been watching Back in time for Dinner, its been fascinating.  It showcased the Robshaws family living through the generations of time. It started off in the 1950s, each day represents one year.

The Robshaws had their actual home adapted to replica the times they were living in (only down stairs, the communal living area and the kitchen).   Every way that they were used to living has been throw out of the window as they turn back the hands of time and embrace history.

They start at The 1950s, post the 2nd World War era, life was truly a different in the UK.  The kitchen area is a very basic room.  No electric time saving gadgets either.  Mrs Robshaw would be the home maker, she would have to go shopping a few times a week, for milk, bread, everyday essentials.  Then the fridge hadn't been invented yet, food would be kept in the larder or pantry.  A small cold cupboard in the kitchen, with a few shelves.

In the 50s they ate a lot of bread and dripping, that would be the fat/lard and some of the meat juices left from the Sunday roast.  Mr Robshaw has an allotment he'd bring back seasonal fruit, salad and vegetables.  Apart from that Mr Robshaw didn't really contribute in the kitchen area. Most evenings he didn't even eat his meals with the family.

The entire series had made great viewing, traveling through the hands of time. Not only does it show the birth of the microwave, soda-stream, its showed the revolution of the fridge, this exploded on scene in 1962, this made a massive impact in unhooking women all around the world from their kitchen posts.

The series also gives an insight how the average woman was perceived through the years, their role in society changed so much in 50 years.  Mostly women kept house, as time moved on the women would be expected to work too, the 80s showed women in full time jobs and keeping house, the series really highlighted quick cooking around the era, the TV dinner was here to stay,  back then food was made quickly without much nutritionally value.

Nowadays we are lucky, we have awesome technology and we have an abundance of choice in foods, for myself as a mum, I do want to be able to offer my children the best.  When I was growing up my mum stayed home, we were very fortunate, we had a fresh meals, she shopped at the local food market only 5 minutes away and it's still there today, selling seasonal fruits and vegetables. North End Road Market in Fulham.  My mum has always cooked from scratch every meal. It's always been an important factor in my life. 

I am going to return to work soon,  this series has really made me think about my future.  I am wondering how am going to fit it all in. Get all the daily chores done, the cooking, laundry, washing-up, I'm forever standing at the blasted sink washing the dishes, then there's the ironing, helping with the kids homework every night, walking the dog and hopefully earning a crust too.  

No-one told me how complicated being parent, homemaker would be. There does not seem to be enough hours in my day to fit everything in. Even now it's impossible to see the bottom of my laundry basket. 

My sons can eat and eat, they are always hungry and growing so much.  They enjoy fresh food, home cooked meals with a splash of junk thrown in for a treat.  I have been thinking how on earth can I make my life better for our future, without cutting corners.  I am not a ready meals type of person.  I am fully aware it's going to be impossible not to be chained to the kitchen every night.  I have come up with a solution to make my life easier, I have to make my kitchen evolve with the times.  I need a bigger fridge freezer the American style type. 

I adore the smooth finish of the Panasonic Freezers, everything has a place inside too, it is beautifully finished.  The plan is to cook larger meals and freeze half, lock in the goodness.  Then I will defrost during the day and heat-up in the evening.  There are plenty shelves, meaning shopping can be less frequent that's a time saver too.  These units have so much storage.  Lots of chilling compartments, even a water dispenser, fresh cold water at ones fingers tips would be a dream come true.  These Fridge Freezers are quite too, no humming.  The Panasonic Freezers have fantastic seals, locking the coldness inside and not wasting energy.  This would make a great family essential.    

What would you like to make your life easier in the kitchen?
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