Thursday, 30 April 2015

Transun Bucket List Competition - Fancy winning a once in the lifetime holiday to see the Northern Lights?

Fancy winning a once in the lifetime holiday to see the Northern Lights?  I bet you do, seeing the Northern Lights has always been on my Bucket List too.  Feel free to enter the competition, the details are here: Transun Bucket List Competition _- (You need to write about your top 3 getaway destinations) but hurry it Ends at Midnight tonight!

I have always had a close connection with travel well my family has, My Granddad owned a General Tours Travel agency in Park Lane, My older sister was an Air Hostess.  My Dad (Born in the UK) did plenty of travelling in his hay day, he went to South American in the early 70s, I think he was on the Trail of Howard Marks (or something similar).  He made it to Bolivia were he was suppose to meet a connection there. He went to the wrong place and met my mum.  My mum lived in a small town, Cochabamba.  The word got a around that there was a Western there.  My dad got himself arrested (he was carrying a lot of money), Bolivians were known for being peasants.  He ended up spending 30 days in prison and my mum visited him everyday.  They fell in love, he bought her back to the UK!

Without even having to think twice, at the top of my Bucket List is to go the birthland of my mum; Bolivia, I want to travel around take-in as much as possible and go thou Peru visit the land of Incas.  Ever since I can remember my mum has spoken to me about the Incas, their history, the way the Spanish took the land and stole all the Inca artifacts and took so much gold.  She has always said she has Inca blood, her mother tongue is Quechua, the language the Inca people spoke.  The Bolivians believe in myths, magic, they worship the Moon and the Sun Gods and Mother Earth, they would sacrifice people and animals, having to appease Mother Earth and the Gods.   I want to explore, this beautiful, yet strange land.
I am also fascinated with Hiram Bingham, how he discovered Machu Picchu in 1911.  Its unbelievable that Machu Picchu survived the Spanish Conquest, all the riches of the finest Inca architecture preserved, I have never seen anything to beautiful.

My next choice is Las Vegas, that's right the city that never sleeps. I have obviously watched so many movies.  Maybe I am planned a casino heist, perhaps stealing Mike Tysons pet tiger or getting married at the Vegas Chapel of Love (Shhh don't tell the mister I have said that), but the thrill of Las Vegas has got me gripped.
The bright lights of the strip, The Show Girls, Matt Goss... Stop! That's a joke, Sorry Matt, I much prefer your ass kicking brother Luke. (I do love my films).  I would definitely visit the casinos, I love to gamble and having a flutter on the Fruit machine would be so much fun.  I'd be like Phoebe from Friends, walking around with my cup of change, hunting for that winning machine. 
Who knows? I always see it as a drunken scene something out of Lock stock, time moving fast, burning 50 dollars bills and drinking neat tequila shots, finding a club and dancing like a loon.

But seriously, Las Vegas has so much to offer.  I have also wanted to be a cow girl for the day, ride some horses and watch the Sunset in front a of  roaring fire.  Kick back and listen to everyone's cowboy stories, Las Vegas is perfectly situated in the middle of the Nevada desert for this.

Paris Las Vegas, Trevi Restaurant, New York-New York;
Photos credited to Mellissa Williams; The Diary of a Jewellery Lover

I would take a Helicopter tour from Las Vegas and fly over the Grand Canon.  The footage I have seen is breathe taking, the Canon is prehistoric even, nothing else can compare to this magnificent sight.  One of  The Seven Natural Wonders Of The World.

Back to this competition, I have always wanted to see the Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis (Another one of The Seven Natural Wonders Of The World).  I remember watching a program and being blown away by the lights in the sky, the North Pole is having a party, its own magical light show.

I'm not a scientist, so I have sourced a fantastic video that explains Aurora Borealis, be warned its incredible.   
Credit to: truemaskedwabbit - Trudi Kay Fisher, Planetary Science

Can you imagine plasma escaping from the Sun, travelling through the solar system, passing through other planets before reaching the Earth, then the Earths magnetic fields protect the Earth's daytime surface forcing the plasma swing around then the plasma hooks on the Earths poles.  Tah da!

As to what I would do once I got their, I think wait and watch, collect my thoughts.  It's known that the Aurora Borealis, is not a guarantee.  The night temperature can drop to -40, during the winter months Norwegians live in darkness, the sun doesn't even rise.  I could drive a snowmobile, go on a husky sleigh ride.  Drink hot Coco to keep me warm and feel relaxed to be in this magical place.

I hope you have enjoyed my Bucket List.  The World is such a beautiful place and it's enormous too. Its puzzling to think new sights and habitats are still being discovered all the time.

Where would you like to go? Please do tell, what's your hearts desire?
Remember you can enter this fabulous competition too, write a post with your top 3 Bucket List destinations.

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Monday, 27 April 2015

My music love affair, Dr Costas Karageorghis explaining the benefit of exercise and Music #CurrysMonsterMashUp


I was recently invited to a talk with Dr Costas Karageorghis to hear the benefits from running with music.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend.

However this is something very close to my heart. 

I have a huge love for music, I listen to all music genres however my preference is anything dance.  I grow up in the 80's I adore synthesizer sounds, then in the 90's my body and mind exploded in the dance scene.  Anyone who really knows me, is fully aware I will always be shaking my ass on the dance floor.  I'm not talking any foot tapping, hip jigging stuff.  I'm doing a one woman freak show, I'm talking arms swinging out, legs bopping about, my body does some funky moves to the right beats and I'm not shy.  I love a good rave-up. 

In the 2000s I was introduced to Trance and Hard-House.  The clubs would be a cloud of heat, so many sweaty bodies surrounding me.  The music would wash over me, its so much faster, some beautiful piano riffs and excellent sexy vocals, all synchronized to an electronic orchestra banging hard break beats.   I can only describe some of these tracks as synthesized orchestra.

During this time, I was a massive gym bunny, going to the gym at least 4 times a week, mostly attending classes, Body Combat and Body Pump, the music used for the Body Combat had a lot of influence from the dance scene, fast tempos, quick changes, the choreography really fitted the fast cardiac workout.  The music enhanced the classes, the atmosphere in the gym rooms would be electric, everyone working in synergy.  Its true music is better then any drug.

Its been a while since I have been to a gym, however my love for music will never die.  There are a few hardhouse tracks that actually do something to me.  The hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, I get a tingly sensations all over my body and goosebumps.

Its the natural endorphins going mental, its the only way I can explain this.  I few weeks ago I started jogging again.  I have a couple of essentials I need to bring with me, one is my very old iPod. I have had it since 2006 Its still going on strong. Its crammed with all the music I love.  I would be lost without it, for a fact I cant go jogging without it.  I'm in another place when I can hear the music.  While jogging I mostly listen to Hard-house, its pushes me that little bit more to go further and even faster.  I feel like a champion!

I tend to jog on and off, recently started jogging again a week before my kids broke-up for their Easter holidays, it was thanks to a friend of mine another mum, she invited me to go with her one morning.  It was all I needed for a little bit of motivation.  However in the school holidays its impossible for me to go jogging so I ended-up have a 2 week break.  As soon as the  kids returned to school I started jogging again and felt so proud of myself.   The same mum had mentioned she hadn't been since the kids returned, she found her jogs a little boring.  I asked her if she listened to music.  She doesn't.  I've told her to give it a go, to see if this improves for jogs.   

So I was greatly annoyed I couldn't attend Dr Costas Karageorghis talk.  I am sure that little endorphins are released while we do exercise and matching this feeling to the right music causes an absolute rush! Enhances these feelings we have.

The event was led with a keynote speech from Dr Costas Karageorghis, head of the Music in Sport research group at Brunel University in West London.

Dr Costas Karageorghis confirmed that Music increases exercise endurance by up to 15%.  Brunel research here.  Music can pump us up, distractions from negative feelings, pushes us to our limited.

The session was very informative, Lauren Karl, a personal trainer from KB Personal Training, ran a quick warm up and down session with the bloggers. Followed by an overview of sports nutrition.

Dr Costas Karageorghis also worked with the bloggers that attended creating a new playlist to help them enhance their work out. View the entire playlist and listen to the tracks here.  Its great upbeat playlist, some lovely tracks.  I wouldn't have chosen these track personally.

However every jogger, running knows how important it is to use the right equipment.  Looking for the optimum sounds. The bloggers got to play with the Monster iSport entire new range.  I have to say their headphones do look rather impressive.  If you would like more information, you can catch-up with the talk here.   Also a have a look for  #CurrysMonsterMashUp to catch up with the blogger who did attend.

Here are a few quotes from Dr Costas Karageorghis:

·    “A well-designed playlist will optimise your mental state for the various segments of a running workout – mental preparation, warm up, steady state, etc.”

·    “Sometimes during a run, your body will be screaming ‘STOP’ but some well-chosen tunes can help you to temporarily ignore that stop sign.” 

·    “Always think carefully about your music choices. Ideally, the music should create imagery in your mind that is motivational or inspiring. Such imagery is likely to give you greater staying power during your run. One of the distinct powers of music is that it can provide a ‘superhighway’ to positive memories, images and associations.” 

·    “When synching your stride rate to the beat of the music, you can increase the intensity of your run by raising the music tempo by one or two BPMs beyond your ‘comfort zone’. This will increase your stride rate with the notable additional benefit that the difference in effort will be almost imperceptible.”

·    “A motivational running playlist can help to 'colour' the symptoms of running-related fatigue, like burning lungs and a beating heart, so that such symptoms are interpreted in a more positive manner. This is why your choice of music may have a strong bearing on how long you adhere to a running programme.”

··    “Music selection is a very personal thing and both the nature of the physical activity and its intensity need to be taken into consideration – one person’s music is often another person’s noise!”

    Taking this last quote in mind, one of my favourite running albums is:
 Best track is 44minutes in -  K90s - Red Snapper (its electric). 

   Do you like to run with music? Whats your favourite track? 
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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Back in time for Dinner, thank the heavens for a Panasonic Fridge Freezer, Its futuristic

I have been watching Back in time for Dinner, its been fascinating.  It showcased the Robshaws family living through the generations of time. It started off in the 1950s, each day represents one year.

The Robshaws had their actual home adapted to replica the times they were living in (only down stairs, the communal living area and the kitchen).   Every way that they were used to living has been throw out of the window as they turn back the hands of time and embrace history.

They start at The 1950s, post the 2nd World War era, life was truly a different in the UK.  The kitchen area is a very basic room.  No electric time saving gadgets either.  Mrs Robshaw would be the home maker, she would have to go shopping a few times a week, for milk, bread, everyday essentials.  Then the fridge hadn't been invented yet, food would be kept in the larder or pantry.  A small cold cupboard in the kitchen, with a few shelves.

In the 50s they ate a lot of bread and dripping, that would be the fat/lard and some of the meat juices left from the Sunday roast.  Mr Robshaw has an allotment he'd bring back seasonal fruit, salad and vegetables.  Apart from that Mr Robshaw didn't really contribute in the kitchen area. Most evenings he didn't even eat his meals with the family.

The entire series had made great viewing, traveling through the hands of time. Not only does it show the birth of the microwave, soda-stream, its showed the revolution of the fridge, this exploded on scene in 1962, this made a massive impact in unhooking women all around the world from their kitchen posts.

The series also gives an insight how the average woman was perceived through the years, their role in society changed so much in 50 years.  Mostly women kept house, as time moved on the women would be expected to work too, the 80s showed women in full time jobs and keeping house, the series really highlighted quick cooking around the era, the TV dinner was here to stay,  back then food was made quickly without much nutritionally value.

Nowadays we are lucky, we have awesome technology and we have an abundance of choice in foods, for myself as a mum, I do want to be able to offer my children the best.  When I was growing up my mum stayed home, we were very fortunate, we had a fresh meals, she shopped at the local food market only 5 minutes away and it's still there today, selling seasonal fruits and vegetables. North End Road Market in Fulham.  My mum has always cooked from scratch every meal. It's always been an important factor in my life. 

I am going to return to work soon,  this series has really made me think about my future.  I am wondering how am going to fit it all in. Get all the daily chores done, the cooking, laundry, washing-up, I'm forever standing at the blasted sink washing the dishes, then there's the ironing, helping with the kids homework every night, walking the dog and hopefully earning a crust too.  

No-one told me how complicated being parent, homemaker would be. There does not seem to be enough hours in my day to fit everything in. Even now it's impossible to see the bottom of my laundry basket. 

My sons can eat and eat, they are always hungry and growing so much.  They enjoy fresh food, home cooked meals with a splash of junk thrown in for a treat.  I have been thinking how on earth can I make my life better for our future, without cutting corners.  I am not a ready meals type of person.  I am fully aware it's going to be impossible not to be chained to the kitchen every night.  I have come up with a solution to make my life easier, I have to make my kitchen evolve with the times.  I need a bigger fridge freezer the American style type. 

I adore the smooth finish of the Panasonic Freezers, everything has a place inside too, it is beautifully finished.  The plan is to cook larger meals and freeze half, lock in the goodness.  Then I will defrost during the day and heat-up in the evening.  There are plenty shelves, meaning shopping can be less frequent that's a time saver too.  These units have so much storage.  Lots of chilling compartments, even a water dispenser, fresh cold water at ones fingers tips would be a dream come true.  These Fridge Freezers are quite too, no humming.  The Panasonic Freezers have fantastic seals, locking the coldness inside and not wasting energy.  This would make a great family essential.    

What would you like to make your life easier in the kitchen?
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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Canapies, Gourmet Mini pies, packing greatest. From Square Pie. The Review

I have been sent a couple of boxes of delicious treats, from Square Pie last week.  They kindly sent me some a few boxes from their new range 'Canapies'.  

Square Pie is the brain child of Martin Dewey, Martin started his business in the summer of 2001, come November he set up a successful stall in Spitalfields Market.  Word of mouth has seen the company’s reputation grow very quickly.  He now has brunches in both London Westfield centers, Bluewater and the Excel building.  Soon a restaurants will be opening in London and Birmingham. 

Martin, wanted to create a pie that he could be proud to call British and now branded as such these pies are real, wholesome food, made using high quality natural ingredients including meat sourced from British and Irish farms, made with no artificial additives or hydrogenated fats not even tricks like adding extra sugar to avoid fat.  The Canapies are smaller then their standard pies but gourmet pies never the less, great for lunch, dinner or even a cheeky snack.  They are sold four in a box.

The Canapies come in 4 delicious flavours: 
Steak & Ale
Chicken & mushroom
Cheese & Onion (v)
Sweet Potato & Goat’s Cheese (v)
If you’re not near a Square Pie shop you can now get your hands on them from Ocado and most London Tesco stores. Canapies cost £3.79 for four 60g pies. Find out more at

The day ours arrived you can say I went Canapies mad.  It was lunch time, we were in the school holidays, 3 hungry tummies, I popped the Cheese and Onion ones in the oven.  The cooking instructions say 10-12 mins Gas mark 4.  I left them in the oven for another 10 minutes, until the pastry puffed up and tanned.   The smells coming out of the kitchen were awesome, cheese and onion wafting in the air.  James couldn't wait to get stuck in, to be honest nor could I.

The Canapies are perfect for little mouths (and big mouths too), the Cheese and Onions are filled more then halfway, the pastry is flaky and crumbles in the mouth.  Great flavours, creamy cheese and not too much onion.  James liked the Cheese and Onions the most.  He was very disappointed when they were gone.

For dinner we all shared the BBQ Bourbon Beef and the Steak and Ale Canapies.  Firstly James was upset that we had not more Cheese and Onion, he isn't a vegetarian but seems to of really liked them. 

Once he tasted the BBQ Bourbon Beef (my favourite) he was pleased, these little meat pies were moist, clearly little pieces of carrot and spring onion can be seen and tasted, very moreish.  Full of flavour, even getting hints of BBQ Bourbon, a little sweet.

Daddy adored the Steak and Ale, these mini pies were full to the brim, packed with juicy real meat, the sauce creamy and rich, very nice indeed.  Liam is my hoover is loved all of them.    

The range has tasty flavours to suit all the family.  The flavours are always changing too.  These pies are fresh,  they have a short shelf life, however they can be frozen to lock the freshness in.  Either cooked from fresh or frozen, a great bargain at £3.79 a box.

So what are you having for lunch or dinner? 

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The launch of Samsung's new SMART TV KIDS CLUB, Including Hopster a fantastic new childrens channel

Myself and the boys were invited Maggie and Rose in Kensington last week.  I love going to Kensington its a trip down memory lane for us, as I used to live only a 10 minute walk from Maggie and Rose, I never knew it existed.  We attended the launch of Samsung's new SMART TV KIDS CLUB.

Included is a new Channel, 'Hopster', a delightful channel dedicated to tots, that right our little people, U-rated for preschoolers via Samsung Smart Hub. With 1000s of hours to view of children's TV, kids will be spoiled for choice.  Also other exciting channels are included the likes of CBEEBES, Milkshake! and CITV.  Makes great viewing on your Wide Screen Samsung TV.

Hopster has a wide variety of programs suitable for children between the ages 2-6.  It is super easy to use and view any of the shows, even for little fingers.  It has a couple of extras too, young children like to explore, push buttons to see what happens, they learn by trial and error.

Over the last few years, technology has changed and is continually evolving.  When I was grown-up I would rush home from school, then sit wide eyed in front of our one and only television to watch children's TV for a couple of hours.  Nowadays there are many different ways to watch television, there are many providers, some companies offers a huge selection children channels for all ages, solely dedicated to children but if you do not register/subscribe you are not going to be able to watch theses shows, also most are unsuitable for a younger audience, a lot of channels are aimed at older children, 7+ then teenagers, a whole manner of strange cartoons. 

Hopster is child friendly, its programs our for the younger generation, so little eyes and ears see no evil or hear no evil, there's no violence, no oddities, there is no online interaction with anyone else, no chat-rooms or forums.  Its very safe to use, even if your children are out of sight, you can be safe in the knowledge that only children's TV can be watched, unlike YouTube, Netflix, Amazon and any other Internet provided.

Hopster updates with a new array programs on a regular bases. We have just celebrated Easter, Hopster showed a whole range of children's entertainment featuring 'Easter as topic' and they will continue to feature seasonal programs throughout the year.  Also once a week there will be a featured cartoon.  Kids can choose this or select different programs. 

Its cheaper then the other online subscriptions just £3.99 per month.  You can register upto 5 devices (including smart TV) at one a time to your registration.  Even IF YOU DON'T HAVE A SAMSUNG SMART TV, Hopster can be added to ANY OTHER device.  All can be running simultaneously, were the users can all watch different programs, no more squabbling who watches what.  If you no longer want the service, you can cancel immediately, its rolling, no contract.

I also like that fact that some of the programs can be down loaded to watched at a later date, prefect if you are on the go, travelling by car, train and even plane where you do not have access to Wi-Fi. Press the Blue Plastic Bag character, there is a list of some of the shows, click the show you want to download.  It doesn't take long, I would suggest make sure your device is linked to Wi-Fi.

So what are you waiting for, Hopster is currently offering a 7 day free trial for their service.  Enjoy and Happy Viewing!  

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Friday, 17 April 2015

@O2 Big Bundles Pay and Go Promotion

I have been an O2 customers for years, there deals just keep getting better.  They have some super 'Big Bundles for their Pay and Go customers.  All you need to do order one of their FREE Sims.  Once it arrived you can choose from a choice of packages:

£10 - 100 minutes, 500MB Data, 1000 texts, 3G

£15 - 200 minutes, 1 GB Data, 2000 texts, 4G ready

£20 - 400 minutes, 2 GB Data, 4000 texts, 4G ready 
Check them all out here the BIG BUNDLES 

Once you have ordered your FREE Sim, share their deals with your friends and you could win £1000 cash or a PS4 bundle.  The more you share, the better the chance of winning.

They top 5 referrers will each win £1,000 cash to help them live big. O2 will also pick 10 referrers at random to win one of 5 iPad Air 2s or 5 PS4 bundles.

Sounds awesome! Good Luck
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Splash proof, protect your smart phone, Reviveaphone Splash proof Review and competition

Everyone has a mobile phone, mostly smart phones these days.  Our mobile phones are not cheap and to most people these remarkable little gadgets contain our entire life.  Sometimes we lose them, drop them, break them and even drown them.

I have murdered two smart phones, one to the bath and one to the toilet.  I can remember as clear as day both situations.  Thankfully with today's technology focusing on our love of gadgets, innovation is continually changing evolving.  If something like that ever happens again my mobile phone will be protected.

Oliver Murphy The man behind has managed to crack the code and come up with a solution, he has invented an actual 'solution' its a spray on resistant coating for smart phones.  Oliver then appeared on the Dragons Den to show, showing the Dragon how this new technology works and of course he went on the show to look for an investor.

He obviously made a 'Splash' with Dragons Den Kelly Hoppen as she stumped up £50K, the investment he wanted.  How fantastic is this.  Over night Oliver had become techie sensation. He has turned his company around.  It's all still new and feels a little surreal for him.  Sales figures have rocketed from £1,000 each month to £20,000 almost overnight.

The Splash Proof contains the following:
A small bottle of the Splash solution spray
A plastic scraper
A buffer cloth
and the instructions 


I have been sent my very own kit box to review... I have to say I was very dubious at first.  I am sure you are feeling this too but, I feel safe in the knowledge, the spray has been tested, you just need to trust yourself to use it properly, it's proven to work.

So here goes!  -  Clean your device with the buffer cloth, open all ports, spray the solution over the openings, ports and buttons. If you can expose the battery area, spray the solution all over the back of your phones battery area and the ports of the battery. Spray these areas three times. Then leave it to dry for 5-10 minutes.  The solution is x10 thinner then a strand of hair, it will dry quick.  Use the plastic scraper to smooth over the surface and scrap off any residue and buff with cloth.  Thereafter your phone will water resistant.  That means it can get wet, if you drop in the sink it will be fine but I wouldn't take it swimming.

Carphone Warehouse will be stocking and selling this kit soon, currently Splash proof is available to purchase on the Reviveaphone Splash  website at £17.99.     

Now for anyone feeling lucky, there is a competition running to win your own Splash proof kit.  So what are you waiting for, get involved.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck and thank you for your time

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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

IntotheBlue Experiences and you can win your Wishlist upto £1000

Just incase you are not aware its National Experience Week, April the 13th to the 19th.  That means a week to try something new, go somewhere different, experience something exciting, challenging maybe even daring... How about going 'IntotheBlue'?

Sorry, I bet that hasn't made too much sense, 'IntotheBlue' is a fabulous Experience company, they have been making people happy since 1996, they offer a great selection experiences to suit everyone, for all occasions, daredevils, high flyers, cocktail makers, animal patters, whatever is your hearts desires, lots of see and do all based around the UK.

They are currently hosting a great competition, which is open to everyone in the UK.  Someone will win their wishlist.  That's right a wishlist made by you, upto the value of £1000.  Yucks its sounds fabulous, I want to win too.

Their competition is simple to enter, collect at lease two experiences and bank them on your wishlist.  You can choose as many as you want upto £1000  (You don't even register on their website) You submit your email address. You will get an email confirmation that your wish is banked. The email will look like this and you'll get one for each experience you have added to your wishlist >>>

I too liked this competition so much, I have entered myself (just to shown you how its done - I can not win).  I'm not a daredevil but I do like the highlife not that I can afford it.  Having children, my priorities tend to be spoiling them not me.  So taking advantage being able to do something nice and go anywhere I chose the following experiences.


Luxury Chocolate Making London
I love cooking, baking generally making a mess in the kitchen and delivering tasty food my family and friends.  However I have never actually made chocolates. Its sounds like a lovely experience. Also being able to take some home, that would be a treat to spoil my boys.

Beer Brewing Course Peak District
I chose this not for me but for my boyfriend, he has often spoken of making his own beer.  I figure if he is going to do this, I would like him to have guidance and not blowing up our shed or make some lethal moonshine.  With this experience not only would he get a lesson, he get to keep all the equipment too.

Murder on the British Pullman
The most prestige train in the UK, The British  Pullman, part of the Belmond group originally known as the Orient-Express Group.  Murder on the British Pullman, everyone on the train will catch glimpses of a potential crime. Thereafter a Murder is committed and everyone on board gets a chance to solve the mystery of 'Who dun it!'  This is not your standard train ride, its a high class affair.  Black tie, cocktail dresses, a sophisticated dinning experience too, cheers with champagne, yes please darlings.  I would love to go, the service on the Pullman is impeccable, food to die for, it's an experience I would talk about for the rest of my days.  I hope it's on your bucklist, it is mine.

Weekday Champagne Virgin Balloon Flight
Everyone talks about doing a Balloon flight even me. I have never met anyone that's done this thou.  I would take either my boyfriend or one of my sisters for a fun day out.  Something we can spend some quality time together, watch the world go by and afterwards we can say we did it!

Anyway enough about me and what I want to win, what do you want to WIN? You can get involved too, the full details are here: IntotheBlue #NationalExperienceWeek

The email you get back, will have a link, that will take you to your wishlist - Mine is below.  This competition will be running from 24/03/15 until the 23/04/15.


Once you have chosen your wishlist, you must share with the world on your social media networks, why you should win, either the experiences you've chosen, why you want to won, make sure to add the following
Twitter: @IntotheBlueUK 
Facebook: IntotheBlue Gift Vouchers

Good luck
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Monday, 13 April 2015

Pooch & Mutt DIGESTION & WIND dog food review

Hello everyone, this is for all the doggy lovers and owners, I know I have a few of you.  For those of you who are unaware I have too have a dog.  Tyson, he is a long dog, a Lurcher, a Dalmatian, Greyhound cross.  He is only 3 years old, thats a fully grown adult dog in doggy years.

Last week Tyson has been kindly sent some dog food and treats from Pooch & Mutt.  It's a Premium Award winning dog food brand.  There are 5 varieties of dog food available.  Each type is slightly different however the varieties offer the eater the best suitable nutritional dog food they require.

Pooch & Mutt's ethics to is make the best dog food without wheat, corn, rice, beef, cereal, all gluten, soya and dairy products.  As these ingredients can have an affect to our dogs digestive system.  Pooch & Mutt also use the best products they can source locally i.e. British ingredients.  There food is free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. 

Priory to the food being sent, I was asked a little bit about Tyson.  I explained he is a very healthy dog, young, active too, however he does get 'farty' and they can stink to high heaven. Not that he is bothered.  Pooch & Mutt kindly sent me a 2kg bag of their DIGESTION & WIND dog food and a packet of their treats.  This has been made with 45% Salmon, Probiotics and Prebiotics, Parsley, Sweet potato and charcoal. Sounds good enough for me too eat, Yum!

Tyson went nuts before the bag was even opened, jumping at me, he knew the bag was for him. When I opened the bag, the smell was very strong, I got a fishy, spinach aroma, it really smells fresh, obviously very appealing to Tyson's sense of smell.

I have always fed Tyson dried food.  I suggest make sure to read how much you need to feed your dog.  Tyson is a large dog approx 35kg, I should be feeding him 360g day. He gets 120g x3 times a day.  Less when I am mixing in human food, he will also be given tinned oily fish twice a week.  To be honest he does eat a lot of human food.  He is like a dustbin, he is given all the left overs, this could explain the bad smells he produces.

The difference between his regular dog food and Pooch & Mutt, their food feels lighter (I noticed one whole cup of his old dog is 120g.  A cup of Pooch & Mutt is approx. 85g, the old dog food is more dense), its a richer brown, even greenish colour, I am used to seeing lighter brown dog food.  I also try my best to keep his food fresh with Pooch & Mutt that fresh smell continues until the end of the bag, its fabulous.

Right: Old Food - Left: Pooch & Mutt

Tyson can be fussy if he doesn't like a brand he wont eat it, on this occasion he has lapped-up every tasty kibbly bit.  The treats seem to be just as good, my kids love telling Tyson to sit for treats.  These are all low calorie, wheat-free, hand-baked. Very cute looking little bones.

Pooch & Mutt is more expensive then standard supermarket brands.  2kg bag is £13.99 or 8kg is £41.99  However the ingredients, isn't bargain bucket, its not bulked up, like most other dog food brand.  Its a brand that is caring for our doggies.

Must of all its done as it says on the packaging, I am impressed.  Tyson's mega farts explosions have practically stopped.  It is true dogs can be wheat and grain intolerant.  Maybe this is what is causing my pooch to be gassy.

If you are interested in purchasing Pooch & Mutt but you are unsure which food to buy, as all of their products are functional to help with specific problems dogs may have. For example itching, calming, oral hygiene, puppies, training and older dogs to name a few.  Please contact Pooch & Mutt via their Social media sites, they are on hand for great advise.  Twitter: @poochandmutt & Facebook: FB Pooch & Mutt

Thank you Pooch & Mutt for the experience, I hadn't heard of your brand before, its great to see a brand that is as caring as you.  Its definitely the best dog food on the market I have come across. 

If you do become a customer, there is a rewards program, all packaging has Pooch Points, these can be used to get free products and merchandise.  I love the jumpers!

Thank you, don't be shy, come and say Hi!

Disclaimer this is an unsponsored post.   

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Jellybug the launch party at the rainforest Cafe, a new funky Preschool Channel

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to the Launch Party of JellyBug, on behalf Kiddy Charts.  I took my youngest son Liam to the launch of a new preschool channel 'JellyBug'.  Hand in hand we made our way into London, our destination the Rainforest Cafe.

It the first time I had ever been inside the Rainforest cafe.  The outside looks so inviting, the plush toys would wink at me as I walk past.  Now with Liam we arrived early and enter the store, its like a wild Jungle, with plush toy animals everywhere all of them cute and wanting homes, every little boys dream.

Liam lapped the shop a few times before we made it downstairs past the middle level where their beautiful cafe is situated and then the lower basement where the JellyBug team met us on our arrival.

When we arrived, we were greeted by the creative minds of JellyBug, Sarah Darling and Mr Weebl aka Jonti Picking, a husband and wife partnership.

Liam started his day with a spot of colouring, one of the wonderful Jellybugs posters, very pokemonish style of character.  We met Sarah and Jontis' daughter, she introduced herself as JELLYBUG!  She is actual voice of JellyBug, a bright and clued-up young lady indeed.

Everyone gathered around to watch the Jellybug channel.  Sarah explained a little about her history within the industry, working within animation, shes written for Sesame street, Cadburys, worked on other programs for teenagers, really all sorts of televised entertainment, also within radio too, having an evening slot on XFM.

JellyBug visually pops out at you, its fun way to connect with children of all ages and silly enough to connect with adults with like minded silliness too, everyone is entertained together.  Sarah and her husband wanted to make something they could enjoy with their children and share their quirkiness with like minded people.  So let the show begins and the animation do the talking, actually I should say 'do the singing!'   

Their channel is different from any other children channels I've seen, its educational, clever and catchy.  Some of the nursery rhymes are recognisable with an added twist.  The animation is wacky, eye catching, its almost hypnotic in places, some of it a little psychedelic.  The music has bouncing beats, repetition, helping children to remember words in an effortless way.  Watching the audience the children were shaking and swinging on their feet.

I tend to people watching, the entire audience were captivated by the ABC Alphabet Song we had been shown, with its funny fast rhymes.  The children all joining in with the singing.  There is a nice selection of videos on the Jellybug channel, featuring nursery rhythms, counting songs and a little bit of bonkersness too.

Mr Weebl has his own channel, this would be for an older audience.  Mr Weebl the music maker, his twitter bio reads 'I write songs that drive you insane.'  I can assure you not a mentally mad but in a tongue and cheek type of way.

Mr Weebl the musical genius and Sarah the writer the glue in this partnership, also not forgetting their Animator, Anthony Price, his work outstanding.  Anthony showed everyone how to put a simple animated character together.  It took only 9 minutes from nothing to a bouncing ball with waving hands and a smiley face.   

JellyBug gave off some Happy vibes, lots of energetic dance beats.  Before becoming a parent I would regularly be taken up center stage on a dance floor on the weekend.  I do adore the electronic break beats, Trance and Hardhouse.  So hearing some of their videos, gave me a little smirk, I could hear the funky beats.  Any ravers here, you are going to love this channel.  Why not grab your white glove and glow sticks, fluffy boots whatever suits you.  You wont need your whistles the music is loud enough for you and your little ones to have a bop together.

My favourite animation is Baby Baboon.  Its by far the wackiest animation of them all, with random words that rhyme, I was hypnotised by the end of this video too.  Don't be shy, tune in, chill out and check out JellyBug.  Tell your friends and have a house party! 

We had a lovely morning packed with entertainment from Mr Boo Boo the magician, Storyteller and face painting.


Liam decided he wanted to be a Minecraft Creeper, the lady painting did a little free styling painting, Creeper slash animal!

Our Jellybug... Liam said he was delicious!