Sunday, 22 March 2015

groov-e Kiddiez Headphones Review

I have been considering for a while getting my sons headphones.  The pair of them insist on turning the music up on all devices and they watch a lot of youtube clips.  I get to hear Evan HD and Skylander Dad talk the hind legs off a donkey.

Plus they have each accidentally broken a set of expensive headphones, so the temptation to let them use mine or their dads has warn off.

I spotted groov-e on Twitter they mostly sale speakers type devices, portable CD Players and iPad/mobile phone accessories.   I saw a set of children headphones advertised.  They looked bright, eye catches, not babyish looking.  I was kindly sent a pair to review.

My boys are 5 and 7 the Kiddiez headphones fit both of them, they have an adjustable headband, they even fit me too, even thou my head is massive in comparison.  We like these headphones, no sliding off their little heads, especially my youngest son.  Adults headphones are heavy and chunky, they would always slip off their heads.

The ears pads feel soft and comfortable.  This set of headphones have a lovely smooth finish to them. They don't look cheap nor do they feel cheap.  The wire cord has a good length.  The headphones have a motif of a groovy looking DJ on the side of them mixing some tunes.  They are very well made for children, the look nice and colourful too.


Now as you can you could imagine, my little music mad son was delighted.  He finally has own headphones.  He is currently learning Saturday Night by Whigfield & Wannabe by the Spicy Girl for his school performance in a couple of weeks.  He first tested them while singing very badly to Whigfield.  Lucky for him he couldn't heard his own voice. 

He loves the headphones.

One of the key factors is the volume only goes so high it has a volume limiter function no higher 85DB thus protecting childrens ears. They are very child friendly.

Groov Kiddies Headphones
They come in a excellent choice of colours, for boys and girls and unisex whatever suits your taste.

High quality 40mm Driver with Volume Limiter at 85DB - as per the safe listening regulations
Adjustable Headband
Soft Earpads
3.5mm Gold Plug and 1.2m cord length
Perfect for kids listening to their ipods, ipads, iphones, DVD players and more!

RRP: These are 12.99 however some of the other colours are cheaper, Kiddiez start from £9.29 - can be purchased via Amazon groov-e Kiddiez Headphones with free delivery. (detail currents are correct at the time of review)

I have to say these headphones are a bargain for their price and quality to spot on, I am very impressed. As a whole family we love them, the only down side is I have to get another set for my youngest son.

Please note I was sent these headphones in exchange for a honest review.  This was just a Groovy review to do.  I hope you enjoy it, thank you for popping by.

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