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Blaze and the Monster Machines #TwitterParty, Friday 6th March 2015 #NickJrBlaze


I was a party host for the premiere of Blaze and the Monster Machines. Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who joined in over on Twitter for the fun.  I had a house full of kids and parents, we had a stack of fabulous of activities as long as my arm to do, hence I didn't tweet too much however I hope I kept everyone in the loop.

So what did everyone think of Blaze and AJ and The Monster Machines?  I think they are pretty cool, most of all I had a bunch of children frozen to the TV very entertained.  

Blaze is the coolest Monster Truck in Axel City, Blaze his a great group of friends; AJ is his best friend, he is the only human driver to all the Monster machines, he has the need for speed too.   Would you like to meet the rest of the team? Gabby is a cool Mechanic, then theirs Crusher, Pickle, Darington, Starla, Stripes and Zeg.  Va va Vrooom!

If there is any sign of danger Blaze will be there.  Blaze is the sleek number one racer, such a hero in Axel City, he has the ability to transform himself into any machine, this comes in very handy when things get tough, he has scientific know-how to transform, always explaining what he has to do transform.

Blaze is unbeatable on the tracks thanks with his blazing speed. He is clever too. Blaze knows everything about science, technology, engineering and maths.  Educating through STEM.

Just incase you have missed Blaze he is on every day, Channel: Nick Jr at 4pm!

We had a fun packed afternoon, filled with lots of activities:

While watching Blaze and the Monster Machines we put our minds to the test and helped Blaze through the Maze, he had to find his way out.   I was very impressed, with the speed of my guests everyone completed the tasks in minutes.

Now who doesn't like treats?  Who hasn't like making things to eat?  We made our own Monster Machines.  Milky Ways in hand, Smarties for wheels and Jelly Babies drives. This was my favourite task, more funny ensuring the kids didn't eat the creations while making, it was so tempting.  The end results speak for themselves, smashing. 

Our next task was very tricky, we had massive boxes, straws, wooden wheels, long sticks, Plasticine and lots of stickers.  Working in group of 3 we made Monster Machines.  To be honest all the kids decided this wasnt for them and all the mums got stick-in, we laughed so much. We had 3 buses in the end and none of them moved they were so big.  But I love the idea of how easy they where to build, once we understood what to do.  I had seen some of the other bloggers with smaller vehicles and the worked a dream, so I would suggest egg boxes as they are small and compacted.

Our forth task was a lot more fun, we had some great coloured shapes and an assortment of coloured buttons.  The kids worked in groups and had to count the beads and the buttons.  It was lovely to see them work in teams and using the brains to get the correct answers.  Afterwards for for they drawe the drew the buttons and coloured them in.

We skipped the Sink or float test.  However I did this in the week with James and Liam. The really enjoyed the test.  Here our findings:

I thought I had this in the bag - I was wrong it wasn't that easy. James' guesses were very good.  Liam tried his best but alas a few tears as he kept getting them wrong.  I explained this is an experiment, we are all learning something new.  He felt better after his brother swapped mine and Liam's answers.  They are funny!  

We were lucky to be given a couple of Great Gizmos A Lemon clock and Jaws teeth hidden in a egg.  We couldn't get the lemon to work, shame as daddy was in charge of this one and tried his best.  The Jaws teeth was a huge success, we had the had the children taking turns in sawing the egg, all very excited to see what was hidden inside.  Mums loved this too, as it really keep the kids busy for a while.

I hope you have enjoyed our activities, maybe you feel inspired to try them at home.

Blaze will keep you using your imagination too, great for little minds to learnt something new as will as enjoy a great new cartoon.

Blaze and the Machine starts at 4pm every weekday

Channel: Nick Jr.
Sky Entertainment Extra Pack - 615
Virgin Media - Large or XL Packages - 715
Talk Talk - Kids Boost package - 559

James decided its that good, he camps out right in front of the TV!     

I hope you enjoyed Blaze and the Monster Machines as much as we do.
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