Sunday, 15 February 2015

UpBeat #ProteinChallenge.

I am excited to be taking part in the UpBeat #ProteinChallenge.

The aim is to increase my understanding of adding Protein into my diet, making healthier choices and hopefully stopping the temptation of snaking on unhealthy foods.

Upbeat is a delicious dairy protein drink.

There are 3 flavours;  Strawberry, Blueberry & Raspberry, Mango & Passion Fruit.

I have been sent 7 vouchers to buy some bottles of Upbeat. Each bottle contains 20g of protein.  Great as a meal top-up or  meal supplement through the day.

So its time to eat more protein!!! 

As a guide The DRI (Dietary Reference Intake) is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight or 0.36 grams per pound
  • 56 grams per day for the average inactive man.
  • 46 grams per day for the average inactive woman.

Personally I need to go on a diet, I have put on far too much weight.  I gone from skipping meals (mostly eaten vegetarian) to eating 3 meals a day, eating a lot of red meat.
So I have decided to eat a no meat, no fish diet for the next 7 days. 

The UpBeat team have set me some basic shopping goods, some unusual goods too, to see what I cook and where I get my protein from. 

A bag of Red Lentils
A bag of Cous Cous
A bag of Quinoa
3 Packs of Noddles 
A big tub of plan Yoghurt
3x Onions
A pack of Sunflower seeds
A block of Feta Cheese
18 eggs
A Bag of Spinach
Sweet potatoes
3 sweet peppers 
A box of frozen Blue Berry
A tin of Cannellini beans
A tin of Sweetcorn
A bag of dried fruit
A pack blanched almonds
A bunch of bananas
A pack of cherry tomatoes

Wow lost of healthy foods!!!

Important: How am I feeling prior to this challenge.
Today is the 15th February. 
Yesterday, I spent the day rushing about, cleaning, shopping, cooking, cake making.  It was my sons birthday.  We had family coming over in the afternoon, every one wanting feeding, cups of tea. 
I cooked and stuffed my face with rice, creamy potato salad, mini homemade burgers, coleslaw, corn on the cob. Not very much protein in the meal.  Not to mention the Chocolate cake I baked. 
Later in the evening once the boys went to bed, I couldn't open a bottle of wine fast enough. After 2 large glasses of Rose. Me and my boyfriend popped open the bottle of Champagne we have been saving for a special occasion, well it was Valentines after all. We stayed up talking until the wee hours of the morning. 

Today... I had the biggest lie-in... until midday! 
I had a huge pile of dishes, pots, roasting tins, every single cup and all glasses I own to wash.  An hour or so later the kitchen actually looked slightly normal again. I could see the kitchen tops again.  I even had a fat dog full of bones! 

Energy wise, I have felt lazy today, I missed breakfast, I didn't want to make lunch, as we had some food left over from yesterday. I made a chunky cheesy omlette, we had this with rice and salad, all the boys had cold roasted chicken wings too (from yesterday). 

Now in the early evening my eyelids are heavy, yesterdays feast hasn't done me any wonders today.  

So tomorrow will be the start of a new week, filled with good healthy high in protein meals. Lets see how I feel, if I lose any weight and what I can conjure up in the kitchen. 

Here are some fellow Bloggers, also taking part! 
You can follow them via twitter and check them out too! 
I have taken to my books for inspiration 

So please follow my journey this week! - Don't be shy, say Hi! 

Disclaimer: I have been sent some drink vouchers and the shopping to take on this challenge. This is an unsponsored post.