Wednesday, 25 February 2015

#UpBeat # ProteinChallenge, my meals and experience

For a week I have changed my eating habits for the UpBeat #ProteinChallenge, introducing a daily intake of 70g of protein.  This has mostly been a meat and fish free diet. I have tried to experiment with new dishes and ingredients supplied by Upbeat team.  Also trying for the first time their protein drinks and including them in my daily diet too.

As I wanted to eat a vegetarian protein diet, I found it very interesting trying to get the right foods together, to make filling family meals.

My diet consisted of a lot of eggs! They are so versatile:
Poached, boiled, scrambled, Omelettes! I really found them to be my best friend. Great for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  One egg has 13g of Protein.  (Lunch would usually be 2 poached eggs, my fave)

Here are the dishes I made during my week.

Quinoa Fritters, Sweet potato wedges
Mindbodygreen - No almond meal - I used dessicated coconut and corn flour

Blueberry and Banana pancakes
Jamie Oliver - with a mash banana

Vegetarian Noddles with a poached egg
stir fry: spring onions, mushrooms, carrot, spinach, onion and red peppers
(I used almond oil, Chinese 5 spice and light soya sauce)

Granola, sliced banana & Strawberries with plain yogurt

Moroccan Vegetable Tagine with Cous cous
BBC Good Food

Granola, Sliced banana, blueberries and sunflower seeds

Cous cous stuffed peppers, with tomato, feta cheese and kidney bean sauce
Vegetable casserole and cous cous
Garlic, onion, cherry tomatoes, spinach, courgettes, lots of vegetable stock

Banana, Coconut, Walnut and Fruit cake
Allrecipes - I added 3 eggs, a handful of walnuts, dessicated coconut and 4 mashed banana

This week was also halfterm, I had my boys home and we went out a lot.  This is when Upbeat came in super handing. Drinking on go!

Blueberry & Raspberry UpBeat 20g protein
Upbeat tasted great, lovely flavours, not powdery or chalky drinks.  This is an already made drink, I just gave it a shake and drunk it. All the flavours were fruity, my favourite is the Blueberry and Raspberry.  They are mostly priced £1.89 a lot of stores are selling them for £1 at the moment.
I found them filling at first, but I definitely needed mind over matter as I would get hungry an hour later if I hadn't eaten lunch.   

I had 3 meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. I mostly felt full, there were times I was hungry but that would be in the evening.  I found snacking on nuts and cut vegetables would cure my snack attack. 

I really enjoyed cooking different meals, its made a change from eating the same dishes I usually cooked. Cooking vegetarian meals made no difference to cooking meat ones, I enjoyed it, I used lots of spices and herbs, all the dishes had lots of flavour and nothing tasted bland.  My food was mostly enjoyed by all my family.  A huge hit were the quinoa fritters, my eldest son couldn't get enough of them, I have to agree they were delicious, also the banana cake came out much better then I thought it would. 

So it does pay to try something different.  I love that my kids and boyfriend tried new dishes.  All and all its been an eye opening experience and taken me out of my comfort zone.  There is protein in all foods and ways to boost your intake no matter what dietary requirements you have.

I have been eaten more protein then usual and less meat.  I feel good within my self.  I only lost 4 lbs, but this a great start.  

Disclaimer: Please note this is an unsponsored post. I was sent some shopping and a few vouchers to buy the Upbeat drinks.  These are all my own honest opinions.

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