Monday, 2 February 2015

Hunters Bargain Hunting *Hunters Sales*

Its been almost 3 years since I moved to Hertfordshire. Living in London most of life I would never get muddy.

Two years ago we got a family pet, our dog.  Now I am outside all weathers, living in a beautiful village with lots of rolling hills, fields, meadows, you get the picture, it gets very muddy. 

Wellies have been also been fashionable recently but for me it was more of an essential item.  However my wellie journey hasn't been as successful as I have wished.
I first purchased a pair of bog standard cheapy wellies. They cost £30, nothing flashy, plan.  There were comfortable, kept my feet warm, dry.  I was pleased with them at the time.

I hadn't had them for more then 3 week, while walking through the local swampy Moor one of my foot started drowning, a small hole had appeared.  I wasn't impressed.  Such a waste of money.   I've 2 boys, they are the ones who get through 8 sets of boots, trainers, flipflops, wellies, whatever footwear they require each a year, not me.

So after this little hitch I decided to in invest in some Hunter Boots.  They all look great but I'm a bit of tight ass when it comes to splashing out on clothes for me.  I had joined all the bargain/reduced designer label sites. had Hunter Boots coming up in one of their sales.  So Purchased the snake effect cream wellies, they looked gorgeous.  When they arrived I could smell the quality. Oh the shame, I was gutted they didn't fit, a slender leg would be required.  Ohhh my quest for decent Wellington boots had to continue.

Me having such a big heart I gave them away on Twitter.  I hope they went to a happy home, the person who won them didn't thank me for sending them, so I have no idea.  Some people forget that bloggers do pay for a lot of the stuff they review, hosting competitions and sending prizes, anyway thats a rant for another time.

I am happy to say Hunter Boots had a huge January Sale, my saved Christmas pennies went on a gorgeous pair of  women's Huntress Wellington Boots.  They have a slightly wider calf, they fit me perfectly.  I'm so happy. Its one of the best purchases I have made in ages.  I will invest (once I saved-up more money) in more styles, colours, its nice to have a variety.  So fingers crossed this boot doesn't get the chop.  I absolutely love these. 

The finished product has a smooth finish, lovely long lines contouring the design, a wider calf and ankle area. These are more roomy for my massive flat feet (just like mine). The new soft rubber compound moves with the walker, the rubber has a great thickness, durable too.  I dont have to worry about wearing for 3 weeks and gaining a surprise leaks.  They are so comfortable to wear, walking my pooch has become fun again. 
Importantly they are easy to clean too.

The Huntress Wellington Boots come in 6 colours:
Bitter Choc (these ones), Green, Burgundy, Dark Olive and Green Sale RRP: £60. original price £90
Also Black and Navy these are not on sale RRP £90.

If you are unsure if they will fit you, each boot has a size guild with Calf Area in cm. 

So if you need to invest and want some decent boots, check out Hunter Boots.  If you have a thicker leg the huntress are great too.   Sizes are going fast, so I suggest get them quickly before your size is gone.  There is a huge sale on now, so many great designs.  Enjoy!

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