Wednesday, 4 February 2015

108 Brasserie Bar Review


Yesterday I joined my friend Renna from Rennas Discoveries at 108 Brasserie / 108 Marylebone Lane.  We were treated to a spot of lunch in the beautiful bar.  108 is 5 minutes from Oxford Street, the location is fairly quiet for the heart of London, situated smack in the center of Marylebone Village.

The bar is large, airy, designed for people to feel relaxed, the staff are attentive but not intrusive, a great atmosphere.  I can picture this is the place business deals are made, it has a feeling a lot of important people have been here.  A great environment if you wanted somewhere to work with your laptop too, its perfect.

108 Brasserie had recently undergone a major refurbishment, its beautiful inside, confident splashes of red, making a very passionate atmosphere.  Also the menu has been revamp under their chef Russell Ford.  Very British themes throughout, with hints of culture.

Bar Menu: The menu matches the style of their bar.  Small dishes, great for grazing and sharing or pigging out if you want to by yourself.  There is something for everyone.  All freshly made seasonal dishes.

3 Small Plates £14

We ordered the Burger Sliders, the Dry-aged Rib Eye Steak sandwich and the Arancini, stuffed with Rice, Spinach & Parmesan.  Prefect for the two of us sharing.
The Burger and Steak sandwich were good, the steak has heavy hearty flavours, good for meat lovers.  My burger I could of had more burger and less bun even thou they were didi.  My favourite is the Arancini, very tasty indeed, the balls came nesting on a spinach puree, delicious. I could of eaten another 3 easily.

Renna chose the Kiwi Fizz, Gin based cocktail with Champagne, Kiwi Lychee Liqueur, Elder Flower, Lemon.  This is a spring drink, very refreshing, too easy to drink.  I really liked this.  Myself, I wanted something with Amaretto (my favourite drink at the moment) There wasn't anything on the menu with Amaretto, they made a Amaretto Sour.  (Amaretto, lemon juice, sugar, egg white, soda water) Perfect compliment to my food.

I was surprised to see freshly made juices on another menu.  The Juicery; Juicing is taking the nation by the horns and has become very popular.  The bar offers a range of fresh juices and smoothies, detox drinks and shots.  A fabulous selection for the health conscience.  I recommend have a try if you fancy a change, even better if you want to go somewhere and stick to your diet.  I would only say they are tad expensive for my purse strings.

The bar pick ups a busy a lunch crowd, designer suits, fashionable boots, ladies that lunch its all here.  The bar is modern, fresh and elegant, everything has place.  The seating areas are beautiful, huge comfortable sofa with matching single plush seats. The marble tables are bare perfect for talking, no clutter here.  Huge windows to see the streets beyond the bar.

Overall I had a pleasant time.  This is the type of place I would go with friends, I bet the evenings are rocking for sure.   

Disclaimer: All my own opinions. I was a guest of my friend! 

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