Wednesday, 14 January 2015

HELLO its 2015!

I've had a massive blogging break (block).... more like fallen off the radar, like a little star that has burnt out.  Well, I'm burning again!



I hope all my followers are all well and happy. Wishing everyone a great 2015.

This year I purposely didn't write up New Years Resolutions, not wanting to disappoint myself however, I have set myself a few goals.

1) Get Fit - Thats very vague but I want to start training again. This will be my heaven, the start is always hard, not having the energy and motivation but once started I usually feel great, the endophins rushing throught my head, waking my body, making it easy to continue my journey.

2) Getting a Job - I'm terrified and excited. Now my youngest is at school full time, its definitely time to get myself sorted.  I'm not 100% sure where is start, what I want to do, full time or part time.  My back ground is the Hotel Industry, I've been lucky enough to work for some exceptional names in the business.  So I'm not sure what to do, maybe something new.  I doubt I will be traveling into London, its too far, travel is too expensive.  Living so close to Watford, fingers crossed there is something suitable and perfectly matched for a loyal hard working individual like me.

3) Write More! - Since I started blogging I call myself 'Not a natural writer'.  There are times I find it hard to put pen to paper, the ideas and inspiration don't just flow.
I like to feel passionate about the things I write, when I feel ignited, I'm off like a little fire burning away.  

4) Fix my bike... Actually nag my boyfriend to fix a bike he found.  Its a lovely looking ride, it needs a few new bits and some love before its ride-able.  Would be great to get around town.  I hate wasting money on the bus.

So here is to 2015...  I will continue to be me!