Sunday, 18 May 2014

MEGA BLOKS Big Building Bag (Trendy) (60 pieces) bag Review, Competition link

This weekend Liam and James have both been playing with a new bag of Mega Bloks.  I received the NEW Big Building Bag (Trendy - 60 pieces) to review. RRP £14.99

The trendy bag has 4 new bright eye catching colours, Purple, Orange, Pink, Green.  All the familiar shapes and sizes are there as the original Mega Bloks would have.  I first showed Liam (4) the Mega Bloks, he was delighted with the new bag, green is his favourite colour but he said that purple is the best colour.

As ever the possibilities have been endless for creative and pretend play. Liam cracked on, let the Mega Play begin, he is obsessed with animals and dinosaurs, he made many different types of creatures. 

James is a little older (6) to be honest, I thought he had grown out of Mega Bloks, but he was also attracted to the new trendy range.  He sat down with his little brother and showed him the art of building towers. 

The bag has been opened and played with many times over the weekend by my boys playing independently, played with by me and them playing together, sharing and helping each other.  This pack is suitable for 1-5 and is unisex, if you already have a collection of Mega Bloks these would make an excellent addition.

For all my Mega Bloks fans, get over the their Facebook page give them a like and follow them for all of their updates.  They run weekly competitions, currently running a Mega Competition running until 22nd May ( where they can win one of 4 fab outdoor play wagons, these are awesome for Mega outdoor fun, outdoor fun to cart your Mega Bloks all over the garden, great for clearing-up too.
Enjoy, we will continue to make all sorts.

Disclaimer: Please note this is an unsponsored post, I was sent this pack of Mega Bloks to review.    

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Cool Create Club Join now and enter Great Competitions, Win a fab Cool Create SWAP WATCH

The holidays are almost here, the sun is shinning but have you thought about the days you're unable to get out. Bored of watching the Google box how about getting creative? 

The Cool Create Club is where kids of all ages can go to get creative, there are lots of inspiring ideas with easy step by step guides.  For younger children the help of mummy and daddy may be required, older kids should be able to follow the simply instructions.
Competitions are free to enter and will each have their own rules.  If you are under 16 please seek permission from a parent or guardian to be a member of the Cool Create Club. If you enter before 26th June you will be entered into a BIG prize draw. - See more at:
Competitions are free to enter and will each have their own rules.  If you are under 16 please seek permission from a parent or guardian to be a member of the Cool Create Club. If you enter before 26th June you will be entered into a BIG prize draw. - See more at:
Competitions are free to enter and will each have their own rules.  If you are under 16 please seek permission from a parent or guardian to be a member of the Cool Create Club. If you enter before 26th June you will be entered into a BIG prize draw. - See more at:

There are a few rules... Once joined, a monthly newsletter will be sent to your email you can cancel this by unsubscribing whenever you wish.  This is a FREE SERVICE, all competitions are free to participate in, each individual competition will have its known Terms and Conditions.  If you are under 16 you must seek permission of a parent or guardian to join. 

Each month there will be different craft activities for children to have a go at. Along with plenty of crafty PRIZES to be WON.  Kids have the opportunity to showcase their masterpieces on the Cool Create Wall and if their creation is picked they will WIN a FAB COOL CREATE PRIZE

Currently on Cool Create Club you can WIN a Cool Create SWAP WATCH (70 piece Pack) RRP £15.  All you need to do is subscribe to the site, as yourself or your child. 
Please say... Its a London Bird Thing ...sent you :)
If you join now or before the 23rd June you will be entered to a Big Prize Draw.  All winners are notified with 30 days.

Happy drawing, painting, colouring-in, gluing. I will be making the Daddy's Day Card with my sons. 

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National Walk to School week - 19th May to the 23rd May 2014

Next week is National Walk to School Week!  

Just in case you've been hiding under a rock and didn't realize, I am pleased to inform you its National Walk to School week. I really like this week, as a regular of walking to school (every day)... I do not drive.  I get to see more parents in the flesh pounding our local roads.

I feel it makes a difference too, get a little fresh air, do some exerciser.  I have heard that if you walk to school you are more alert to start the day.  So I hope you manage to join-in, stretch your legs, grab an umbrella just in case the heavens open, get your little ones hearts pumping on the way to school this week.

It would be nice to see less cars on the streets, less car fumes in the air killing the environment, this helps looking after our planet too.

Take some photos, play games, play I-Spy, hop, skip, jump, avoid all the cracks on the pavements.

I do understatements lots of parents have to get to work or have an early start somewhere, not everyone has the privilege of being able to walk to school, living miles away.  However, its possible to park 5/10 minutes further away, walk the rest of the to school.  You never know you might enjoy it.

Whatever you decide to do! I will be walking as usually.  Have a great week!

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Saturday, 17 May 2014

REN Competition! Evercalm™ Global Protection Day Cream Review & My Birthday Giveaway!

REN products have been flying off the shelfs since 2000, its clearly become a favourite amongst Beauty editors, bloggers and ladies all over the World.  Its widely available in most department stores, pharmacies and spas in over 50 countries around the world. 

REN host an magnificent array of products; face, body, mens, gifts sets and travel & started packs. REN uses only 100% plant and mineral derived actives, they are free from unfriendly synthetics, no parabens, sulfates mineral oils.  REN also gives us the latest hi-tech actives with rigorous product testing and its products are clinically proven with great results.

I have sensitive skin, my skin regularly gets visibly irritated, I hate strong harsh chemicals, tom cats, dirty fingers, dirty make-up brushes touching my face. My skin becomes blotchy, spotty, sad, its truly annoying.  So I am very careful what I use.

REN has produced a hero for Sensitive Skin - Evercalm™ range (Formerly known as Hydra-Calm) 

Evercalm has lots of fantastic bio extracts, including soothing oils, pure healing ingredients making this formula ever lasting and a such delight to cream my face.   I use 2 pumps as I noticed when I use just one my face can get dry depending on the weather.  Is smells of eucalyptus, the cream is light and fine, vanishes in my skin, leaving my skin fresh and happy, a thin silky layer coats my face.  There is no stickiness, no film, no dryness, my make-up applies well.  Its very pleasurable to wear, my face feels radiant, bright and appearance is healthy. It hasn't solved my bad skin problems but my skin feels good, in general it has become less irritated and blotchy.

To celebrate my happy face and I'm getting older... I'm 38 next weekend YIPPEEEEE!
Lets party and go wild just like the old times....

I am giving away Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream to one of my lucky readers.  It a full size 50ml bottle RRP £27.   All you need to do to enter with a chance of winning is follow the Rafflecopter instructions.    


Starts 18/5/14 Please follow the 6 steps. Leave a comment on my blog, follow my blog by subscribing via email, follow me on GFC & tweet about my giveaway and follow me @LondonBirdLucy & @RENSkincare
For extra daily entries please tweet and/or leave comments on other blog posts. <br />
Open to UK residence only
Winner announced on Friday, 6th June 2014
Entries must be 18+ to enter.

Disclaimer: Please note this is an unsponsored post, I'm hosting for the love of REN!

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L x

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Richard Ward TT Review; Shampoo, Conditioner & Spritz Review

Have you come across Richard Ward TT Products yet?  I recently spotted them on Twitter and was lucky enough to be spent some products to review.

I do love testing hair products however I can be a Shampoo & Conditioner snob, I tend to bin brands that dont make me feel good.  So I put them to the test!

Review: Richard Ward Keratin Volume Shampoo, Conditioner & Keratin Bulking Spritz (My hair type - very fine, lightweight porous hair, recently coloured)

Richard Ward TT Pleasantly surprised me, the packaging is pretty, stands out on the shelf's, especially as a new brand.  Once the bottles are popped open there is a strong smell of fruity berries bursts out.  The volume range contain; wheat protein which builds body and also contains sugar beet that boosts the softness of hair and makes hair easily manageability too.
The Bulking range contain wheat protein and Kukui extract, Kukui restores moisture and acts as a heat barrier providing heat protection.

Shampoo; Is silky and creamy in hand, not much is needed to cover my short hair, it has a good lather and rinses out well, I am left feeling sleek, clean and smelling fresh.

I squeeze out the excess water. 

Conditioner: Is heavy and thick, again not much is needed to cover my hair.  I have to say wow, wow, wow! I love this conditioner.  While applying it into my hair, it coats my hair evenly, making it feel so luxurious, every strand feels special, so soft and light.  I message my scalp and rinse.  My hair feels nourished and smells incredible

A bodifying conditioner that been boosted with hydration and looks strong and healthy.

I towel dry

Spritz; a few squirts and my throwing my head around, brush my hair into place and blow dry.

Verdict:  My hair has body, its bouncy and swishable, feels silky soft, fresh and smells great all day long!  Products lock-in colour, yeah!

5/5 Hair Brushes from me!


The good news this fabulous range is available exclusively to Waitrose all products RRP: £5.99 
Waitrose: Offer the entire range: Richard Ward TT 

Majority of Richard Wards products have the hero ingredient Keratin; Keratin is the key structural material making up the outer layer of human skin also the key structural component of hair and nails.

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Energy Saving Tips from EDF Energy #FeelBetterEnergy

Energy Saving Tips 

EDF Energy understands that every little counts when it comes to shaving money off your household bills, so here are some top tips to help you save energy and money around your home…


                      Turn it off
  • It may sound obvious, but turning your appliances off instead of leaving them on standby will help save you energy. If you’re not in the room for a while, make sure you turn everything off to save as much energy as possible. According to the Energy Saving Trust, it could save you up to £37 a year.

2.      Make your floors draught proof
·         Even if you don’t want to take up the floorboards, you can still cut out draughts by sealing gaps between skirting boards and floors. It’s easy to do - all you need is a tube of sealant, which you can get from most DIY stores.

3       Keep warm with radiator panels
·         Did you know that putting radiator panels behind the radiators could reduce your heating bill by up to 20% or £60 per year according to the Energy Saving Trust? Purchase them on the EDF Energy store, and see the difference they can make!


        Get help to go green
·         EDF Energy will be offering a range of home improvements to households up and down the country to help reduce your heating costs. After an initial assessment by one of our team, we’ll identify suitable improvements for you and your home. Use our online form to register interest and we'll be in touch as soon as the service launches.

5. Shop around
  • Tariffs are changing all the time so keep your eyes peeled and swap when you see a tariff that is right for you. All of EDF Energy’s tariffs come with no exit fees, so you can swap suppliers or tariffs at no extra cost. 

    These energy tip are for every home, office any environment.  Just think saving energy means saving MONEY! What money saving tips do you have? Don't be shy, say HELLO! 

Disclaimer:  This is an unsponsored post.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Maynards Discovery Patch, open your mind and discover how to use your imagination no matter your age!

On Friday I went to Maynards discovery Patch workshop, a lovely workshop, taking me back to place when I was younger.  Enabling me to unlock my imagination, finding new ways to play and express myself.

The workshop was headed my Doctor Gummer, she with her team of researchers have found fun ways of unlocking our imaginations, taking us back to playtime, bringing out the inner child, giving us the tools to unlock our imaginations and learn from playing.

The magical cave of Myths and Monsters
Did you know there are four elements to a good story

The Hero/Heroine
The Monster

In my small group we thought up the characters, place and time.  We took turns to open our minds and made-up a story. Our guide had a little bell he would ring, he started us off on our make belief tale, the next person would carry on where the last person left off, once the bell sounded.

Great little game, it gave me a good insight to who could think quick off their feet and who couldn't.  I must read too many children's stories, I was good at this game.   

The Safari Animals

Our group was presented with flash cards of safari animals, in pairs one person would look and hide the flash card, and have to use describing words for the other person to guess what that animal could be.  This was the easy part. Next we had to make the sounds of the animals and then act like them.  I'm not sure which was harder. 
This definitely would be a fun game to play at home.  Have you ever tried to make a noise like a hedgehog or act like a Penguin?  Its had me doing silly things and acting, very amusing indeed.  


The Doctor’s surgery of body bits
We bounced off ideas of how we play at home, sharing ways we play for free, fancy-dress, playing with boxes (its so true kids love playing with boxes), food tasting, using an old game to make-up a new game.  Its not always possible to buy the latest toys or gadgets is it?  Kids have to make do with what they have.
At this workstation we had some very large body parts.  A huge foot, heart, brain and large bones.  Someone in our group was blindfolded, he had to feel the shapes and guess what they were.  Another exciting way to challenge ones mind.        
All these work stations were very educational, really opened-up my mind with fun ways to engage with my sons at home.

The Explore and Play app

Maynards have used the ideas from above in their new range of sweets:

Myths and Monsters
Body Bits

These new tasty sweets also come with a great little facts, very educational 
Ben the Park Ranger showed me what how to work their new App:

How it works:
• Download Maynards Discovery Patch for free, open, click ‘Discover’
• Grab a pack of Maynards Discovery Patch, and scan the logo on front of
• Each variant unlocks two shapes to explore and discover
• Select a silhouette and begin discovering within the environment around
• The shape is split into five pieces with hints to their locations are in the
bottom right of the screen
• When you find a piece, click on it to learn a fun fact. If you don’t know it,
shake your phone to continue. If you think you know it, press ‘I know it’
• Guess what you think it is based on the facts given. If you’re wrong, try
• If you’re correct, you get to review all the full fun facts in one place
• There will also be an animation, with sounds, of the full shape so you can
see what you have been exploring and discovering
• The app also allows the user to explore nutritional information and learn
about the other variants available to buy  


I went home with a lovely little goody bag packed with the new Maynards Discover Patch sweeties.  They taste lovely, really juicy, lots of great flavours, fun shapes.
 At home we tested out the fun packs and found out some interesting facts.  We even played a couple of games, I enjoyed the make-up a story game, it really opened up my mind and had my sons dreaming up some impressive stories.      

I hope you get to discover Maynards Discovery Patch too.  The Maynards Discovery Patch range is already available from all major retailers. RRP of £1.52, Animals will also be available for the Independent channel in a 125g PMP bag and to follow, a treatsize bag of Mini
Creatures (with 21 mini bags inside) with an RRP of £2.99.

Dont be shy, say hello!

Disclaimer: This is an unsponsored post, I was invited to this workshop.   

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Morrisons, I am cheaper if the label says so, #MorrisonsMum.

Lots of parents across the Nation have been lucky to receive a Bank holiday bonus spend with Morrisons.  Including me, I received £80 of vouchers to do my weekly shop, very nice and thank you!

As of the 1st May Morrisons has started a new chapter across all of its stores. The start of a huge and permanent price reduction for a new cheaper Morrisons.

They have cut thousands of prices on favourite foods and products.  These are every day foods.  This isn't a gimmick to get the shoppers through their doors, this reduction is here to stay.  They have promised not to cut corners on products, food quality will remains the same.

Over this past year, I have shopped in all the big branded Supermarkets.  There is always a price war going on but does this affect the quality?  Sometimes I believe it can and there are a few stores I do not buy meat from because I don't like it.

Luckily for me a new Morrisons opened its doors a couple of months go in Croxley.  Its now become my local as its the closest store to me, its a great store. 

All over Morrisons there are signs of lashed prices, the little yellow sticker 'I'm Cheap'.  Market Street is awesome, fresh fruits and vegetables, 2 for £3 offers and 99p specials.  I love the vegetable aisle chiller, the vegetables look delicious, whole, juicy, fresh, plenty of variety.  

The butchers offering prime cuts, continuously restocking the shelf's, the bakery cooks up fresh cakes, buns and breads. The Deli, Oven Fresh catch my eye always, the pizzas are fantastic and salad bar very inviting.  So much choice from a supermarket, great quality.     

We found reduced to stay prices dotted all over Morrisons, with smiles from my little man when we came to the biscuit aisle.  The staff are mostly smiling, always helpful and always visible, very important for customers.

Here are a few delights I have cooked-up this week

Chilli con Carne, chilli made separately (too hot for kids)
Cauliflower Cheese with Polish sausages

Mushroom, ham & spring onion omelette & freshly squeezed OJ 

Spaghetti bolognese
 Spaghetti Bolognese: 

Is one of my oldest and favourite recipes (and cheapest), its packed with vegetables, that my kids scoff so fast without picking out the 'horrible' mushrooms.

1 Large onion, finely sliced - £1
3 Garlic cloves, crushed - 13p
6 large button mushrooms, chunky slices - 33p
4 fresh tomatoes, chunky slices - 35p
1 large carrot peeled & grated - 10p
450, Lean Minced mince beef - £3.33
1 Vegetable stock cube - 10p
1 Beef stock cube - 10p
1 tin of tomatoes - 25p
1 big squeeze of tomato puree - 15p
250g (half a pack) of Spaghetti  - 55p (£1.09 pack)
a fat pinch of oregano 4p
Oil - 2p
Salt & black pepper - 1p

Using a heavy based pan, add oil and cook on a medium heat:
Onions, garlic, mushrooms & carrots, soften the vegetables.
Turn the heat to low, add the fresh tomatoes, let them simmer, add salt and then minced beef.  Cook the meat until its browned.
Crumble the vegetable stock in the mixture, add the tomato puree, mix well.
Put the beef stock cube in 400ml of boiling water, gradually add this to the beef mixture on a higher heat. Pour in the tin tomatoes, reduce the heat and reduce the sauce, should take 10-15 minutes.  

Boil another pan of water for the pasta, add salt and 5ml of oil. Once boiled add the spaghetti. 
Add black pepper and the oregano to the bolognese sauce.  Turn the heat off.  I use a handheld blender to blend the meat sauce.  Once the pasta is cooked, its all ready to be served! 

The bolognese sauce could serves 8 portions at 73p per person.  I have freezed the other half and will use it for making a lasagne at a later date.

On comparison with a shop I did a couple of weeks it worked out cheaper, I brought a lot meat, lambs chops, steak, chicken (more then usually) also freshly cut flowers and the shopping worked out to be about the same.  Overall I am fan of Morrisons, they sell good quality foods and products, with the new reductions I hope to make a pretty saving in the future.

Morrison's Quote: 'Look out for the yellow markers when you shop in store and online at If it says I’m cheaper you know it’s staying cheaper.'

... I am a #MorrisonsMum and proud of it!  Please check-out what these other shoppers found out! Britmums #MorrisonsMum Link-up

Please note I was given £80 shopping voucher in return for an honest review of my local Morrisons Store.  

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Kiss Everlasting Gel Polish Review, KISS Products, Color Gel, never be ashamed of your nails again! Kiss Products Review

I have been lucky enough to sample some Kiss Products.  Kiss products are huge in America, they have a big reputation for being fantastic.  I have been sent some very impressive kit, A fine selection of Kiss Everlasting Gel Polishes, French Manicure kit and an LED Light!  WOW WOW WOW gadget alert!

Until now I have never used a gel product.  I have seen the finished results, immaculate salon style finish.  So I am intrigued what I can achieve at home.

 I started with plain clean long nails. I do a little prep; soak, push my cuticles backs, trim, file.

Ready to rock, I'm armed with Base Coat, Gel Polish and a Top coat and a LED Light.

This is the process just three quick, easy steps:
  1. Apply the base gel and cure under the LED lamp for 30 seconds
  2. Apply the polish in your chosen colour and cure under the LED lamp for 60 seconds
  3. Apply the top gel and cure under the LED lamp for 30 seconds
Its very important to apply the base coat & top coat as thinly as possible. They both coat evenly (glides on like water) if you follow the 3 easy steps the results will be spectacular. 

I love the finish, I have never had such an even, no bumps or ridges results.

I did wonder if it would take longer to apply.  Being honest, it was quicker.  The LED lamp must flash them with a quick heat (I wouldn't touch the layers while applying), its one coat at a time, then LED them.  I did this just before I went to bed (I always do this) when I woke-up they were perfect.  The best bit this gel lasts upto 14 days, it easy to remove, just pick and peel off it.   

Kiss Everlasting Gel Polish comes in 15 shades available online mostly Amazon, RPP £13.99 for the colour gels and £38.99 for the LED lamp.  I will come back with some more stunning colours, the French manicure kit and all or one Artificial Mail Remover.

This is an unsponsored post, I was sent this fantastic kit to review.
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Thursday, 1 May 2014

White wine vinegar cleaned my washing machine

I recently noticed the smell of drains in my kitchen while the Washing machine was on.  I looked in few supermarkets but couldn't find anything to clean my machine.  I was tempted to use neat bleach but afraid what damage the bleach might do.

So doing a little online research, a few suggestions pointed in the direction of White Vinegar AKA White Wine Vinegar.  I love this stuff in salads, super tasty. The smell is too strong if over used as a dressing.  I wasn't keen using it in my washing machine.  I could imagine all my families clothes stinking.

Yesterday, I had the washing machine on (downstairs in the kitchen), someone knocked my frontdoor. As normal I shot down stairs.  The stench in my frontdoor was awful.  The guys at the door must of through I had an awful tummy bug. (I'm being polite here)

Earlier today, I joined in with a Twitter Party (as I do) the subject was allergies / cleaning ones home without using chemicals.  It was amazing white vinegar & lemons (lemons are great too) kept appearing.

I didn't fancy sticking lemons in the Washing Machines draw... I would be Lemon for that however the idea of White Wine Vinegar did seem more appealing.
1) Washing machine is empty
2)  No washing soap of any kind has been used

Okay... armed with a bottle of white wine vinegar and a smelling washing machine.  I poured the vinegar in the draw, just like water it was gone. I used about half a cup full. approx. 200ml.  Not that much, really.

I went with a hot 60% quick wash
(My machine says quick - its about 45 minutes, snail wash more like)

As soon as the machine started to fill with water, the disgusting stench filled my nose, within 5 seconds, like Keyser Söze - Puff like that... Gone! (Hope you've watched The Usual Suspects)

I opened the draw a few times, I wonder around, I am in sheer amazement, the smell has gone.  Looking in the empty drum, its filled with water and soapy suds.  I am very surprised as no soap was added.

Hello! Thats me talking in amazement! ^^^^
When the cycle empties the drum, a sudden smell came from the kitchen sink, then gone again.  I did another wash, with nothing added to the wash, again at 60%.  No vinegar, no soap (no clothes), just Hot water.  Nothing not a peep of putrid rotten disgusting smell!

YEAH! It worked!

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Competitions! Competition advice - Get winning

I know a lot of my readers our 'Compers' This is a term I use to call people who like me, enjoy to enter competitions for fun, mostly as a hobby. I label myself as Comper.

For the last few days, I've had a few friends ask me standard questions about my comping activities, so I thought I would share some of my knowledge with you.

I am always ask. 'Where do I find Competitions to enter?'

There are plenty of forums
Money Saving Expert
The Prize Finder

These are the main 3 sites I am aware of, please note they are all free to join.

#TopTip 1: To enter any competition it is not necessary to pay for the service.   Also be very careful and READ THE SMALL PRINT. Some services ask for a telephone number they'll change your mobile as premiere rate phonecall service. 

There are a few subscription services available
Compers News  is one of them

I have heard its successful, it packed with competitions, details of winners, winning all sorts. To be honest its not something I have personally signed-up too, so can not give any real feedback.

I find most of my competitions on Facebook and Twitter, there are a whole host of great competitions, ranging from toothpaste to holidays, money and electronic gadgets.

I suggest follow household brands you know and trust.  Make sure to check your news feeds and timelines for notifications.  Some companies host weekly competitions, while others host monthly ones, some competitions maybe one-offs and others as regular as clock work.

#TopTip 2 Make sure to read the Companies Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) - All good companies should have these published, otherwise available on request.  

My favourite place to enter competitions is Twitter, Friday is the busiest day of the week for Compers, type #FreebieFriday in the search field.  A list as long as your arm will appear.

My advice:

1: Ensure you are following the company hosting the giveaway
2: Retweet (RT) the original competition tweet.
3: Copy and paste the original competition and retweet that too. 
4: Do not retweet another entrants personal tweets (This could disqualify both of you - and really annoy the other person)

Also try #WinWednesday #TreatTuesday to name a couple competition hashtags. 

Facebook has its own set of rules too:

1: Like the company running the competition
2: There is usually an imagine, which says like and share, make sure to like and share the imagine on the company page, not a friends page (otherwise it will not count)

There maybe changes on how companies run their competitions on Facebook in the near future, just make sure to follow the instructions quoted.

Some companies also have a little competition box where you'll add your personal details; name and email address. Just make sure to check your emails, also your Facebook messages and other messages for winning notifications.

A lot of my favorite magazines host competitions, these are usually listed online in 'Competitions', otherwise actual magazines will have a listing too.

Another favourite place to look for Competitions will be on BLOGS. There are some awesome bloggers with great reads, all types of subjects, the majority of them host giveaways with amazing goodies.

Di Coke is known for her great advice regarding comping, her blog is a great tool, I highly recommend to give her a follow, her blog has an upto date list of Bloggers links to their competitions.  Also every month she features seasonal competitions that are running, usually fun creative projects. Photo, video, slogans that type of thing. Example Halloween listings. Super Lucky

If you're on Instagram Google Plus & Pinterest all these sites host competitions too, it all about weeding them out, try the hashtag thing >>  #Competitions works wonders.  Make new friends, reach out to friendly fellow Compers, follow them, #SpreadTheWord and Comp together.

There are a few friendly groups/communities online, my favorite is on Facebook Competition Announcements and Friendly Chat There are a lot of friendly faces, people talking about their winning, sharing photos, lists of daily competitions, nice people.  This is a closed group, so if you wish to join you'll have to request. The admin may do some checks to ensure you are a real person.  Its all very friendly, no fingers prints required.

This brings me on to something else, as you maybe just starting out as a Comper, I would suggest not opening more then one account on Twitter and Facebook to Comp from.  It spoils the fun if you open a stack of accounts to try to win or open a fake account that your 'mum' uses nudge, nudge, wink, wink, its not fair.

Some people do have 2 Twitter accounts, one for personal/blogging and another for Comping, thats deemed to be fine.  However comping from more then one or multiple accounts is a massive No-No, you've been warned!       

I hope I have managed to give you a little insight into Comping.  Its a lovely hobby, winning little keepsakes or hitting the big wins, maybe things money can't buy.

I keep my eyes opens, competitions are everywhere even in the supermarkets! 

I would love to hear how your getting on, drop me a line, say Hi!