Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Trunki, Get Set. go! Fin the Shark PaddlePak Review - Swimming with the best!

I have been luckily enough to review the PaddlePak
Backpacks designed for kids.  

Trunki is renowned for their super funky Ride-on Suit Cases for Globe Trotting Tots. Do you remember them on Dragon Den?  Well Trunki have come a long way since then.  Trunki have been developing and extending their brand with exciting cool products for our little people, AKA the kids!

The PaddlePak has been on the market for about a year now.  They are adorable, great to look at, waterproof backpacks, these are not just any string backpacks/racksacks either. They have been designed to catch a child's imagination, with bright colours, pretty detail so the PaddlePak can easily be identified. 

So many great Sea Creatures 
Let me introduce you to the family

Last year James chose The Frog PaddlePak, cute Ribbit the Frog, Ribbit has been taken everywhere with him, school days, day trips, family days out, to the park.

Liam had been very fond of Ribbit and was super excited to chose his own one for this review.  He decided Fin the Shark was for him.

Fin is one the original designs, this is slightly larger then some of the other PaddlePaks.  He has been loved by Liam and used as often as possible, mostly for school this last term.

I used grab one of my bags and send Liam to football practice as he had so much stuff. Now everything fits securely in Fin.

Football Boots, shin pads, long socks, tracksuit bottoms, top, also his waterproofs - jacket and trousers. His kit fits perfectly in his PaddlePak with lots of room to spare.

This is just an example of what this PaddlePak is used for.  Liam mostly takes Fin to school and has his reading book inside, with a pencil case and a few cheeky toys.  Now its getting colder, I have asked him to keep his hat, scarf inside too.  He is always losing his belongings.  He really needs to be accountable for his things when he is at school.  Having his own school bag is making him independent too.         

The PaddlePak has 2 thick adjustable straps, with a reflector stripe, the straps can easily be worn. One of the straps has the Trunki Grip; great for clipping key-rings, charms, little blankets or looping headphones.

The back of the PaddlePak, behind the straps has a thick padded woven mesh, its soft, keeping its wearer comfortable at all times.  There is eye catching detail on the outside of the PaddlePak too, gills on either side.  A large Dorsal Fin sticking out, two little blue pectoral fins either side and a little tail fin with a zip, great for keeping money inside.  When Fin is closed, he is smiling with his visible teeth showing.  There is a clear mesh pocket on the side, a large pocket on the inside too.

I personally like the way to close the PaddlePak, once packet and almost ready to go, the top needs to be folded down 3 times, there is an arrow indicating which side needs to be folded downwards. Then clipped together.  The clip does become loose easily, this is not a default. I had to tell my boys to carry their PaddlePaks from the straps (if not wearing them) as the clip is not a handle.  This feature gives children easy access to their belongings.  If you could imagine a young child wouldn't have the strength to undo their PaddlePaks otherwise.

The PaddlePaks are made from 80% Polyester & 20% Neoprene. The martial is tough, hard wearing, waterproof, washable.  The material has raised hexgon pattern, given the PaddlePak a Hi-Viz effect.

The Large PaddlePak retail at £24.99.  Its a good price, considering all of its features.  The other are priced at £19.99.  They PaddlePak are unisex.

Overall a great bag, fun and very desirable. Kids love them and so do parents!  

If you want to see more and enter lots of great competitions please have a look at their Facebook page.

Keep up the great work Trunki!

Thank you reading and dont be shy, come and say hi!

I was sent Fin, the Shark to review. All words are my own.