Thursday, 13 November 2014

Skylanders Universe Magazine Review and Trap Team Starter Tablet Pack Giveaway

A few weeks ago I was invited a superb coffee morning to meet with Immediate Media Co at the their offices in Hammersmith, my old stomping ground. Me and my boys were going to meet with the some of the main members behind the new Skylanders Universe Magazine.  Thats right the NEW... and OFFICAL Skyklanders Magazine.

Much to James and Liam's surprise I didn't tell them what we were up too until we set off.  They spent the entire tube journey into London extremely excited.  We were all very lucky to attend, only 5 family bloggers in total took part, this was very much a personal event.

On arrival we met Natasha, our host for the afternoon.
She introduced us to Editor Craig Donaghy and Senior Art Editor Nikki Davies.  I have to say they have the best jobs in the world, creating a magazine for children, designing the pages with storylines, puzzles, interesting facts and making it all come together must be an awesome feeling! Ace job!

These offices have magical giant steps that took us to a rather fun basement. Its was like walking into Santas Grotto for a Skylanders fans! Posters, Magazines, Trap Team figures all around, even I got very excited.  Big kid in a candy shop, springs to mind.    

Craig, wanted to hear our childrens thoughts, did they like the general look, what changes should be made, what would they like to see inside. Well, no complaints from us, everyone agreed its an awesome layout.  

My boys would make up the younger Skylanders audience, Liam is 4 he is just starting to read, James is 6 and we read together.

James enjoys the entire magazine, he loved the Skylanders Search page, with its hundreds of Chompies, we are still looking for the scroll.  He likes the Battle Arena, covering the facts of battling Skylanders its awesome.  There is a list of competitions, I have been told 'WE' need to enter them all.

Liam is my little artist, with colouring pens in hand, he colours-in his magazine and asks me to reread the story, facts... actually the entire magazine over and over again.           

The best news is that SKYLANDERS UNIVERSE will be issued every 4 weeks at £2.99.  Every issue is packed with great extras.   Issue one had collecting cards, Trigger Happy's Gun and posters.

Featured: Fun Storyline, Competitions, Special offers, Letters, Puzzles, Facts. Amazing Art work and so much more.  I am already looking forward to this months issue being published in 2 weeks time.

We had a lovely day, we even got to design our own magazine covers.  It was fantastic way being creative with our favourite Skylanders.   Liam came 3rd and won a Magical Trap for our Traptanium Portal.  Awesome!

We were totally spoilt rotten, Christmas came early as the boys were given some new Skylanders Trap Team characters.

I was very fortunate to be given the New Skylanders Trap Team Starter pack game for the tablet! Retails from £50
As I love you guys so much, I am going to give this away on my blog.  It will make someone very happy, hopefully just in time for Christmas!

We have the game already and its the bees knees.
What to expect for Skylanders Trap Team

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Thank you, I hope you have enjoyed my review, please look out for this months issue and tell me your thoughts.

Disclaimer: This is an unsponsored post: I was given a Tablet Starter Pack to giveaway.

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