Monday, 15 September 2014

Leggings, Venus Cow - Review

Recently a new label has been popping up on regularly on Twitter, Venus Cow this is the baby of Shirley Yanez.  Shirley appears upbeat, trending, outgoing and someone who adores life, respects people and is caring.  She has a lovely website, she is a life coach and has worked out, part of feeling good is looking good too.  

Her fashion label Venus Cow, has links to celebrities like Gemma Collins, Ashley James and Miss Ireland; Holly Carpenter to name a few.  The are also being sold in LA.  Her Perfect Black Legging PBL, is a huge product in her range, however she sells other clothes too, tops, dresses, jewellery and books, the complete range. 

A couple of weeks ago, Venus Cow sent me her Perfect Black Leggings (PBL) to review. 

Exciting as I adore clothes, especially when is a wardrobe staple. 

Firstly, I do not live in leggings but I like them as they are great to wear on the school run or going out; either dressing up or dressing down they do make an outfit look hot if they look nice and are of good quality.

I own about 4 of plain black leggings, all purchased from different high street stores ranging from £8-£25, so I have a good idea what I want from my leggings, I what to expect from the cheaper brands.

The Venus Cow legging, fitted me well, I found them long of the leg, I'm just under 5.9' a size 18 with a 33inc inside leg. I'm not slim and have wobbling bits.  Like most big women I want to feel confident in what I wear. The PBL fit very comfortably, they are high waisted, I felt snug, no muffin top.

The leggings are super soft to the touch, a nice thick cotton is used. 92% cotton with a 8% Elastane aka Spandex, which is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity.

The material is tightly woven in both directions. Which I find important and this keeps all my wobbling bit in place.  Sounds silly but my thighs and bum feel more held-up.

loose and pulled
Legging bugbears - 
hole in the stitching - mostly where the thighs rub together
muffin top
loose waists

All of the above really annoying me, I am sure you can relate to this. 

I put Venus Cow; PBL to the test, after wearing my leggings on a few occasions once even to clean my house, having to crawl on my knees to wash the skirting boards.  I wanted to see if they would get baggy.  I have to say I am impressed they didn't get baggy, when I took them off they pulled out of shape ever so slightly, as they should these are not Lycra.  

Since then I have washed by hand and machine. They have sprung back into shape each time.  They have kept their true black colour and not worn out anywhere, they have ever so slightly bobbles on the inner thighs but this is normal for chunky thighs, no holes anywhere and all the stitching is still in place.  They have been machine double stitched.  Overall excellent quality, I would say they are a luxury legging.   They wear well and most importantly keep their colour and shape.

They have been made in the UK.  Great, I love Made in Britain products! Sourcing materials and workmanship within the UK, maintaining high standards with excellent high quality achieved.  

RRP: £25 can be purchased online PBL 

I do hope you get to to purchase a pair for yourself, I think you will be impressed too.

Disclaimer: This is unsponsored posted, I had been sent these legging to offer a honest review.