Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Science4You! Little creative minds seeks fun learning toys. Review

Summer is here and its challenging to keep my boys entertained everyday.

I had been sent a couple of great products from Science4you Toys.

Science4You offer a range of products suitable for school children.  The toys are designed to improve education, they have been developed to entice a child's natural ability to learn.  There is a nice array of toys and games all enabling children to learn while playing.

I have been sent the Colour and Washable Puppy Pet
There are 3 animals to collect, a Puppy, a Dolphin and a Turtle.

found in the Science Junior section (age group 3-5)
Skills gained:
Creativity, motor skills, vocabulary

Colour and Pet Washable Pet Puppy 
This kit comes with 4 washable colouring pens
Blue, Green, Orange and Purple colours included

Washable Pet puppy, is bright white with black lines, making it easy to colour in areas.

I gave the puppy to Liam and James, both get stick-in.  I could hear them talking. James said he would Colour Blue and Liam colour Green.  It did not take too long to finish.  Liam gave his brother lots of hugs for helping.

I explained to Liam I can wash his Puppy if he likes and them can colour him in again.  Nope! Liam said he is perfect for now.

Overall a great all cuddling toy, that can be painted just how your little one wants it.  Liam adores his new puppy and takes him everywhere.
RPP £9.99

We also received a Dino Egg.  Ours is a Stagosaurus.
There are 12 Eggs in the collection.
Suitable 4+

found in Build and play 
Skills gained:
Concentration, Motor skills, Vocabulary, Social skills and Learning

The Dino Eggs is a little kit comes with an Egg contenting the Dinosaur and a Chisel.  There is an education book online too.

The egg is made out of clay, to soften the clay egg it needs to be submerged in water for 5 minutes.  At this point anyone would think I said 5 hours.  Liam was on repeat, is it ready yet he keeps asking.
Liam was very happy chiseling away, for a very long time.  I had helped and dug a little hole for him to start him off.  He loved this.  He has a passion for dinosaurs, getting messy and exploring. this is a prefect toy for him.  

I gave Liam a bowl of water and kitchen rolls. So he could rinse and wipe the chisel as it got very dirty.

After much chiseling, his little Steggy appears.  I have a very happy little boy, who has a new Stegosaurus to add to his collection.

This is a great toy, Liam shows lots of concentration, he was very curious which kept him chiseling away.  The online book is very educational too. 20 pages long, you can print it or read it online, very informative with lots of colour illustrations.

RRP £3.99 This is a bargain purchase.

Great site, full of wonderful educational toys and puzzles.  All the products are very fairly priced.  If you fancy challenging your children in the holidays or in general, take a look.  A fun way to understand science, geography and history.

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