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Morrisons Shopping Online #MorrisonsOnline, Tradional Garlic and Lemon Chicken Roast for £10 serving 4

In the last few months Morrisons has taken the plunge and stepped forward and opened it doors to the land of online shopping.

Home Page - Morrisons Shopping Online

So I was delighted to be asked to test out their new home delivery service.

Using their online shop is easy to shop.  All products have been listed just as they are in store.  Fresh foods, Market Street, Fish Mongers, The Butchers and Bakers.  You you need to do is click and the product gets added to your basket.   

Easy to Navigate and search your desired products

Then you can choose by product, salads, bread, chicken etc.  Filling up my basket took about an hour.  Which may seem a long time.  But this is the first I have used the service and I am actually looking at everything.  I am noticing products I haven't stopped instore as I am trained to go direct to what I want.

I would also suggest if you are buying fruit and vegetables, make sure you are aware of the weight.  It may show a bunch of bananas in the photo but it does asks for the weight of the fruit which is wanted.

Thereafter all you'll need to do is book your delivery slot and pay.  You can shop for next day delivery as late as 10pm the night before, subject to slot availability.  Cost can vary starting from £1. 

Book your (1hr) delivery slot
Lists the products you want to buy.

I like shopping online as I can easily choose the best bargains, if I require a longer shelf life, branded goods or Morrisons own brand, getting the best quality for my £1.  If I don't have time, I can shop on the go, (in the park, on the bus, watching EastEnders) using my laptop or even the Morrisons App on my mobile or iPad, whichever device you have it will work.  

I am pleased with my shopping, I arranged for the next day delivery.  The service is in one hour slots.  I'm actually impressed by this as some other supermarket brands tend to offer 2 hours slots and then arrive 3 hours late.

I choose between 10am-11am, gives me time to get my sons to schools, walk the dog and get back to school for nursery pick-up at 12, after I have put my shopping away.

My Shopping arrives a few minutes after 11am.  A lovely chap turns-up. He presents me with a shopping list of all the goods I required online, he confirmed that I had no substitutes.  If I wish to check the eggs and meat, to ensure I am happy with what has been selected. Otherwise he is more then happy to have them changed. Top quality service from him, I have never been asked this buy any supermarket.

Colour Coordinated Bags

My Delivery arrives

My Shopping bags are all colour coded.  Yellow handles - Frozen, Pink handles - Fridge and Purple handles - Cupboard.  I am impressed.  Other stores have been known to mix these up, which I wouldn't do if I am out shopping.  I can also keep the bags and give them back the next time I order.

My shopping came from the main depot in Ruslip.  Its about 20 minutes drive away.  My delivery man explained that all the fresh produce is kept at the front of the depot, so its an easy turnaround for them to restock and ship out to customers.

In store I love the fresh produces and I was not let down with the online shopping service either.  All my fruit and vegetables looked delicious, nothing bruised or bumped on the way to my house.  I could resist getting their cheesecake. All tasted fantastic.

Overall I am very impressed with the service and food quality from Morrisons.  I only paid £3 for delivery.  That would cost the same in petrol.  This is shopping made easy as I did not have to take two excited kiddies in store.  Who want to stand in the toy aisle for an hour bartering the best deal they can get for a new toy and then a tantrum at the till because they can't have sweets.  Stress free shopping!                 

Morrisons have asked me to cook a meal for 4 with £10.

So I have gone the Traditional Roast Garlic and Lemon Chicken dinner.

£4      Whole Chicken £4
£1.99 Morrisons Maris Piper Potatoes  2.5kg
.69p   Morrisons Carrots 1kg
.69p   Morrisons Parsnips 500g
.69p   Morrisons Savoy Cabbage
.69p   Morrisons Brown Onions 1kg
.99p   Morrisons Garlic 4 per pack
.50p   Morrisons Hand Selected Lemons 2 per pack

TOTAL: £10.24

Cupboard (freebies) extras

Teaspoon of Sugar
1 chicken stock cube
1 table spoon of cornflour (you can use plan flour - but this gets lumpy)
Salt/pepper to season
Pinch of mixed herbs
Teaspoon Olive oil
20g butter or margarine

My Delicious and Easy Chicken Roast Dinner for 4!

Peel and Quarter 1kg Potatoes
Peel all the Parsnips, chop them into 3 parts
Peel 4 Carrots, chop them into 3 parts

Together Parboil the potatoes and Parsnips together for 20 mins
Parboil the carrots with a teaspoon of sugar for 20 mins.

Prepping the Chicken: Pre-Heat The Oven to Gas mark 6

Using a mortar and pestle, I crush/mix the following.
 6 cloves of garlic
Juice of half a lemon
Add a pinch of salt
Add teaspoon of olive oil
Add fat pinch of mixed herbs

Score the chicken.

Stuff  2 raw garlic cloves sliced and 1 lemon, sliced under the skin of the chicken.
Place the last half a lemon inside the Chicken
Rub the garlic/lemon mixure all over the chicken

Drain the boiled veg. Add 20g of butter to the potatoes/Parsnips toss them in the pan

Have two cooking trays.
Tray one: For the potatoes only, place on the middle oven tray.

Tray two (main roasting tray):
Add the Carrots and Parsnips and quarter a raw onion.
Place your chicken on top on this.
I cover the chicken tray in foil.
Place the chicken on the top of the oven for 30 minutes.
I take the foil off and turn the chicken over for another 30 minutes.

Shred the Cabbage, boil in a pan with a little salt. 

Later I turn the chicken again cook for no more then 20 minutes. (Add the optional York Puds in the top oven) After it should be ready and browned evenly all over.

During this time I'm watching my potatoes, which have cooked perfectly.

I let the Chicken rest for 10 minutes on a plate.
I put the all veg in a bowl, leaving a few bits of parsnips and onion in tray two.
I make my own Gravy.

Take the the cabbage off the fire, drain and cover.

Tray two, I put this on of the cookers rings, with a medium flame on.
Using one chicken stock cube in 400ml of boiling water
I add 1 table spoon of cornflour to the stock.  This mixes with no lumps. The stock looks cloudy.
I gradually pour this in the roasting tray and mix like made, until it thickens, add more stock and thicken.  Keep doing until you have enough gravy, season as you wish.   

Dinner is READY to Serve!
Without Breaking the bank.  I also made a massive YORKSHIRE PUDDING!

Serves 6 (I have added the prices - but guessing most would have these as Cupboard essentials)

£1.39  2 Large eggs - Morrisons Free Range Eggs 6 per pack
           1 Egg yoke
  .40p  125g Plain flour - Morrisons Plain Flour 500g
  .49p   250ml of milk - Morrisons Semi Skimmed Milk 1 Pint
            1 tbsp of oil
            salt & pepper
            1. 9inc (squared) baking tray

Total £2.28

Add the oil to the baking tray, place in the oven to ensure its piping hot.  I use my top oven as the main oven has the chicken and veg cooking.

Mix the eggs, yoke and flour, gradually beat in milk. The batter should be smooth and fairly thick.  It should rest for 30 minutes. (This is the first thing I make, leave it to the side)  I place the batter in the oven on the last 20 minutes of cooking usually turning of the chicken.  Giving it plenty of time to rise, should be ready in 20 minutes.  Whatever you do, dont open the oven.    
Well I hope you get a chance to shop online with Morrisons. They have a great selection of foods and other products.  The pricing is fair and cheaper then most of the other online supermarkets.  I found their service was impeccable.  

Dont be shy, come and say hi!

This was a sponsored post, all opinions and findings are honest.