Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Mary Berry Cookery Course book Review; The Works online Book Store

I love cooking but I am awful at remembering recipes.  I used to phone my mum for instructions. (I would cross my fingers she would be at home).  Over the years times have changed and there are endless recipes are available online.  I do prefer to use a trusted chef.

I was recently asked to review any book from The Works online book store.  To be honest it was a hard task choosing.  They have everything for anyone, kids, fiction, non-fiction, hobbies, craft, sports, everything.

I ended up choosing Mary Berrys Cookery Course, a step by step guide of cooking.
Mary Berrys Cookery Course

I have always loved Marys' Style of cooking and find her cooking techniques of cooking as directed from cookery books super as an overall chef.

Her book is sectioned with a list of Contents, Basic Equipment, Technique Finder, Glossary of Cooking Methods.  The Food is also listed into groups types, Soups, First Courses, Eggs, Fish, etc. 


It's filled with lots of beautifully taken photos.  Great shots of what the final recipe creations should look like.  I wish all my dishes will looked as good. 

I love this cookery book, its so easy to follow with preparation guide, its does make everything look easy to do.

I decided to cook a Vegetarian Lasagne.
I followed the recipe.  Its has lots of Mushrooms and Spinach, packed full of flavour.  Making the bechamel sauce from from scratch is so easy enough.
I would usually cook a beef lasagne but decided on this for a change.  A huge success as no complaints from the dinner table.  Me and family loved it.

A great cookery book, its a hard back copy with a quality finish. Bright clear photos inside and easy to follow instructions inside.  I would recommend this book to anyone whom wants to learn the basics of cooking and anyone interested in cooking and coming out of there comfort zone and wanting to learn to book some great every day dishes, from family meals and recipes to impress relations and friends.  Mary doesn't just cook delicious cakes, she cooks 'The Works', (excuse the pun) this would definitely become your cooking bible.

RRP in most shops; £25, this is sold via The Works website for £9.99.  That is a bargain for a quality top of the range cooking book.  Be warned someone will want to borrow it.    

Check out their website they not only have discounted books for sale but there is usually a special deal on. 

Please note I was given a book of my choice to review.

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