Thursday, 31 July 2014

Elastoplast Aqua Protect is 100% waterproof, review

Summer is finally here. Kids are off school and accidents are bound to happen.  So this summer I am putting my kiddies cuts and grazes in to the Expert Hands of Elastoplast.  With their New Improved Elastoplast Aqua Protect range.

Whether you are planning a holiday on a beach, having a BBQ in your garden, or venturing to the great outdoors, don’t forget to include new Elastoplast Aqua Protect as your summer essential.

Elastoplast Aqua Protect is 100% waterproof so it stays on when submerged in water, making it suitable for washing, showering, bathing and swimming. It provides long-lasting protection, from initial application until healing is complete.

Exposure to water and dirt can not only slow down healing, but can also lead to infection of the wound. Therefore, it is important to keep the wound well protected to ensure the best conditions for healing to take place.  Elastoplast Aqua Protect is 100% waterproof, elastic and breathable. The plasters have a transparent adhesive film with a flesh-coloured wound pad so they stay on unnoticed leaving your bright summer outfits to stand out.  This pack has the Extra Strong adhesion
they kept the water out and felt tight on my skin. (yes super sticky)
20 Strip = 8 x squares & 12 x rectangles

For small cuts on the hands, the new Aqua Protect Hand Pack has been especially designed in ergonomic shapes especially for fingers, knuckles and fingertips. 100% waterproof, the Hand Pack contains three shapes: fingers strips that are extra-long for better hold; butterfly shapes to protect the fingers; rectangular for other small wounds.
16 Strips = 6 x extra long rectangles, 4 x butterflies & 6 rectangles.

Minor cuts and grazes are common whether at home or at play. When minor injuries do happen, you want to make sure you have the expert protection at hand.

Already the first week of the holidays my youngest has all ready managed to cut his foot, while splashing about in the garden. Now his heel is protected and healing, perfect solution.  5 minutes later he was outside again, in the water. He had a bath afterwards, the plaster stayed on! Good Job done.  These pack are prices approximately £3.50+  Slightly higher then other brands but if you want to be protected with a plaster that doesn't come off. I highly recommend them. 

I hope you are having lots of fun this summer.  Don't be shy say Hi! 

 Please not this is an unsponsored post.