Thursday, 31 July 2014

Earth to Echo, Review no Spoilers



I love movies and its brushed off on my boys, they like going to movies and watching new films.

We had our selves a little adventure and went to watch Earth to Echo!  If you haven't seen the film, I bet you've seen the adverts posted everywhere .   

The story is about 3 young friends, Tuck, Munch and Alex.  They've grown-up with each other and are totally inseparable.  

Times are changing, they're home town is going to be bulldozed to become a motorway.  The entire neighbourhood is moving away.  From the onset strange things have been happening, mobile phones have been crashing, showing a strange map.  These young friends are curious, so what should they do? Why not investigate, have one last adventure of a lifetime together.   

Much to everyone's surprise, they find a little alien, Echo who has become stranded on Earth.  He seems to be searching for things as he isn't working properly and he needs of lot of help, he just wants to get home.  Time is ticking and it seems others are aware of this little aliens existence.  He only wants to get home.  

This is a great story, full of fun, friendship and a wonderful adventure.  I really enjoyed the film but best of all my sons absolutely loved it. Full of technology, a good Sci Fi flick, lots of fast moving scenes.  It kept them entertained throughout.

If you haven't already seen it and want to keep your little ones entertained, go and have a fun afternoon out.  It has an AMAZING ENDING!    

Rated a PG - Out in Cinemas now!  

I hope you get to enjoy!