Friday, 4 July 2014

Cafepod, Magic moments #CoffeeMoment Review! 4 fab blends

I have been lucky enough to test out CAFEPOD a fairly newish espresso capsule brand.

I spend a lot of time drinking coffee. This week I have been spoilt for choice with #CafePod. This was the first Espresso brand I ever tried (when I got my Nespresso Machine last year) now I drink it on a regular basis, its been a favourite of mine for sometime, the quality is up there with the leading brands, in a couple of cases its better for me.

My day is usually busy rushing about, I rarely get the chance to finish an actual mug of coffee, so quick little pick-ups through the day are awesome.  Please note this is a just a single shot coffee  

Here is a day in my life with CafePod #CoffeeMoments

Intense (8)
Boyfriend wakes me with a wake-up call
 Full Arabic flavour, burnt roasted aroma, strong in flavour

 Ristretto (10)
After my shower a huge kick start to my day, blasts me alert
Very nutty, rich, creamy coffee flavour thats lingers, goes will with hazelnut chocolate!

 Arabica Lungo (4)
School run done, a little roasted, sweet blend to keep to me going until lunch time
 Melt in the mouth, perfect companion a cheese toasty.  Mild and sweet flavoured

 Smooth (5)
Afternoon time, a quickie before walking my pooch! Such a smooth, delicate blend.
Smooth as in the title, lightly blended, creamy coffee (no milk required) and relaxed blend.

 Arabica Lungo (4)
A light mild cup, with great 80s pop! and a fab read to boot
So delicious, moreish, I could drink this all day. 

Definitely Something clever for your Nespresso Machine

I'm switched on with CafePod, so many great blends to choose from.  Its not hard to make a choice, they are priced will at £2.75 for 50g - 10 capsules in both Tesco and Waitrose.  They are packaged well to lock in the freshness.   Just make sure to have cupboard space.

Whats your #COFFEEMOMENT?  

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