Thursday, 31 July 2014

Earth to Echo, Review no Spoilers



I love movies and its brushed off on my boys, they like going to movies and watching new films.

We had our selves a little adventure and went to watch Earth to Echo!  If you haven't seen the film, I bet you've seen the adverts posted everywhere .   

The story is about 3 young friends, Tuck, Munch and Alex.  They've grown-up with each other and are totally inseparable.  

Times are changing, they're home town is going to be bulldozed to become a motorway.  The entire neighbourhood is moving away.  From the onset strange things have been happening, mobile phones have been crashing, showing a strange map.  These young friends are curious, so what should they do? Why not investigate, have one last adventure of a lifetime together.   

Much to everyone's surprise, they find a little alien, Echo who has become stranded on Earth.  He seems to be searching for things as he isn't working properly and he needs of lot of help, he just wants to get home.  Time is ticking and it seems others are aware of this little aliens existence.  He only wants to get home.  

This is a great story, full of fun, friendship and a wonderful adventure.  I really enjoyed the film but best of all my sons absolutely loved it. Full of technology, a good Sci Fi flick, lots of fast moving scenes.  It kept them entertained throughout.

If you haven't already seen it and want to keep your little ones entertained, go and have a fun afternoon out.  It has an AMAZING ENDING!    

Rated a PG - Out in Cinemas now!  

I hope you get to enjoy! 

Elastoplast Aqua Protect is 100% waterproof, review

Summer is finally here. Kids are off school and accidents are bound to happen.  So this summer I am putting my kiddies cuts and grazes in to the Expert Hands of Elastoplast.  With their New Improved Elastoplast Aqua Protect range.

Whether you are planning a holiday on a beach, having a BBQ in your garden, or venturing to the great outdoors, don’t forget to include new Elastoplast Aqua Protect as your summer essential.

Elastoplast Aqua Protect is 100% waterproof so it stays on when submerged in water, making it suitable for washing, showering, bathing and swimming. It provides long-lasting protection, from initial application until healing is complete.

Exposure to water and dirt can not only slow down healing, but can also lead to infection of the wound. Therefore, it is important to keep the wound well protected to ensure the best conditions for healing to take place.  Elastoplast Aqua Protect is 100% waterproof, elastic and breathable. The plasters have a transparent adhesive film with a flesh-coloured wound pad so they stay on unnoticed leaving your bright summer outfits to stand out.  This pack has the Extra Strong adhesion
they kept the water out and felt tight on my skin. (yes super sticky)
20 Strip = 8 x squares & 12 x rectangles

For small cuts on the hands, the new Aqua Protect Hand Pack has been especially designed in ergonomic shapes especially for fingers, knuckles and fingertips. 100% waterproof, the Hand Pack contains three shapes: fingers strips that are extra-long for better hold; butterfly shapes to protect the fingers; rectangular for other small wounds.
16 Strips = 6 x extra long rectangles, 4 x butterflies & 6 rectangles.

Minor cuts and grazes are common whether at home or at play. When minor injuries do happen, you want to make sure you have the expert protection at hand.

Already the first week of the holidays my youngest has all ready managed to cut his foot, while splashing about in the garden. Now his heel is protected and healing, perfect solution.  5 minutes later he was outside again, in the water. He had a bath afterwards, the plaster stayed on! Good Job done.  These pack are prices approximately £3.50+  Slightly higher then other brands but if you want to be protected with a plaster that doesn't come off. I highly recommend them. 

I hope you are having lots of fun this summer.  Don't be shy say Hi! 

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Donna; Body shop at Home. Being a Consultant, what the Body Shop has to offer

A friend of mine started working for herself with the Body Shop at Home. I had always wondered what is it all about. I asked Donna is she could share her experiences with my readers.   Over to Donna.


The Body Shop at Home is a World  Renowned, a value driven brand that everyone knows.  
I have ALWAYS loved The Body Shop!

In 1994 I had my work experience placement in store, I was 15 at the time.  Back then Dewberry, Fuzzy Peach and 10p Bath Pearls were all the range.  In 1996 I joined them as a Christmas worker. 

Last October I saw an advert on a friends page for ‘The Body Shop at Home’. I clicked the link and was it worth it! I contacted the lady advertising for some more information, I ended-up signing up that day.  Soon after I started the Success Start program.  8 months later I am still here, building my own fabulous team.  We are a group of dynamic, motivated, passionate Consultants and Managers from all over the UK, doing a job we love!

Success Start Program
Being a Body Shop at Home Consultant?

Being a Body Shop home Consultant means making my own choices.  The Body shop gives me the flexibility to work when I want too.   Whether I wish to have some fun, meet new people or earn extra money, I can.  I can work to help pay off credit cards, put some towards holidays and pay for Christmas.  
I have the flexibility to turn this into a Full Time Career, the choice is entirely upto me. 
If this is something that could interest you, I am always looking for recruits.  Also, if you want to work towards management, there is an amazing program designed to assist you. You could start doing this from DAY ONE!

I have incentives to work towards too.  Every week, month and year, recognition is given to new and existing Consultants for their hard work and achievements. There are no forced targets to meet but if you meet mini targets that your managers and Head Office set every month you can win some amazing FREE Body Shop Products.  Every year there is a FREE trip for the highest achieving consultants, last year it was BINTAN in Indonesia!

Every month there is a new recruiting offer. We gave away am iPad mini a few months ago for bringing new consultants on board.  There are usually fantastic incentives too; Free Products, vouchers, cash, the list goes on. This months offer is a FREE £80 Christmas Kit for new consultants and a £50 Product Voucher for every other recruit you bring on board.
I accept new consultant applications from all over the UK and you can too. (You must be 18+)

It doesn't feel like work, I get all the support and training I need. There are monthly team meetings, free skin care and make up training so you know your products and how to use them!

There are 2 annual conferences (February and September) in Telford were EVERY consultant in the UK is given a day to remember! If you like to win things, they’ve even given away a car at these events!

In my first week I booked a party for a lady whom saw me advertised on Facebook. I recruited her, she joined my team and as a consultant that night. I earned over £250 of free products in my first 28 days as a consultant, also earning 25% commission on my sold goods.

The Body Shop at Home are party sales based. I take my products into peoples homes and give them a fun evening to remember! Usually a free gift or bottle of wine for the hostess, party games with prizes, a raffle to win some fab prizes and am always on the lookout for the star guest who I think would make a fabulous consultant herself.

Body Shop at Home parties are not only fun to host but are packed with incentives for The hostess too, she'll gets £25 FREE SHOPPING, special offers for herself and the guests and a fabulous 70% discount on her personal shopping. (T & C Apply) Here are July's rewards and offers for example:

We have some fabulous regular offers every week such as B.O.G.O.F on selected products, 3 for 2, sale prices and more. (ONLY available through your Body Shop at Home Consultant)
I can do Facebook online party’s anywhere in the UK and would be delighted if ladies from the Cardiff and South Wales area would be interested in booking a Body Shop at Home Party with me. For those interested outside of South Wales,  please contact me and I will arrange for a consultant in your area too get in touch with you.

Here are just a few of our LATEST products. 

Fijian Water Lotus! Fresh, cool and vibrant, absolutely PERFECT for the summer.

Skin Sorbets! Fresh, reviving and make your skin smell and feel truly amazing.


Every year The Body Shop At Home™ raise huge amounts of money for C.O.T.E; Children on the Edge, we are extremely proud of this tradition and hold this incredible charity very close to our hearts.  The Body Shop at Home also supports The Teenage Cancer Trust.

The Body Shop and Teenage Cancer Trust are both committed to changing lives through positive activism and building self-esteem. We share the belief that beauty is about looking good, feeling good and doing good and this exciting partnership.


I also accept orders from anywhere in the UK and can deliver FREE to mainland UK (T & C apply) Please get in touch for all the latest offers and deals.!

To join The Body Shop at Home or for more information on becoming a consultant, hosting a party or placing an order with me,  please email me on:

Mention Lucy’s blog to me, and you will also get 10% discount on all orders placed over £25

Donna does not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of any information, content or advertisements contained on, distributed through, or linked, downloaded or accessed from any of the services contained on this website, nor the quality of any products, information or any other material displayed, purchased, or obtained by you as a result of an advertisement or any other information's or offer  in or in connection with the services herein. 
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