Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Sorry I haven't been missing! Its been HALF TERM

This last week has been a whirl wind.

I celebrated my birthday over the bank holiday and this week has been half term.  While I am online tweeting and facebooking, I just dont have the patience to write, its impossible.

I do most of my writing when my little people are in school or in bed.  So this holiday I took a mini break too.

This is what we got up too 

We Barbecued 
We had family over and it rained, rained a lot

I even had a night out with my Girl friends - had a serious hangover the next day

I went to a blogging event

Kids played and rolled around outside

Lots of goofing about indoor
Yes, he has a lampshade on his head. Their room needs a new one now

They fought, moaned, cried, actually drove me mad at times

 I do hope everyone had a lovely break! I came back from the school run this morning and thought wow my house is so peaceful. I sat down and said YES! I can clear my mind and write!!


What did you get-up too in the hols... dont be shy say HI! xx