Friday, 13 June 2014

Getting Active

I hadn't been jogging for 7 months.   Since then I haven't really exercised.  Walking the dog (I'm talking strolling) and taking the kids out and the school run, I'm not a breaking a sweat. I have become lazy in my day to day life.  So I have taken my head out of the sand, jumped off the couch and started to get more active.  I have been power walking.

As I have started the 21 day almond challenge, I decided to get sweaty.  My Zaggora's are out of the draw.  I have been wearing my beloved shorts, 3/4 lengths and vest.  These are my best friends to help loss the inches.

On average I have been walking over 2 - 3 miles, usually about 45 minutes.  When I am comfortable I want to pick-up my pace.   7 months ago, I would take the same route and complete about 10 minutes faster.  So I have little goals set out to crank up the speed and get my tooshie jogging!

The best news in the last 7 days, I have lost 5lbs.  I'm happy with myself.  I've cut out most of the crappy foods, replaced my snack attack time with almonds, also I am drinking gallons of water.    

It all started last week, I made a pack with a friend to start loosing weight.  I even sent her some lovely Zaggora Hot Pants.  She is also doing well.   

This week has not been perfect. These first outings as usual something has goes wrong.

The first two days I logged-on to Strava (This was my fav running app) strangely it didn't log my walks.  Feeling frustrated I have changed the app, I'm now using Runtastic, this is working well. 

The third day I rested, my muscles ached so much, thats a good sign.
The forth day my trainers rubbed my heels, given me blisters now and ugly feet.
The fifth day my dog decided to try to fish a ball out of the Canal.  He fell in! I've no idea how deep the canal is, he couldn't get out.  I grabbed the loose skin around him neck and threw him on the towpath. (He is super fine, I think he enjoyed his dunk)

So far so good. I'm sleeping very well, I had been feeling very tired for the last few days, maybe my body adjusting.  I have been eating my almonds when I'm peckish.  I haven't eaten chocolate, crisps, biscuits for the last 5 days.  I had awful cravens too for crisps.  Today I was fine thou, which was really odd, I took my boys to a Fathers Days cake sell.  They stuffed their little faces with cake, I had none.  BUT HAPPY!

Disclaimer: This is an unsponsored post