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Dyson Cinetic™ vacuum Review, #NoHiddenDust and Giveaway!


Have you ever wondered what your vacuum is picking-up, its dust, fluff, hair.  When I look into the dust collector is all the gross stuff I don't want to touch with my bare hands.  I have to vacuum at least 4 times a weeks and the collector tub is full.

I was invited to Westfield Stratford to an event that Dyson hosted. To try the new Dyson Cinetic™ DC54 vacuum 'No more loss of suction'  

I'll be honest, I have not owned Dyson but I do get through at least a vacuum cleaner a year.  So yeah I am intrigued at this famous brand.  The price tag has always scared me, however people do rave about their 'Dysons', maybe I am missing a trick. 

The Dyson Cinetic™ vacuum is the latest bagless, cylinder, all bells ringing Dyson, roller ball technology and the magic of the cyclone.  This model had over 2000 prototypes before this model was confirmed, this is a very thought through design.  

James Dyson idea was originally to get rid of bags, as this causing lose of suction.  Now there is the problem of washing filters or worse buying new news.  This is the problem I have, I have to clean my vaccum cleaner to vacuum my home, its frustrating, I dont want to get my hands dirty and breathe in the dust, it is filthy. 

Dyson Cinetic™ cyclones are so efficient (I mean its has such a powerful suction) at separating microscopic particles (tiny weeny particles) that everything gets thrust into the bin, and you can forget about fussy over cleaning the filters.

I     I had a go using the Dyson on a couple of different surfaces, I am impressed.  The Cinetic feels, sturdy to use, the cylinder isnt big, it glides around the floor effortless.  Dyson engineers spent time in real homes and calculated how much dust would accumulate over ten overs.  They then tested the Dyson Cinetic™ DC54 with this amount.  In total Dyson engineers spent 9,000 hours testing the Dyson Cinetic™ vacuum; the equivalent of 500 years of vacuuming in the home, tests showed it maintains a constant suction, with no filter maintenance  NO LOST Of SUCTION! 

Dyson Cinetic™ DC54 has smaller cyclones these generate a higher centrifugal force, because of this higher energy, smaller particles are captured, things that are x100 smaller then the eye can see. In the smaller and tighter the cyclones, the more likely they are to get blocked. Dyson Cinetic™ DC54 has been created with flexible cyclones tips. The spinning airflow prevents dust from sticking to the cyclones, keeping the passages clear.


Like no other machine the Dyson Cinetic™ vacuum, manages to suck in all types of particles, things that can only be seen with a microscope.  Its more common to suffer with our homes with allergies.  An allergy is a is usually an attack on the immune system, symptoms can include red eyes, itchiness, runny nose, eczema,hives and asthma.  Dyson’s fully-equipped microbiology lab enables scientists to develop healthier and more hygienic appliances.

The elegance of Dyson Cinetic™ vacuum is it traps inside most of the little meanies:

Dust Mites:
Are the number one cause of allergies in the home. They feed off skin cells, thats mostly our dead skin. We leave them our skin to feast on, on our beds, sofas, carpets, clothing and where they eat they defecate, its these tiny feces they float in the air.  We breath-in, those who are sensitive to a type of protein found in dust mite feces will react with an causes allergic reaction.

Its sounds pretty gross, its actually makes my skin crawl.  There are other causes to allergies too.


Hay fever is caused by an allergy to the pollen of wind-pollinated plants, including numerous species of trees, grasses and weeds. Pollen is produced in huge quantities in spring and summer. 


Indoor moulds and fungi occur throughout the year provided there is moisture and oxygen. They reproduce by emitting microscopic spores.

Dog & Cat Saliva:
Dog’s and cats hair have allergens on them – left from them licking themselves, the proteins secreted by oil glands. Household allergens cling to it too.  Resulting in (licked) pet hairs can cause irritation.

Great news for animal lovers - YUCK!  my dog is continuously licking himself. He spends a lot of time on my bed and the sofa... Have you started itching yet?  I feel I could breakout in Hives any minute now!

Not to worry help is at hand, some handy prevention tips: 

Dust Mites:
Vacuum mattresses regularly to pick up skin cells and dust mite faeces. Dyson’s vacuum cleaners are all approved by the Allergy Foundation and their unique cyclone technology means they have no loss of suction.
Placing items like toys, make-up brushes in a plastic bag, freezing them for two days and letting them thaw naturally. Removing shoes before entering the house. 

Keeping your home below 45% humidity makes it harder for fungi and mould to flourish.    
Opening bathroom and kitchen windows can help lower humidity and reduce mould. 
Air other rooms regularly, but try to keep windows closed during the hay fever season. 

Keeping grass cut short will help prevent it flowering and producing pollen.

Damp areas on walls should be seen to. 
 Removing house dust by vacuuming will remove spores that are present in the dust therefore reducing the risk of mould forming in the house. 
 Pay particular attention to walls behind kitchen units and cupboards; the lack of ventilation often means that excess mould grows in these areas. Tackle condensation
Dog and Cat Saliva
Clean/wash dog bed at 60 degrees
Vacuum your dog with a groom tool – only ones specifically for this use
When pets lick their fur they leave behind allergen-rich saliva – it ends up on upholstery and carpets when they shed. Vacuum regularly and use a cleaner with a motorised brush bar to remove more pet hair from deep-pile carpets.

As you see the Dyson Cinetic™ vacuum is a dream machine to many Allergy suffers.  The cylinder keeps all the nasties inside it's sealed unit, the fine air filter releases clean air rather then dirty allergens out.  Have a look at the out vent on your vacuum cleaner, that hot air to actually pushing out all the allergens you've vacuumed-up.
Dyson Cinetic™  also has a trigger-button to empty the system, at a press of the button, its easy to release all the dirt in the bin.

Guarantee: Dyson Cinetic™ vacuum has a 5 year parts and labour guarantee.

RRP: £390
Dyson Cinetic Animal
Dyson Cinetic Multi floor   


Dyson very kindly gave me some goodies to take home:
The James Dysons', autobiography, 'Against The Odds' and A Soft dusting brush

Sadly I do not own a Dyson, I thought its would make a lovely prize to one of my followers. Plus you get to read James' incredible story.

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