Tuesday, 10 June 2014

California Almonds #SnackHappy, 21 day Challenge

Tomorrow evening I have been invited to attend an event hosted by California Almonds. 

I am super excited as Denise van Outen is their guest speaker and front lady.  Denise will be talking of the benefits of this new healthy Happy Snacking regime.  I am interested to hear what she has to say, like me, she's a being a busy mum, she maintains a healthy lifestyle, I am all ears to hear of there benefits. 
Not to mention Denise always looks awesome, the secret may be locked in these nuts.Also attending is dietician Lucy Jones of Channel 4’s Food Hospital and The Alan Titchmarsh Show.  Lucy will be on hand to answer my questions regarding my diet and lifestyle.  I will have a 1 too 1 consultation with her too.  I am a little nervous as to hear what Lucy tells me, I have so many diet fails.  Fingers crossed there is hope for me, I am rather excited to hear how I can change my lifestyle. 


I am participating in the California Almonds 21 day challenge.

The idea is when I feel peckish is to eat a 30g serving of Almonds.

I myself am always looking for healthy options, being someone who is currently overweight and I need a kick in the right direction.  I am super happy to be able to take part in this 21 day challenge. 

I have a tendency to snack on all sorts of foods, fruits, crisps, biscuits, carrots sticks, toast, my kids sweet treats.  Usually foods that are tasty, sweet, high in calories and quick to serve.  Not always the best choices. 

The 21 day challenge is taking away the thought process for naughty snacking.  However its giving me something tasty and nutritious to munch on.  

Today is my second day of the 21 day challenge, so far so good, I am enjoying it.  I love eating almonds.  Its hard battling the cravens of all the naughty treats, I am trying my hardest.  
Any other benefits haven't been recognised as yet, it's still early days.

Tomorrows event is a Question and Answers Event.  I am hoping to learn a lot, I will bring all my findings back to you.  Look out for my tweets #SnackHappy

Please note this is a sponsored post.