Thursday, 1 May 2014

White wine vinegar cleaned my washing machine

I recently noticed the smell of drains in my kitchen while the Washing machine was on.  I looked in few supermarkets but couldn't find anything to clean my machine.  I was tempted to use neat bleach but afraid what damage the bleach might do.

So doing a little online research, a few suggestions pointed in the direction of White Vinegar AKA White Wine Vinegar.  I love this stuff in salads, super tasty. The smell is too strong if over used as a dressing.  I wasn't keen using it in my washing machine.  I could imagine all my families clothes stinking.

Yesterday, I had the washing machine on (downstairs in the kitchen), someone knocked my frontdoor. As normal I shot down stairs.  The stench in my frontdoor was awful.  The guys at the door must of through I had an awful tummy bug. (I'm being polite here)

Earlier today, I joined in with a Twitter Party (as I do) the subject was allergies / cleaning ones home without using chemicals.  It was amazing white vinegar & lemons (lemons are great too) kept appearing.

I didn't fancy sticking lemons in the Washing Machines draw... I would be Lemon for that however the idea of White Wine Vinegar did seem more appealing.
1) Washing machine is empty
2)  No washing soap of any kind has been used

Okay... armed with a bottle of white wine vinegar and a smelling washing machine.  I poured the vinegar in the draw, just like water it was gone. I used about half a cup full. approx. 200ml.  Not that much, really.

I went with a hot 60% quick wash
(My machine says quick - its about 45 minutes, snail wash more like)

As soon as the machine started to fill with water, the disgusting stench filled my nose, within 5 seconds, like Keyser Söze - Puff like that... Gone! (Hope you've watched The Usual Suspects)

I opened the draw a few times, I wonder around, I am in sheer amazement, the smell has gone.  Looking in the empty drum, its filled with water and soapy suds.  I am very surprised as no soap was added.

Hello! Thats me talking in amazement! ^^^^
When the cycle empties the drum, a sudden smell came from the kitchen sink, then gone again.  I did another wash, with nothing added to the wash, again at 60%.  No vinegar, no soap (no clothes), just Hot water.  Nothing not a peep of putrid rotten disgusting smell!

YEAH! It worked!

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