Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Maynards Discovery Patch, open your mind and discover how to use your imagination no matter your age!

On Friday I went to Maynards discovery Patch workshop, a lovely workshop, taking me back to place when I was younger.  Enabling me to unlock my imagination, finding new ways to play and express myself.

The workshop was headed my Doctor Gummer, she with her team of researchers have found fun ways of unlocking our imaginations, taking us back to playtime, bringing out the inner child, giving us the tools to unlock our imaginations and learn from playing.

The magical cave of Myths and Monsters
Did you know there are four elements to a good story

The Hero/Heroine
The Monster

In my small group we thought up the characters, place and time.  We took turns to open our minds and made-up a story. Our guide had a little bell he would ring, he started us off on our make belief tale, the next person would carry on where the last person left off, once the bell sounded.

Great little game, it gave me a good insight to who could think quick off their feet and who couldn't.  I must read too many children's stories, I was good at this game.   

The Safari Animals

Our group was presented with flash cards of safari animals, in pairs one person would look and hide the flash card, and have to use describing words for the other person to guess what that animal could be.  This was the easy part. Next we had to make the sounds of the animals and then act like them.  I'm not sure which was harder. 
This definitely would be a fun game to play at home.  Have you ever tried to make a noise like a hedgehog or act like a Penguin?  Its had me doing silly things and acting, very amusing indeed.  


The Doctor’s surgery of body bits
We bounced off ideas of how we play at home, sharing ways we play for free, fancy-dress, playing with boxes (its so true kids love playing with boxes), food tasting, using an old game to make-up a new game.  Its not always possible to buy the latest toys or gadgets is it?  Kids have to make do with what they have.
At this workstation we had some very large body parts.  A huge foot, heart, brain and large bones.  Someone in our group was blindfolded, he had to feel the shapes and guess what they were.  Another exciting way to challenge ones mind.        
All these work stations were very educational, really opened-up my mind with fun ways to engage with my sons at home.

The Explore and Play app

Maynards have used the ideas from above in their new range of sweets:

Myths and Monsters
Body Bits

These new tasty sweets also come with a great little facts, very educational 
Ben the Park Ranger showed me what how to work their new App:

How it works:
• Download Maynards Discovery Patch for free, open, click ‘Discover’
• Grab a pack of Maynards Discovery Patch, and scan the logo on front of
• Each variant unlocks two shapes to explore and discover
• Select a silhouette and begin discovering within the environment around
• The shape is split into five pieces with hints to their locations are in the
bottom right of the screen
• When you find a piece, click on it to learn a fun fact. If you don’t know it,
shake your phone to continue. If you think you know it, press ‘I know it’
• Guess what you think it is based on the facts given. If you’re wrong, try
• If you’re correct, you get to review all the full fun facts in one place
• There will also be an animation, with sounds, of the full shape so you can
see what you have been exploring and discovering
• The app also allows the user to explore nutritional information and learn
about the other variants available to buy  


I went home with a lovely little goody bag packed with the new Maynards Discover Patch sweeties.  They taste lovely, really juicy, lots of great flavours, fun shapes.
 At home we tested out the fun packs and found out some interesting facts.  We even played a couple of games, I enjoyed the make-up a story game, it really opened up my mind and had my sons dreaming up some impressive stories.      

I hope you get to discover Maynards Discovery Patch too.  The Maynards Discovery Patch range is already available from all major retailers. RRP of £1.52, Animals will also be available for the Independent channel in a 125g PMP bag and to follow, a treatsize bag of Mini
Creatures (with 21 mini bags inside) with an RRP of £2.99.

Dont be shy, say hello!

Disclaimer: This is an unsponsored post, I was invited to this workshop.