Thursday, 1 May 2014

Competitions! Competition advice - Get winning

I know a lot of my readers our 'Compers' This is a term I use to call people who like me, enjoy to enter competitions for fun, mostly as a hobby. I label myself as Comper.

For the last few days, I've had a few friends ask me standard questions about my comping activities, so I thought I would share some of my knowledge with you.

I am always ask. 'Where do I find Competitions to enter?'

There are plenty of forums
Money Saving Expert
The Prize Finder

These are the main 3 sites I am aware of, please note they are all free to join.

#TopTip 1: To enter any competition it is not necessary to pay for the service.   Also be very careful and READ THE SMALL PRINT. Some services ask for a telephone number they'll change your mobile as premiere rate phonecall service. 

There are a few subscription services available
Compers News  is one of them

I have heard its successful, it packed with competitions, details of winners, winning all sorts. To be honest its not something I have personally signed-up too, so can not give any real feedback.

I find most of my competitions on Facebook and Twitter, there are a whole host of great competitions, ranging from toothpaste to holidays, money and electronic gadgets.

I suggest follow household brands you know and trust.  Make sure to check your news feeds and timelines for notifications.  Some companies host weekly competitions, while others host monthly ones, some competitions maybe one-offs and others as regular as clock work.

#TopTip 2 Make sure to read the Companies Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) - All good companies should have these published, otherwise available on request.  

My favourite place to enter competitions is Twitter, Friday is the busiest day of the week for Compers, type #FreebieFriday in the search field.  A list as long as your arm will appear.

My advice:

1: Ensure you are following the company hosting the giveaway
2: Retweet (RT) the original competition tweet.
3: Copy and paste the original competition and retweet that too. 
4: Do not retweet another entrants personal tweets (This could disqualify both of you - and really annoy the other person)

Also try #WinWednesday #TreatTuesday to name a couple competition hashtags. 

Facebook has its own set of rules too:

1: Like the company running the competition
2: There is usually an imagine, which says like and share, make sure to like and share the imagine on the company page, not a friends page (otherwise it will not count)

There maybe changes on how companies run their competitions on Facebook in the near future, just make sure to follow the instructions quoted.

Some companies also have a little competition box where you'll add your personal details; name and email address. Just make sure to check your emails, also your Facebook messages and other messages for winning notifications.

A lot of my favorite magazines host competitions, these are usually listed online in 'Competitions', otherwise actual magazines will have a listing too.

Another favourite place to look for Competitions will be on BLOGS. There are some awesome bloggers with great reads, all types of subjects, the majority of them host giveaways with amazing goodies.

Di Coke is known for her great advice regarding comping, her blog is a great tool, I highly recommend to give her a follow, her blog has an upto date list of Bloggers links to their competitions.  Also every month she features seasonal competitions that are running, usually fun creative projects. Photo, video, slogans that type of thing. Example Halloween listings. Super Lucky

If you're on Instagram Google Plus & Pinterest all these sites host competitions too, it all about weeding them out, try the hashtag thing >>  #Competitions works wonders.  Make new friends, reach out to friendly fellow Compers, follow them, #SpreadTheWord and Comp together.

There are a few friendly groups/communities online, my favorite is on Facebook Competition Announcements and Friendly Chat There are a lot of friendly faces, people talking about their winning, sharing photos, lists of daily competitions, nice people.  This is a closed group, so if you wish to join you'll have to request. The admin may do some checks to ensure you are a real person.  Its all very friendly, no fingers prints required.

This brings me on to something else, as you maybe just starting out as a Comper, I would suggest not opening more then one account on Twitter and Facebook to Comp from.  It spoils the fun if you open a stack of accounts to try to win or open a fake account that your 'mum' uses nudge, nudge, wink, wink, its not fair.

Some people do have 2 Twitter accounts, one for personal/blogging and another for Comping, thats deemed to be fine.  However comping from more then one or multiple accounts is a massive No-No, you've been warned!       

I hope I have managed to give you a little insight into Comping.  Its a lovely hobby, winning little keepsakes or hitting the big wins, maybe things money can't buy.

I keep my eyes opens, competitions are everywhere even in the supermarkets! 

I would love to hear how your getting on, drop me a line, say Hi!