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Steam cleaning, its all gleaming; H2O X5 review, Steam cleaner 5 in 1 cleaner

I wouldn't say I love cleaning, I don't get excited to slap on the marigolds and be Mrs Mop

However much to my 'JOY' I have been asked to review the H2O X5 Upright Steam Cleaner.  When it arrived I was jumping about like a crazy woman.  I told my boys, lets get dirty!!!
I do have a love for gadgets, all types of gadgets and steam cleaning has become very popular.  The H20 X5 is the first steam cleaner I ever saw advertised, it really ticked my fancy (and my curiosity), looks fantastic with so many functions.

Available in 3 colours, Original Green, White and Red! 

Gone are the days I can clean/hoover once a week, I have a young family, 2 sticky fingered sons, crumbs follow them everywhere, a huge dog, he sheds hair and believes the garden door is designed for him to go in and out all day longs, leaving a trail of paw prints on his return from outside.

What I am trying to say Kids + Pets = Mega Dirt and Mess

Prior to receiving the H2O X5 Upright Steam Cleaner, I had no idea what to really expect, I have never used a steam cleaner before, I have nothing to compare it too.  I hoover 4/5 times a week and mop 1/2 a week, mopping the bathroom almost every day, as my youngest makes messes.

The H2O X5 Upright Steam Cleaner arrived; its known as the 5 in 1; floor steam cleaner, carpet steamer, hand held steamer, window cleaner and garment steamer.

After reading the instructions, the steamer comes in two main parts, it was easy to assemble.  The steamer has a little water tank and a handy jug for refills, I use filtered water, same as I do for a kettle/iron. I am sure tap/table water is perfectly fine thou.

I hoovered for hair and debris, taken everything off the floor. I got steaming for the first time.

Floor Steam Cleaner: 
Using the Mop head & Microfibre Cloth
(My home has)
Living room - Wooden, tiled slats & a wool rug
Kitchen - Laminated square tiles
Bathroom - Solid slab tiles

H2O X5 is very easy to handle, glides over all the floor surfaces, my kitchen has short, sharp cuts/corners on under the units, the steam cleans there with ease.  I have no complaints here, the floors dry quick.
After first use (gross)
Carpet Steam Cleaner: 
Using the Mophead, Microfibre and Glider
I steam cleaned my rug, its looks noticeably cleaner, brighter with no marks. Once steamed and dried it feels harder, so I hoover over it and its springy again, now it looks and feels great.

Before and after

Before, during and after
Jet Nozzle:
This is just the nozzle being used, no other attachments/add-ons. I have a visible rubber water pipe in my bathroom, its runs just above the skirting board. Its an eye sore, dirt, dust, dog hairs gather behind it.  It takes me ages to clean it as the gap is tiny, I have to poke my fingers in with a wet cloth, usually once cleaned its never look like a good job.
I turn-up the steam to setting 4 (max - as has 4 settings) My bathroom becomes filled with stream, the jet blasts out steam direct to where I want it to go, right into this little gap, the dirt flies out of the gap.  Works an absolute dream. 

Before and after

Jet Nozzle and Round Brush (Nylon):
Bathroom tiles grouting, I come with a double verdict.  I have tried, scrubbing, spraying with all manner of cleaning products, mini tiles by my basin and bath, nothing had worked until now.  There are not spotless but they are cleaner. The grouting on the bath tiles came up slightly cleaner but I found using the nozzle only did a better job.  Hard to see the difference but waited for the tiles to dry and could see the difference.

Before, during and after


Extension Hose, Window/Garment handle and Super Absorbent Window Cleaning Cloth:

The cloth was a little tricky to put on the handle, also I found the steam unit awkward to hold in upright while steaming. I held the handle sideways too, steaming left to right, water started dripping out. Steaming with up and downward strokes the dripping stopped. much easier to use like this too. My mirror looked cleaner but there were steam print tracks all over it.
I have a little trick for smear free mirrors and windows. Scrunch-up newspaper into a ball and wipe.  My Mirror looked beautifully cleaned afterwards.
Since doing this I have cleaned windows, same method and perfectly clear and clean.

Before and two afters

Extension Hose, Window/Garment handle and Garment Steaming Cloth:
I love this add tool.  As a women I have a stack of silk clothes, stored for special; occasions.  These clothes crease with ease, even thou they have been dry cleaned they will be dry cleaned again before the next time I can wear them.
However this will not be the case anymore. My dress pictured, heavily creased. Using the garment steaming cloth on a low setting, light puffs of steam and the creases just vanished.  I had a feeling it would cost so much to get it dry cleaned, nope just a huge savings.  

I really love this Steam Cleaner
I am giving it 4 out 5 stars
Easy to use
Gentle on surfaces
No chemicals required
4 settings
The attachments can be changed easily
It only uses water
Its blasts away dirt & grime at such a velocity, killing germs in the process
Sanitised, deodorised and spotless

But please note this is not suitable for all surfaces, anything glued will become unstick, if gets in contact.  It also guzzles waters, I keep my water jug near me for top-ups.

This is a  Thane Direct product; Named by Retail Times as Steam product of the year 2014. A huge accomplishment in a massive competitive cleaning industry. Congratulations!

It is available at Argos, Tesco and Robert Dyas to name a couple
The retail price is £99, currently being sold for £79.  Definitely a handy tool to have at home, I hope you grab this bargain and get cleaning.

This is an unsponsored post, I was sent the H20 X5 to review.  All details are current as of 5th April 2014.

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